All positions di Anemoculus ? Genshin Impact


An animo korjus will serve you for a fairly essential English impact thing, namely to improve the summer of seven to assemble. The level of a statue need a certain number of ann m modules, depending on the level of the statue in number will be greater or, for example, the ix of this time arrives. You will be asked for a total of 15 to nemo chorus and bring it to level 10 to find most of these objects. You have to look up sometimes, but you will also have to break rocks.

Others will ask you to solve a mission like those of the cemetery of swords. Sometimes it will be necessary to use the use of wind farms and sometimes also to reach them, for example, in the water or having to fly over certain points to get out to learn them along. I put you, then the image had to find all the points where you can easily find them thanks for he saw this video. As always, I ask you to like me to subscribe to the channel if you have not yet done so and if you have and any questions or suggestions, ask me in the comments bye and the next .

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