9 Ways to Level Up Adventure Rank – Genshin Impact Newbie Tips


Hello guys welcome today, I will give you simple tips to level up your adventure level. Adventure rank is needed to unlock your main quest and dungeons, so without any further ado, let’s get into the video first to level up. Your adventure level, of course, is from quest. Archon quest is the main quest here: story, quest world quests or hidden, quests and sudden quests and, for example, this is my current exp and adventure level after report to the npc. You will get your adventure exp and don’t forget to clear your hidden quest and sudden quest too.

It will gives you extra adventure exp and a lot of rewards next is try to open all the treasure chests in the world map and if you find the blue butterfly, i don’t know. What’S the name, because it’s color is blue and it’s look like a butterfly. So i will call it the blue butterfly, and sometimes you need to defeat some monsters after defeat the monsters you can follow the blue butterfly again, and it will leads you to the treasure chest. Every time you open the treasure chest in the world map, you will got the adventure exp and if you find treasure chest surrounded by red aura, you must finish some puzzle here to open the chest, just like what i am doing here and the puzzle for every Treasure chest isn’t always same, so you need to find the way. Now, after finish, the puzzle, you can open the treasure chest and get your adventure exp.

Okay. Next, in this game, there is only one world map and the map is so huge and so far there is no mount here so to make it easier for you to explore the game without wasting more time, you must unlock the teleport waypoint. Just like this. I will try to unlock the teleport here. Once you unlock the teleport waypoint, you will get your adventure exp. Also it can makes you easier to move from place to place next, besides unlock the teleport, you must unlock the statue of seven to increase your adventure level. This is the statue of seven on the map and you can use this statue for teleport too, but the statue of seven can revive and heal your character too. That’S the difference between teleport and statue of seven. Once you unlock the statue of seven, you will get your adventure exp and open more area on the map. Here you can heal your characters.

Next is still about statue of seven. You can level up the statue of seven by choose: “ Worship. Statue”. You can level up the statue of seven by using geoculus or anemoculus. You can find the geoculus and anemoculus on the world map and sometimes it’s flying so high in the sky. You will get your adventure exp after level up the statue of seven okay. Next, you can open book icon on your top right screen. This is where you can get your adventure exp for the most first is about experience, and this is some kind of achievement you must achieve and you will get the adventure exp from here and other rewards. The reward is not bad, you can get the three-star artifact and mora enhancement, ore and material for level up and others so try to complete it to get your adventure exp and your rewards. Next is commission. You can do your commissions daily 4 commissions each day and will reset every day.

So don’t forget it because commissions give you most adventure exp, and you can finish it easily. Next is domains and spiral abyss or we call it dungeon here spiral. Abyss is more like a tower and you can enter it from floor 1, floor, 2 and so on, and you can enter domains daily, like the commissions and you need original resin to open the treasure chest at the domains. Original resins is more like stamina here and need times to fully recover. You can buy your original resin with primogem and don’t forget to use your original resin every day to get more rewards.

Next, you can get your adventure exp from field boss and you need the original resin here to collect the treasure you can find the field boss on the map and for the last guys, every time you level up your adventure level. There is a rewards, awaits you. You can talk to Katheryne to claim your rewards. There are so many rewards here and that’s all for adventure level guys. I hope this guide maybe help you for a little and if you like, my video, please like share and subscribe

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