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We did it, friends. She’s officially in the game. Mrs. Explosion Pew Pew, Firework shooting Firework Lady, AKA Yoimiya, AKA mother of the fireworks is in the game and here to stay. Because of your greatest hopes or despite your deepest fears, you’ve pulled Yoimiya, Genshin’s brand new Ambe- Genshin’s brand new pyro bow user who happens to be a five star.

And now you must build her. This is a good thing and a bad thing, because for one, and I might be a bit biased, but Yoimiya is extremely fun to play because of how weird her kit actually is. To start this all off, let’s talk about the bare basics of how Yoimiya is meant to be played, cause it actually resembles a firework. No, like, actually. Unlike the vast majority of main DPS characters in Genshin, Yoimiya heavily relies on your ability to manage your team’s energy and make smart rotations, so by default, squeezing out her maximum potential is a little tougher than it is with most characters, but it’s absolutely rewarding.

If you can manage to keep your team’s bursts up as often as possible so that they can assist yoimiya’s infused normal attacks while she’s on the field, you’ll notice her impact on the battlefield is significantly higher than if you were to just toss her out there and press E. And on the flip side of that coin, you need to make sure that when yoimiya’s E expires, you can press her Q and send her off the field for a while, letting the rest of your team recharge their energy while proccing her Auros Blaze tag for maximum damage uptime. It is true that yoimiya’s infused attacks deal absolutely mind boggling damage at even more mind boggling speed, but once her infusion expires, she’s burnt out for 8 seconds.

So to summarize all that, pick a team that supports yoimiya’s attacks, learn an effective rotation for the team, then rinse and repeat until you 36 star the spiral abyss. But not this one.

Cause it’s literally impossible. With that all said, Yoimiya’s wildly unique kit comes with a surprisingly large amount of viable builds and team comps to help her reach her flashiest moments. Starting with artifact sets, the most popular choice among players will likely be the 4pc crimson witch set, and I am here to tell you, do NOT use a 4pc crimson witch on Yoimiya.

The 4pc passive enhances a character’s reaction damage, essentially. And yoimiya has a weird caveat in which she’s actually really bad at consistently proccing reactions.

So the vast majority those big numbers you see from her in gameplay clips, namely the ones in this video, don’t actually come from reaction multipliers, but rather her own raw damage output. Investing in a crimson witch 4pc won’t be nearly as rewarding as other set combinations in the game, such as the 2pc crimson witch, 2pc Shimenawa/Gladiator’s. This set combination is definitely the most flexible and easy to build for Yoimiya, because it gives her a 15% pyro damage boost, and an 18% ATK DMG boost, allowing you to consistently output a nice chunk of extra damage in just about any battle scenario. If you’re relatively new to the game or more casual and just like mindlessly shooting (and there’s nothing wrong with that at all), this set is probably your best bet with yoimiya, as it eases some of the difficulty in her playstyle and allows you to pair her with whoever you want wherever you want.

Granted, with that combination you won’t be getting nearly as much damage output as you will with my next few options, but still, it’s a nice set combo.

And I say that because a stronger version of her pyro focused sets is the 4pc lavawalker set for that sweet 35% damage increase against enemies affected by pyro. Statistically, sets like the Lavawalker and Thundersoother can output much more damage than their flexible counterparts, the crimson witch and thundering fury, respectively, but it really restricts you to specific play styles. In yoimiya’s case, it restricts you to playing in teams that don’t quickly proc and erase her pyro application, which for pyro… is basically every reaction. You want to have constant teeny pyro icon uptime on enemy health bars, because your firework lady will deal much much more damage overall the more she’s attacking those enemies. Now, considering yoimiya doesn’t rely too heavily on reactions anyways, it’s a bit easier for her to pull off this 35% increase frequently without sacrificing her own flexibility as a character, so the Lavawalker is a set that id consider to be one of her best, and it’s only a little more difficult/intricate to use than the aforementioned set.

Another set, my personal favorite, that has garnered a bit of controversy for its drawbacks , is the 4pc Shimenawa’s reminiscence set. The 4pc passive allows you a 50% ATK DMG boost for 10 seconds when you use your elemental skill, at the cost of 15 energy. The problem with this is that, as I said earlier, energy management is extremely important with yoimiya teams, and this set makes it much more difficult to manage your energy. With this set, I really don’t recommend running yoimiya without an electro resonance team and/or a pyro battery, because you’ll have a very difficult time charging her burst for when she’s off the field. And as I said, she HAS to be off the field for her rotations.

Many people are coming to the conclusion that this set is bad on her and that it isn’t her best in slot, and to be fair, i can see why they say it, but I’m respectfully informing you that I think it IS her best in slot, it just also happens to make her extremely difficult to play.

The set significantly increases her potential at the cost of ease of use, so if you really want to use this set for a powerful yoimiya, you have to bring the right team, and practice the right rotations. Moving onto weapons, and the very first one I want to discuss is the new craft able Hamayumi bow, AKA that one bow yoimiya held in like all of her promotional videos. If you’re running a more flexible set on Yoimiya like the Lavawalker’s or the 2pc crimson 2pc gladiator’s, this bow could probably be really nice, because your burst will be up quite frequently, and you can save it for rotation, granting yourself the double attack DMG boost from the bow’s passive. If you’re running Shimenawa’s however, do not use this bow.

I know it was all over her promotional vids. I know. I know. But the issue is, with a proper rotation using the Shimenawa’s set, your burst will never be up until right before you need to swap yoimiya out, rendering the doubled attack boost passive almost completely useless. That is why for those of you using Shimenawa’s and even those who aren’t, I recommend, Rust.

Rust is a 4-star bow that you can obtain from any banner, so it’s likely if you’ve been playing genshin for a while you probably have at least 1 or two stashed away. Rust, like Hamayumi, scales with ATK%, making it a good pick for any bow DPS character, but unlike Hamayumi, rust comes with a flat out damage increase for a passive, at the cost of a small amount of charged attack damage. At R5, this bonus is an 80% ATK boost. This bow is very simple and yet very powerful on Yoimiya, and the 10% charged attack decrease doesn’t matter at all, cause no one’s using her charged attacks for DMG anyways, it’s just for fireworks.

And then obviously her best in slot is the Thunderin Pulse given its multiple massive ATK damage boosts on top of a high base damage and a high crit damage scaling substat.

With this bow equipped, you can pretty much run any yoimiya build with any team and you can’t go wrong. It’s a strong pick that makes her a pew pew machine. However, I am not one to encourage people to pull on the weapon banner because of its dual reputation as a dream crusher and a wallet smasher.

You don’t need this weapon to build a strong Yoimiya. If you don’t have the 3 best in slot bows I just mentioned, though, luckily there’s a couple of other options that work really nice as well.

The Amos Bow, for its ATK DMG boost passive and scaling ATK DMG substat, but be warned, due to Yoimiya’s rather short range, you can’t really make full use of the passive. The Skyward Harp, for its nice crit damage bonus and crit rate substat which allows you, given yoimiya’s innate crit rate scaling, to focus very little on crit rate and very much on crit damage, also it has a cool little AOE attack passive which is okay enough.

The black cliff warbow and the royal bow are also not terrible choices if you’re really out of options. To clarify, the reason the royal bow doesn’t completely suck on yoimiya is because her attacks are so fast that they can keep that crit rate passive at a decent average. And finally, if you don’t have a suitable 5-star or 4-star bow, you can use the Slingshot for its crit rate scaling and passive that actually has decent synergy with yoimiya’s lack of range.

To reiterate my earlier points about her best in slot weapons however, she does technically have 3. I’d say judging by power, flexibility and ease of use, they rank in strength from Thundering Pulse first, Rust second, and then Hamayumi third. Then all those other bows I mentioned are tied for fourth cause I don’t wanna rate them all.

So then we are left with the single handedly most important thing to think about when building yoimiya: her team. It’s obvious enough to say that a good team build goes a long way, but in Yoimiya’s case, unfortunately, the team is everything, and if you’re not pairing her with capable sub-DPS and utility characters that can help her generate energy and rotate effectively, you will absolutely notice her weakness and lack of impact on the field.

That’s why I consider a team with Beidou, Fischl, and Bennett, to be one of her absolute strongest. I call it, ‘the explosion’! There’s probably better names for it but we’re going with ‘The Explosion’. Quick note on the Overloaded reaction since many people hate it, the majority of enemies that suffer big knock back from overloaded will get one shot long before they leave your range as yoimiya. And tougher enemies take little to no knock back anyways so you’re just dealing extra damage with no caveat.

This team is the most optimal team for those of you hoping to bring yoimiya up to a meta gameplay standard, because it works wonders with the Shimenawa’s set, the set that I referred to earlier as her most difficult yet rewarding to use.

This is because there’s a lot of energy regeneration happening given the electro resonance passive ontop of the pyro battery. As such, you can frequently make rotations and save your team’s bursts to buff yoimiya as she returns to the field when her skill is up again. When she gets to the field, if all went well, she’ll have an ATK boost and massive heals from Bennett, a large amount of extra electro damage from Fischl and Oz, and a ton of potential AOE damage from Beidou’s burst, all happening while yoimiya dishes out her already insane normal attack damage. I don’t recommend straying from this exact team, though, given that these 3 characters work together in very intricate ways to make the team as a whole work.

If you were to swap Beidou or Fischl out for Lisa, you’re missing out on massive electro sub DPS potential and if you swap Bennett out for another battery such as Xiangling, you lose your team’s only source of healing. You COULD swap Bennett for Xinyan given her shielding though, I just really recommend Bennett. This team isn’t as effective against fewer enemies, though, for example if you’re clearing weekly bosses or the abyss floors in which the chambers have mostly boss enemies. For teams in which you’re up against 3 or fewer enemies, I’d say your best option is, Yoimiya, Bennett, Kazuha, and Zhongli. Note that this team runs really well with the Lavawalker set.

Now, realistically, many people don’t have Kazuha and Zhongli. You can swap Kazuha for sucrose to get similar usage out of her kit, with crowd control and elemental resistance shred. As for Zhongli, you can swap him for just about any shield user you want, the point of his role is to keep you from being disrupted while face planting the enemy inside of Bennett’s burst.

With this team, you’ll initiate a fight with Bennett’s skill or his burst to apply pyro to the enemy. Then you’ll swirl that pyro with your anemo character and a 4pc viridescent set so that the enemy’s pyro resistance is shredded by 40%.

Then make sure your shield is up before swapping to Yoimiya and decimating then with her infused attacks while their resistance is shredded. This is a very situational team, but it’s probably the one you’ll see the most crazy damage with yoimiya on. And crazy damage is good, but just note that there aren’t really effective rotations for this team, so I don’t recommend this for any long-fight content like spiral abyss. But it IS an amazing team for quick boss farming, because of its quick and massive damage potential. Those are the two strongest yoimiya teams in my opinion, both serving wildly different purposes, but there are other teams you can use with yoimiya, whatever your reason for doing so.

Teams like a triple pyro, where you run, for example Yoimiya, Bennett, Xiangling and Kazuha for insane pyro defense shred and really nice energy recharge. Teams like a Fireworks Comp, where you run Yoimiya, Beidou, Xingqiu and Kazuha to crowd control enemies together and then absolutely blast them with Beidou and Xingqiu’s bursts atop yoimiya’s attacks. The overall theme with Yoimiya teams is you need to pick characters that help create consistent rotations and multiply yoimiya’s pyro damage, whether by resistance shredding or ATK boosting. Overall, I believe Yoimiya is in a good spot where she’s at. I see a lot of people calling her underwhelming, and bad, and I understand why that’s general conclusion, but I think it has a lot to do with how weird her builds and teams are compared to what we’re used to from pyro characters.

And that’s a good thing, Genshin didn’t just copy and paste when they made the 500th pyro DPS, they actually gave her weird new ways of becoming her own pyro character with her own niches.

It’s because of that reason and the fact that she’s not necessarily easy to play that I think most players assume she’s just, bad. Now granted she’s clearly not on the same level as, say Ayaka, or Hu Tao, or Ganyu or Xiao, but she’s definitely successfully created her own niche gameplay style that still works despite the genshin community’s greatest hopes that she’d remain overshadowed by ambe. if this guide helped you and if you want more content like this, feel free to subscribe and/or join my discord server with the link below..

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