ALL Hidden Achievements Guide ! Free Primogems! – Genshin Impact


Hello guys welcome. This is hidden achievement guide for you, and this achievement wouldn’t appear in your achievement list until you complete it first go to the domain using 4 characters which have the same element. In my case, I use all electro characters like Razor Fischl, Lisa and Beidou. You can go to the easiest domain and you can clear this achievement without resin.

Next go to the Stormterror’s Lair gliding around here to the top tower. Only one pillar you can climb climb. The pillar, which has these leaves around it next kill your characters. First, then revive your characters using a food. Now you only have 100 hp go to this place where you can find wild boar, now, kill your characters again with this wild boar. Okay! Next, go to this place, gliding with this wind current towards the ship, my Statue of Seven hasn’t reached the maximum level. Yet so my stamina isn’t much you can use amber to decrease your stamina consumption for gliding and bring stamina food.

You can cook it by yourself. I’M run out of stamina, so let’s teleport to the town and done~ next, just cook any food you haven’t mastered, yet you need to fail 10 times. Next is bon appetit use 4 characters who have the lowest level. So you are not gon na waste, your food. So much use apple or Sunsettia, because it is the the easiest food to get and feed your characters until reaching the maximum state. Next, you can use Razor or Kaeya to decrease your stamina consumption.

When running. If you run out your stamina, you can use jump while running next climb the Archon statue at Mondstadt last. I have already cleared this achievement. You just need to cook one time and get failed. That’S all! Okay! Guys! That’S all for today and if you like, my video, please consider to share and subscribe.

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