A guide to understanding Genshin Impact?s monetization system By: Skrimish10


As much as I understand where the community is coming from with all of these resin posts, the resin system is here to stay; it?s there to exploit players with no self-control who are addicted to the grind and are willing to pay for it.

I have not refilled my resin with primogems once, but I?m sure there are whales who do, and that?s fine. It?s a monetization system at the end of the day, and one that I?m fine with when you consider the quality of the rest of the game combined with it being free to play. I happily bought a blessing of the welkin moon to do my part and chip in to this amazing game in the making. I have no doubt that the game will improve over time, but there will always be some base level of monetization in at least two forms: character acquisition, because they sell like hotcakes; and player progression, because MiHoYo needs time to develop the higher level areas of the game. I truly believe MiHoYo will ease up on the player progression restrictions slowly as the game?s development progresses, but will never remove it entirely; resin will always bring them excellent revenue from a specific subset of the player-base, and they can appease the naysayers by increasing the regeneration rates, increasing the resin limit, giving free daily resin refills, etc… while keeping the same grind happy players paying for refills regardless.

The gacha system on the other hand is merely there to obfuscate the true price of a random 5 star. (I?ll give you a hint, it?s well over one hundred dollars!) This obfuscation, on top of the fact that you can only acquire a RANDOM five star for this price, further obfuscates the true cost of unlocking a specific five star character. (another hint, well over a THOUSAND dollars!) Remove the gacha system, and these are the prices they would try (and fail) to sell these characters at.

The viability of the four star units in this game (including the starter characters) makes these prices more understandable, even if they are ridiculous. High production value, free to play, pay to unlock games like this are inevitably expensive because there are players who are able and willing to pay these high prices after they experience the game and enjoy it. Additionally, many players view their purchases as a sort of crowdfunding of the game, which is actually a pretty accurate assessment. The in-game shop is almost an implicit kickstarter page for future content: if nobody buys from the shop, the game will cease development, but if players do spend, their beloved game will continue to receive updates, and they will receive exclusive, paid content as compensation.

TL;DR Yes the monetization systems are cleverly designed, but informing yourself and doing your due diligence is an easy way to stop yourself from being ?sheeple revenue.? Instead support the game in a more reasonable way, with intentionality, and save your wallet in the process. I will be surprised if MiHoYo doesn?t ease up on the resin system with each new content update, as well as giving away older five stars for free as newer ones come out, since MiHoYo can continue making money from their newly released five stars being behind a paywall.

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