Albedo, Zhongli, Ningguang & Noelle OP GeoTeam Combo Showcase Genshin Impact


Hey how’s, everyone doing today, grunty gaming – and i am here to showcase i guess in some sorts, my geo team. I got a full mono geo team. No, this ain’t, no pokemon, but i thought it’d be cool to have an entire team of one element and i got a really cool geo team built here. As you can see, i’m trying to tackle that new domain and honestly even for some of my characters being way under leveled they’re performing quite well. I got noel at max constellation ning long at max consolation and i just obtained albedo um under pity. Actually, i was trying to just get my um pity higher for getting ready for ganyu and try to get some constellations from bennett, which i did complete by the way, and i got him so now i got a full geoteam.

I thought it’d be a cool video to make. The ironic thing is: oh i’m gon na use that uh. I love this move that little elevator i love it. The ironic thing is the two five stars i have on this team are like the main supports, and my four stars are my main dps damage dealers, which is kind of ironic really, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with a five star being an amazing support and ooh fantastic four achievement for having only one type, all right so to check out my team see albedo at level 60 with skyward blade, energy recharge, um jungling, with the gladiator set decent hp, ninghuang um, mainly Focusing on our attack and i went with the uh ayah perception full consolation. Then we got noel with the basically whatever artifacts ahead left over against just common enemies in the world. It is absolutely no problem, i’m in venture rank 50 and noelle’s. Only level 40 albedos level. 50 are 60

Jungling is level 70 and no ning long is level 80. So i mean like my team, is very under leveled and ideally i would have to have noel have the full gladiator set, but i don’t actually have as many artifacts as i’d like to have leveled up right now. Um been kind of slacking and with work and all that stuff and me moving soon. It’S been really busy, so i’ve been slacking but anyways yeah they’re, pretty badass team um pretty hard to even get a dent in on these guys unless you’re uh in the abyss. So that’s probably where we’re gon na go because anywhere in the actual world doesn’t really hurt me. So, let’s tackle the abyss floor, nine figure, that’s a pretty reasonable floor. Considering i’m way under leveled um yeah. Let’S just go for it see how this all works.

It’S cool because you get so many structures all on the field at once. I probably should have even tried the traveler, but you know what this is the best team, i think for geo full geo team. No doubt traveler’s not a bad option either but noel with full consolation. She can heal you so good um. She is a monster and she’s such a tank. This is just so much fun too. What an incredibly fun team, ninghuang being my main damage dealer. I wish i had the soul pearl leveled up far enough, that i could actually get some good use out of it, but um yeah. I i would i ideally too like it if i could get more defense on my albedo to increase his abilities, but no problem. We will make do and then of course, noel just a badass character and just heals you constantly. She is such an underrated character honestly, and i it sucks that you can only have so many characters. You can level up at a time.

I just run out of resources all the time. Look how much fun this is. There’S this geo smashing everywhere. Albedo’S moves pretty much recharge instantly, ground and pound gets a extra damage and if you unlock albedo’s constellation 4 his ground in pound, not only but does it like do more damage for him, but other other anime are other characters as well. I feel like it’s going to be fun, to mix up albedo and ganyu on a team combo because, like she can go on his elevator and just snipe. The out of people and she’s gon na have such a strong charge attack all right. Let’S see if we can just work these blobs now with noel albedo can throw in his alt almost every other. Second there’s always structures dealing damage. Look at this madness, those sep! Oh, oh, we just killed everyone. Okay, those seven star jades, are op all right start with albedo. Here we got that shield going. The bandits are a little bit trickier because they like so spaced out they don’t like horde together. So you can’t it’s harder to clump them together, but no worries. We’Ve got john lee just put in some work. Getting a well start healing everyone up.

Oh, i accidentally used her. Oh there that was not intentional um yeah geo really is an element that like really feeds off each other off each other too. So like it’s really good for basically any domain, because any kind of shield from any kind of mage is going to be no problem because geo crack shields, like no problem, doesn’t matter what type they see it’s going to be nice when you get the extra damage On c4, with that grounding pound, but i don’t know if i’m gon na even get that all right, just completely healing myself from the brink of death. Amazing, all right! Let’S get all these structures going here, yeah those seven star jades, are a key constellation. Seven. Nine is an absolute monster like a five star hidden easily at five star with all of our consolations unlocked.

But i guess you could do that about any character. All right, oh yeah, there’s the abyss, mate or the um mage forgot about that, because i am pretty under leveled here. I could easily die because you’re always making a chrysalis, though you’re always getting that extra added, like protection and being able to petrify them really helps too, and every time you run through uh ning, wong’s, jade screen. You gain damage and i’m oh fun fact. I’M actually running the ocean set or the uh heart of depth set on ninghuang right now. I know that’s very good for like hydro characters that new set, but because you don’t really gain anything from a two-piece set, but with the four piece set uh, you gain 35 extra damage for your charge and regular attacks. Now, if you think about it, ning wong’s always got her elemental special on the field with her jade screen. So every time her jade spring goes up. She gains 35 attack, that’s incredible, even though she doesn’t gain for the hydro damage which kind of sucks.

It’S more practical for someone like child, but still very good, set to run on ningwonk, even though she’s not a hydro character and they’re. Basically, a hydro set. It’S an amazing set. Okay, we’re just gon na put our shield up here and we’re pretty much done so. Yeah just wanted to show my geo team. I think it’s pretty good um. I still got to build it a little bit more. I got ta finish: building albedo, but i kind of ran out of materials because now i’m ar 50 and i got to send all my main characters – a level 90 now and i’m running short. So i need to start farming, but anyways hope you guys enjoyed this video. Let me know what you think of this team um and let me know if you’d like to see any other teams where i’m just using one element and on that note guys, we will see you in the next one later.

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