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ALL Electroculus Locations (With Timestamps) – Part 2 |【Genshin Impact】


Oh hello, guys uh welcome back in my channel in this video. I will show you the electrocution of the new islands. They added in the nazumah territory, watasumi, island and syrah island. There are in total of 56. I don’t know if that’s all, but i don’t think so, like i collected 95 around 95 to get the start of the seven to level six and uh summer, i dabbed with the 56, so we can complete because you can see there is a there’s another island.

So it’s probably the last island in azuma – i don’t know but uh yeah, let’s, let’s, let’s see after we collected those last 56, let’s see if we can reach if we can reach the level 10 start over 7 in zuma, let’s start from the watasumi island. I will guide you step by step to everyone. Also, there are requirements, there are actually some missions or the quests and puzzles to do before you start the occlusa hunt. Why? Because, for example, this one is inside a cave to enter in the cave.

You have to complete a world request. I will put in the peanut comment the videos of how to clear the word quest and the puzzle as well. So don’t worry about it anyway. So, first step teleporter to this triple waypoint. My advice is to unlock all teleport waypoints and the start of the 7 first before the start in the elector’s hunt anyway.

So let’s support it to this one and go toward this direction. I will try to cut out, like a part, some boring parts where i walk in a straight line, for example yeah those kind of parts once you’re here, basically on this spot, you will see one oculus just here under this waterfall, but don’t go there. First, let’s go take this one: first, you can see. There is a small platform with the electrogram. There is a there is a cave.

Originally is a cave with a barrier with a fish form. After you completed the world request. When you come inside, you will see electrocutes just here so how to reach there. [ Music ] good question, let’s climb from this wall here you can stand jump here. We go first one!

So after this one, you can come out from the cave and jump down to get the one under the waterfall just here here we go clearly teleport to this one. Once you’re here, yeah in front of you go toward the village [ Music ]. It’S the downside here we’ll find it now teleport back to the teleport waypoint and now behind, not really behind you but yeah here. As you can see, this is a small cave right, yeah inside this cave, there is one now just here you have to climb again here we go after you took this one. You have to climb the mountain to the top side.

So let’s wait for some stamina. Okay, once you’re here uh, that one is here, you get there, you will pro yeah. You need to complete this puzzle. First of all, probably, but let’s align this one: okay, nice, oh okay, that one is aligned as well. No that one remain.

This will be hard because you must move, but if you move this arrow will follow. You so be really fast jump there in theory, that one is still aligned. Yes, okay, here we go now this platform is there and you can see there is that thing so? Yeah there should be a selector just here and go toward this uh wave rider. Waypoint click the bottom and go toward that electrocute on the on the sea.

You will say how do i take it? You’Re just just a park under it and uh yeah. It counted from the box here we go. If you took this one, you can teleport back or just use the wave rider to go back, it’s the same and is basically under this uh uh. This thing you can see it so just to jump down and fly to it.

If you can take it can’t take it uh just to climb a bit from this wall, then uh jumper now go toward this one. It’S just a downside under this uh. This point of the mountain: that’s why i keep this one and took it together with the disrupter okay, now open the fly, yeah find it here we go now. Let’S go take this one. This you have to go down.

There is a cave and not here. It’S here just here you can see nice. Take this one go back to the start of the seven, and now we go take this one on the waterfall, okay, [, Music ]. Just here don’t go too down. We always hide down after this one.

Let’S go take this one: oh yeah, from this little waypoint, okay, once you’re here, just jump down! I just come here to the highest point: jump down is right here, and this is a series of uh clues. A lot of them are hiding like in spots like there that happen here here here, how you really like to hide them under them, the yeah those spots. Now, after the start of the seven behind you, you have to jump down and fly because this one is uh floating above the [ Music. ] keep fly toward this side or you can just teleport to.

There is the same up to you once you’re here this one: okay, let’s wait for some stamina. I don’t want to it’s just here downside you can see same as before in a waterfall after this one go toward this rock. This electro rock use the elementary action with any elements uh who, which you can react with the electro, is fine to break the shield up. Let’S use bennett and the electrical is just sitting there now teleport to this teleport waypoint we can. We will take this.

One are you cool to take it uh when you did this world quest as well, where it is just here above you again he’s under the mountain just to fly down and take it here. We go it rebecca here. Okay, now go toward this direction. There is a puzzle and this puzzle is probably to collect it, and this one, which you can’t move. It is the face toward that side same with that one.

That means with all those we have to face them toward that side. This one is a single one. If i eat it yeah only this one will rotate that one will not rotate so just rotate this one toward that side as well. Now go back to that one, you, okay, the top one. You are just using an archer, so this thing will appear directly.

So you don’t need to go downside after that. Just come here. Take this one electrogram climb to the top side again go into the door or you can just jump jump there, because this rock will okay now go towards the hydro hypostasis. If you don’t know how to reach a hypostasis is pretty easy, you just have to come come here. You can see.

There is a waterfall on this position just to jump down the electric coolest is here here we go and downside here yeah. This is the spot. Where you fight the hydra hydro hypostasis after this one teleport back to this teleport waypoint and jump down to that island once you come here, there’s another one hiding here under this apart part of the mountain. But we go take this one first, which is under this cave inside the barrier. So we need to take this electrogram and jump down here inside it and take the electroclass after you look at this one.

You have to climb back to the top side. Okay, because we’re gon na take that one under the last point of the mountain, it’s just here, jump down. Okay, take this one and go toward is direction once you’re. Here you can see the retrograde is there. So what you have to do is to climb again this mountain, but only you can.

Oh it’s a nice! Oh my god. What are you doing here? Bro long time, no see you’re here with your game again, i can get more primo jumps from you, anyways yeah. I just take this one [ Music ] and we in theory finish the dose on the part of what’s um.

Oh there’s another one. I forgot this one, okay, this one. You have to teleport here, first zoom to there or teleport here then walk to. There is up to you and just to go there once you get to here, you can watch my video on how to unlock the puzzle of this one. How to enter unlock this domain after you unlock this domain just to come here.

There’S another puzzle to do inside it, control this side, open this door. Oh, let me defeat this enemy first now. What you have to do is activate this one. Oh yes, wait! Let me get the electro character, okay, just to follow them this one.

He told you to activate this one first for this one, then this one go now is this one, and that is the last one guys here we go okay. After this, you just have to summon this again to get the electro close element on you. Okay, after you have an air go into this window, drop this one to the right, collec uh direction. Wait the electrical electro element to disappear go out again, take it again and this time on this one: okay, when those two are activated so, okay, now just wait. Okay, here we go oh boom, nice, the bar disappeared and the electrical is here.

I’M i’m good. Let’S create a chest as well: oh here we go, there is another page. I guess it’s for the tatar. No it’s for the that the tail tails after this one, i’m sure that yeah we finished all the electric clothes on the watatsumi island sera island remain those with them. Uh.

This type of uh is a yeah. They are like on the sky, so it’s not on the ground, those yeah you can get them while on the ground. Also, we will take them later when we are topside anyways. I will start from this one now to get this one. You have to go on this island first, so just teleport to this teleport waypoint or when you come here for the first time, you can just just stop moving on that island.

Okay, once you got here, get inside this uh uh! No, not ready, put okay rotate! After rotated get inside and now just wait, you don’t do anything, you will automatically take it all right to the top side. A nice uh keep going yeah like this perfect after you took this one i’d say: yeah, let’s go take those! So let’s go back to the teleport waypoint for this one.

There is a big bot with a pretty pretty cool puzzle to do. If you don’t know how to unlock the under level of the bot. I i made a guide, but i will upload this oculus video. First, then, as well as all the other videos anyways, i will add them in the pin and comment them. So you can just check there for the guide of uh s puzzle, because there are three in total oculus on this bottom.

The first one is just here on the top side, so you can just climb okay, electro granum. You don’t have to climb, and now you can go downside if you did that puzzle yeah. The second entrance is here: if you come inside on the second entrance, this oculus is just here, okay, nice, and why you do all the puzzles um to get to go to the under level of the under level? Go inside here go up and the other one is just here open door and we can come out from here. Let’S go yeah.

Let’S go to this location. To get this one um, there is a what the quest you have to do, which is uh like a relic of assay right. You can accept it just here, there’s a puzzle to do as well to go to downside. Here i made a video as well. You can check you can just check that so once you get the downside, you open this basement.

The electrical is just sitting here after you come out just to keep going toward the road here. We see this electrogram just to take it because there’s one above us actually there’s another one, but this one yeah. We can’t reach it for now. Now, let’s go back to this location, go to this direction right! Just here on the bot i mean on the on the road i’d say to go to this azaz shrine, this teleport waypoint.

There are three of them on that small island. Once you get to the instantly yes, this is the only way. Okay get it after you get to this one, there’s another one inside this uh this wood, so you have to go inside it. Here we go last. One is on this location, so come out from here: okay, jump down, you will see this rock just to break it boom.

Okay, here we go now. Let’S teleport to this teleport waypoint go toward this side how to climb it, and you will ask how should i pick this one on the sky um, not that hard. You just have to go on this mountain again, so you have to climb, because there is a portal you have to use this portal. Okay, one there we go now. This one you can take is this: one is the only one uh you you shouldn’t be able this one is the most of our way.

Okay, this one, you can still take it. Sorry, sorry, sorry, guys, sorry guys this one, you can still use this uh. This portal, to take it after you took these uh these electrocutes from here using the portal, go back to the portal again and use the portal again, you remember there, there was electrocution yeah, just use it. The water will guide you to this other oculusa. Here on the sky, the other one was the one that you couldn’t take from here, because yeah really really far away.

If you took this one now, let’s go down from this way this direction on this direction. You will see this small cave just to get inside and there is electrocluster for this one teleport to this drop away. Point jump down, decrease, electrogram and fly because it’s above you after this one go toward this tree. You will see to just here the other electrocutes one okay after this one, the teleport to distillable waypoint. Now behind you just under those wood, all right now go to this teleport waypoint yeah he’s above us here how to reach there just a climb.

Okay, like lisa [, Music ] after this one go toward this direction. There’S another one. You can see just a height yeah, just a hero without anything ekita. You have to rotate this one first, this again again and when is facing that way, use it. Okay.

This is the other side, but toward this direction, since this one is on yeah he’s flying here, we go now these those two. We will take them um yeah, maybe you can just go, take them now. Okay, once you’re here, the closest is here you can see on this uh top side of the mountain yeah you need. You need a jlmc. If you have, if you don’t yeah, if you don’t have a john lee, venti kazuha, it was kinda.

You should use a geomc or just to fly down from there, but uh is a really really high distance or you can use the gadget as well. The gadget which can capture the wind when the current but anyways yeah just come here. [, Music ], the next one – is here so toward this direction. This time, let’s use the portal [ Music, ], hey here and there you can see there is electro close, just take it. Okay, after this one go back to this level.

Waypoint! Okay, go to this portal. I made a. I made the guide about how to unlock those islands, how to like to don’t take damage anymore from um from this territory. You can watch that video.

If you don’t know how to do the puzzle but anyways when you come here, you will see an electrical. I already took it because yeah when i come here, i i took it um suddenly like uh yeah for mistake, but yeah there is electrophiles, don’t worry after you talk this one. Just jump down from here word at the side. Electrogram and let’s go here. You should already open those select uh, therefore waypoint, if you already did the word request so just teleport to this point, you can’t take it with that portal.

Anyways uh, the the other part, the other part, is just to give you to bring you back to home. Is when you have to take it or during the mission or later by flying from that teleport waypoint from here, go to this triple weapon? Now, it’s known as the end. There is one just sitting down here this one go back to the waypoint behind. You lie down here on this flying rock, so basically you just after you took that fly to here.

This was this location, and it’s just here now go back to here. You have to go in the middle now. Electrogram just use it to reach the last point of the mission. Once you come here, you will find the director close just here nice, these ones jump down from here, oh because the electro could see just under you here. You can see it this location, okay.

Now this one remains so teleport. To this point. Science is on the sky normally from the ground. You can’t take it unless you have the electrogram thing, but it is easier. I guess from if you jump down from that, teleport waypoint!

Okay, after that one there’s another one here. You can come here again and go there. Okay, almost there is inside that’s a barrier. You can see it go to this electrogram and take it maybe have to fly from here. Okay, now those four that’s the teleport back again here go to the platform where you fight the electro electronic, and if you jump from here, you will see one just a downside here after this one.

Those are the three i showed yeah. I made a guide about how to how to solve this puzzle, so you can reduce the water level here until you can go down from here after you go down from here, yeah, basically, that that video i yeah in that video. I showed like how to clear this puzzle: anyways there’s one, but we’re not going to collect that. First, there are other two to jump down from here. You will find that this rock yeah it was bugged, anyways, destroy this rock there’s electroplus.

This is the first one. We have to collect after that, just keep go down and do your puzzle blah blah blah blah at the end of the tunnel. You will find an electrocut, probably can’t anymore, anyways yeah use this one to get to there. I don’t want to see anything together. There turn again, not too close there open top side use the yellow okay go here.

There is the this is the first ceiling down from here. You have to open these go down open the yellow one. Now, i’m from here, okay, is the second ceiling. Okay, it’s basically here the last room in theory, yeah about this part yeah, just to check the other guide. Take it.

This is that the bottom side, the most bottom side, one after this one yeah after you activate these uh, the all the water level – will get down, use that um electro ground at the bottom side. To reach this point and then use this electrogram to go top side and get this electroclusa the last one is this one. I told you before right so go back again to this teleport waypoint activate the electrogram fly to the highest spot. You can yeah from here jump down now just to fly. To that point, maybe use a double animal squad to consume less stamina.

When flying we will have to eat food, to reduce it, or maybe not. Yeah, in fact, is here this one. Here we go last one that should be, i hope, the last one. Now, let’s go check which level we can reach with the 56 of this 2.1 because yeah, those should be all the electrocutes on those two islands, no more level.

Nine we still miss 29 29. Is the last yeah the last electricals must be on the last island, so yeah guys. The last 29 must be on the third part. I i it’s not my fault. Let me holy as a fault guys – oh my god, no actually lasted 30, because normally they always keep one extra as a souvenir yeah.

That’S all guys so hope. This video helped you to find the old all the 56 electrocutes of the 2.1 patch on of the watasumi island and serai island. Thanks for watching and see you in the next video bye,

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