6 Hidden Chests from Granny Komaki | World Quests and Puzzles |【Genshin Impact】


Okay, guys uh. Here we go again: uh um, let’s see the sequel of komaki. This is the day two younger half, please tell me my fourteen today, oh you’re, like gon na be experienced, you will have ill fortuna. You will have an ill-fated and expected encoding in a cave of the suit of watson, island, okay. So now, basically we have to go there after the dialogue.

We just come here on this position. Yeah there is a small dialogue saying this is the cave, blah blah blah blah blah blah does end with a spawn, and after you defeated the yeah, that’s basically nothing inside what you will discover. This new place is a treasure holder. Not, but that’s another video – and this is a today’s one here we go with them. This is the third day we ask for komaki for the whole fortune.

Electro silly will guide you back so after talk, you have to go to this location. So just teleport to here go downside, um, yeah, yeah there you can see it already downside here near to the waterfall factory, will yeah this ceiling normally is not there. I remember: where did they to go okay, that side here so just to come up? No, he will go this way. Okay, and here we go, there is a chest – a common secret chest, in fact.

Well, guess it’s our uh lucky day today, in fact, okay, guys today is the day four i already talked to komaki. I forgot to start the recording but anyways yeah just to talk to her again and today is the the fourth day that you can talk to her after talk locked just to come to this location, this teleport waypoint and you will see that a new chest is Spawned here near to this shrine, because originally this chest amazon wasn’t here: if you get close enough, those enemies will spawn just to kill them after you kill those samurais yeah, don’t care about them, hit the maiden as well after you did this one. This gesture will get unlocked and if you take it, the pyman will start the talk. This one is done as well. Let’S check if, tomorrow there is still something okay, guys today is the fifth day no sixth day to kumaki.

So let’s go talk. Good luck! This time, okay, so after accept talk to her, you have to go out to the suicatsupula, so this ring once you get there, you will see an extra electricity here above just here, so take the electrogram and work to the top side. Okay, that should electro seal. It and go down again: okay, follow now here you went upstairs so let’s take this door wow.

Here we go with chests. Also we will get this achievement with um related to her, as you wish. Have your fortune told five times by granny komaki, while obtaining an ideal result. Basically in theory after those days, she will not give you any other chest anymore: anyways yeah, those are the two last two just in theory she that she will give us. So that’s all guys thanks for watching and see you in the next video bye,

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