ALL Items Location | Anemoculus Hunting Guide – Genshin Impact


Hello guys welcome today I will show you how to get some Anemoculus and its location, the complete locations for Anemoculus, Geoculus, treasure, chest and other resources. You can see the link on the description box. You have everything you need in that link and I will show you now open the link on the description box and you will see this website if you want to search for the Anemoculus.

Just click the Anemoculus and you will see all the locations for 65 Anemoculus on the map and same with Geoculus, and you can find some minerals too for examples. This jade is needed for some hidden quest and this is for crafting weapons or enhancement. Stone forgot its name or maybe some treasure chest. If you choose profile and login into your google account, you can mark as found on your map, and this is the second website need more times to load, but basically it’s no different from the first website. It can be your second alternative. You can search for Anemoculus, Geoculus or other resources here. Okay, that’s all for the website, and now, let’s see how to get the Anemoculus, the Anemoculus or Geoculus is needed to level up your Statue of Seven every time.

You level up your Statue of Seven. You will get Primogem Anemo Sigil and increase your stamina and adventure level, and I suggest you to mark your oculi locations every time you found it, because maybe you don’t want to search all over again to find which Oculi you haven’t got it right. You can mark your map either to coming back again or to mark things you already completed, that’s up to you, okay and now. This is how to get your Anemoculus or Geoculus

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