A Guide For Getting Started On Genshin Impact! By: Queerjunk

r/Genshin_Impact - A Guide For Getting Started On Genshin Impact!

I have been ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with this game lately, so I wanted to make a guide to help more players get into the game!

This is my first time making a reddit guide so if you have any tips to improve it please let me know!

TLDR Watch The Video



  1. Promo (Increased odds for Venti, Xiangling, Fischl, & Barbara) Guarantees Venti as 2nd 5*

5* – [0.6%] 4* – [5.1%] 3* [94.3%]

2. Weapon Banner (Increase odds for Amo’s Bow, The Bell, Etc) Guarantees Amos Bow as 2nd 5*

5* – [0.7%] 4* – [6%] 3* – [93.3%]

3. Contains Both Weapons & Different Characters, (No Time Limit)

Fun Fact! Legendry’s Make The Meteors Turn Yellow, Epics Make It Turn Purple!

The Pity System-

  1. Every 10 wishes you are guaranteed 1 4* Character or Weapon

  2. Every 90 wishes you are guaranteed 1 5* Character or Weapon

  3. Batch Wishing DOES NOT increase odds in any way. (fact check here)


-The Shop-

Seems like a solid investment for non f2p players who don’t want to spend excessively. Feels like a much better deal then the battle pass. Since farming primogems are the only way to get free wishes, the more you have, the better in my opinion.

  1. Intertwined Fate (Used for Promo Banner)

  2. Acquaint Fate (Used for Standard & Weapon Banner)

  • StarGlitter .
    Obtained from 4* duplicates, only way to get a guaranteed character.

  • Stardust More Common, Buy as many fates as possible per month.

  • Genesis Crystals Can be exchanged for primogems & original resin at a 1 to 1 ratio. I bought 30$ worth and rolls and only got 1 character, and a friend allegedly spent 600$ to end up with only a maxed out Fischl. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you find this investment reasonable.


-How To Optimize Characters-

  1. Refining

Combining the same item in order to make the unique effect stronger. Caps at rank 5. Max refinement is important, but a 4star will still have better raw stats when the same level as a fully refined 3*

2. Ascension

Use rare materials found throughout the world, domains, & bosses to increase characters max level. Ascend weapons to increase their max levels! Mats can be bought from vendors but have weekly caps. Can also be farmed from Domains.

3. Enhancement

1* & 2* weapons are food, use them to power up 4* weapons. If you used all of your resources on a 3* put it into a decent 4* that you can refine since it carries over.


  1. You can level up your talents by using talent books you can acquire from domains.

This includes characters auto attacks! makes a significant difference in damage output!

  1. Constellations can be acquired from obtaining duplicates (maxes at 6) Boosts Characters Kit

Some characters like Barbara aren’t useful until they hit full constellation tree.


***-***How To Manage Stamina-

You can either get them all at once, or get them as you explore the map. You can identify them with the star on your minimap. This is currently the only way to permanently increase your stamina.

Check Out This Interactive Map!

Quick Tip: You can Left Click after jumping off a ledge to take less fall damage if you run out of stamina!

  • Kaeya & Razor Have a unique passive that decreases stamina consumption by 20%! (Does not stack with each other)

  • Stamina Food You can use food to gain a boost of stamina, or to decrease stamina consumption, which does stack with the passive!


-Original Resin-

Here is a rough guide on how you should be using your resin as you are leveling. You gain 1 resin every 7-8minutes. You want to avoid having it capped at all costs!

Yellow are slightly better since Mora is harder to come by later in the game.

Get rare materials you need to ascend any 4* you can refine or a fully refined 3*

Use the adventurer book, clear out the weekly boss, and bosses you need for character ascension materials.

Quick Tip: Check your mail Frequently for free primogems, characters, talent books & more!

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