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A Genshin Guide to Get the most Gacha bang for your buck using Google play points and rewards By: Theguesst


Hello Reddit, back with another genshin guide. This time we’ll be covering google play and play points. This is a way to maximize your gacha investment and get more wishes for the moolah you sent swimmin with the fishes.

The idea is simple, redeem play points, promos as well as seasonal free credit promos that google gives out to get yourself some blessings. You can earn 1 point per dollar, but you can also do promos and such to earn bonus points. Genshin has a sponsored coupon available, which is what you’ll be aiming for. Your first coupon is ~$15 with the current 5 in app purchase promo, and usually you can get additional coupons for every $75 spent if you follow up on available promos. That plus a $3 promo about 4 times a year can add up.

All you need is to use a modern android device able to run the game to make things easy. If you don’t have one, then you’re not out of luck. Android emulation while technically unimpressive at the moment has been able to ‘handle’ Genshin impact since October on even highly constrained PC builds.

Here’s the setup:
Bluestacks arm64. From settings make sure the following are enabled: openGL, compatibility, 4 GB of ram or more. 4 core CPU. Set software or hardware acceleration, hardware preferred if you have a dedicated graphics card. If you think the game is crashing, lower your FPS. I had to go down to 3 FPS and constrain my network in order to get a consistent download. Preferences> memory trimming.

Downloading the local data is a pain on low spec builds, but is possible. Crashing happens often. I waited 4 hours on my low end rig to make it happen, and the files quickly go out of date. For the time being, here’s the files to download a virtual image with this process already done: TBD (I intend to try and make this at a later time.)

Loading the game, you’ll go into the menu, purchase your welkin or gems, redeem your coupons as applicable and you’re all set. Make your wishes on your preferred client and reap a little extra reward. Best wishes.


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