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The Unreconciled Stars event has arrived in Genshin Impact with its first phase, Unknown Star, to be followed by Phase 2 and 3, Star of Deceitful Dreams and Star of Destiny respectively, allowing you to obtain lots of Primogems throughout, a free Fischl at the end of the 3rd Phase, as well as valuable materials including a Crown of Sagehood, the super rare Talent Level Up material for Talent Level 10 upgrade! Hey everyone, it’s me Gamerturk and today, I’ll talk you through the first phase of the event, which is very simple really, the main goal is to just share the individual Meteor locations to chase and to give you an overview for the requirements to be able to participate in the event. If you think following the locations on a video is cumbersome, I have also provided a link in the description, user Shukaaa on the Genshin Impact subreddit has mapped out the locations of everything as an image, so you can just follow that. But before we get into the details, make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon for more Genshin Impact news and coverage! But yeah, this is your first hurdle to receive your Free Fischl.

For starters, you need to be at least Adventure Rank 20. If you aren’t Adventure Rank 20, the quest will not show up and thus you will not be able to participate in the event itself. Once you have access to the Quest, that is your entry point. You will speak to Katheryne and go on a little journey with Prinzessin der Verturteilung herself, Fischl and her trusty Oz to investigate the recent meteor shower. It’s a very short quest that will reward you with some Primogems and then that is it for the quest of the first Phase, Unknown Star. But you are not done. This kicks off the collectible hunt you will have around Teyvat! There are 3 main clusters for the meteor shower and you will need to collect all of these to actually complete Unknown Star, get a bunch of Fading Star’s Might for the exchange shop as well as Primogems for Meteor Region completion, and unlock 3 more World Quests that will reward you another set of 120 Primogems, 40 each.

As I said, it is pretty straightforward and that is pretty much it for the Unknown Star phase of this event, with Star of Deceitful Dreams arriving on the Wednesday daily reset. I recommend using the map images I provided in the description to find the meteors, as figuring out their exact locations can be fun here and there. The game won’t tell you where the general locations of the meteors are unless you actually get close to them, only the region name, so the map is very helpful on that front.

But when you are nearby, they’ll show up as a circle and you will need to discover its exact location. Your hint is the Vision, the element marble your characters carry around with them. The closer you are to a meteor, the shinier they will become. A fair warning, do not use Venti or Zhongli for this. As they are actual gods, their Visions are literally fake, just random glass marbles and miHoYo paid enough attention to make sure their Visions won’t glow as intended. So, do not rely on your Venti to find the locations, use any other character who has an actual, real Vision. The element doesn’t matter, all will glow. You may prefer a character who has a vision in a clear location rather than on the belt to the side or something. For me, Keqing was great with her vision on the back of her neck. Also another warning, the Vision reacts based on horizontal distance, it completely disregards the vertical distance. So you may be standing on top of a mountain and it will still glow bright if the meteor is at the bottom of the mountain just because it’s a straight cliff.

But without further ado, here are the locations, in the order of Starfell Valley, Guyun Stone Forest and Wuwang Hill/Qingce Village respectively. For Starfell Valley, just teleport to Starfell Lake and go around circling inwards in a counter clockwise motion. I don’t really have much to say here, aside from the recommendation to ignore every single enemy. I was beaten to my impatience midway and chased things outside of the path provided in the image, don’t let it confuse you, it was for a single meteor.

Next up, the Guyun Stone Forest, just teleport to the northern teleporter, grab the two to the left and then go clockwise. For the meteor around the domain, do not look inside the cave where the domain is, it is actually up top the mountain above, along with another meteor. As I said, the Vision reacts regardless of the vertical distance. For the final one, I barely managed to swim across with Max possible stamina at the moment, but I also took the longest swimming distance.

There is another island that will make sure you have an easier time swimming across. For the final Cluster, either teleport to the Wuwang Hill Domain or the Qingce Village shrine on the north, either way, you will need to climb up the massive mountain and start there, do a clockwise rotation all around the region. That is definitely the most effortless way of doing it. But that’s it for today, Phase 2 and 3 are coming out soon and I’ll cover them too and map things out if needed, so make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon for more Genshin Impact content and news! Consider becoming a Channel Member or a Patron to support what I do here and of course, thank you very much to all my Channel Members and Patrons. I’ll see you all next time! Until then, Stay Cool Travelers!.

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