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ALL HIDDEN MISSION at Wangshu Inn – Genshin Impact Beginners Tips


Hello guys welcome today I’ll make a guide for the hidden quest in Genshin Impact. Hidden quest doesn’t have any clue about where you can get the quest or where the next location will be so make sure you talk to every NPC you’ve met, because sometimes they will give you a hidden quest. So now I’ll give a guide about hidden quest at Wangshu inn now without any further ado, let’s get into the video.

The hidden quest today will be located at Wangsu inn to start the quest talk to Landa, so you need to find 3 invoices here and the location is shown at mini-map and this is NPC Landa location. Now, let’s go to the first location. Ok, I’ve already at the first location shown on mini-map and you need to find the invoice around here but where’s exactly nah. That’S it something shiny there. Ok, we got the first invoice. The location is near this wooden house and this is the location on the map. Now, let’s go to the second location: ok, this is the second location go to this cave and you need to beat those monsters first, after beating the monsters, don’t forget to mine the iron chunk here.

Ok done for the second invoice, and this is the location on the map. Now this is the location for the last invoice. There’S no shiny object here like before. So, let’s try to talk to Bao’er, so Bao’er needs 3 jades to be exchanged with the invoice. I’Ve already had the item on my backpack guys, so I can’t show you where to get the items, But if I not wrong, you can mine it along with the iron chunk or crystal chunk now, I’ve got all the invoices. Bao’Er location is near this house, and this is the map location. After a talk to Bao’er, let’s get back to Wangsu inn talk to Landa and done. We got Primogem Mora and materials for level up as the rewards. Ok guys. Next hidden quest is still at Wangsu. Inn talk to Zhen Qiang to start the quest, and this is the NPC location on the ground floor of the Wangsu Inn.

Ok now ride the elevator here talk to Huai’an and the quest is done because the quest is quite simple: we only got Primogem and Mora next. Hidden quest is with Dandy at Wangsu inn. This is the time trial challenge you need to reach the top floor of Wangsu inn during the time limit. You can start the challenge with Dandy up to 3 times. Each challenge has a shorter time limit, but the reward is greater. Ok guys, this is the reward. The first challenge will give you a common treasure chest. The second challenge will give you an exquisite treasure chest and the last one will give you a precious treasure chest. Ok guys, that’s all for the hidden quest at Wangsu inn’ll make more video later about hidden quest on my channel. So if you like, the video please share and subscribe,

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