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Good afternoon, it’s good night for me and good night for kevin. His shades are off because if he had him on, he couldn’t see we have some cool stuff to go over. I have some high hopes for ailoy here, although i have a little bit of questions and concerns about her care right now, i’ve been able to play with her quite a bit. I do enjoy her combat techniques and there is some cool stuff. You can do with party members to fully utilize her kit.

Now, if you’re as hopeful for this character as i am or if you had yours, maxed out, i’m almost there, you want to see more stuff join the family. We’Re growing hit the subscription button, turn the bell on and come back for. More now, ayo is a pretty easy character to build if you’re putting her in a freeze team. Here we have leveled up her talents a few bit. We have her to level 70 enough for us to kind of get in there and get in the nitty-gritty.

With her and try to test her out, it’s very hard to level multiple characters back to back to back to back back thanks inazuma and have me level like five characters: eloy, i’m sorry girl, you’re on the back burner, but you’re almost done, and i wanted to Make a video about you! So, let’s get into it here now, artifact selection! Here we are using her in a free squad because she’s a very good unit to allow you to constantly apply cryo with her little bomblets. That will give her the rushing ice state. So this is gon na be very much just like clea’s sort of elemental skill here, you’re gon na throw it out these bomblets are gon na form and you can interact with them with certain animal characters.

Now i’m using gene i’ve also been messing around with sucrose, and you can kind of with gene heat them at enemies swap over and you’ll get all your stacks and you’re gon na go into your russian ice forum, which converts all of your normal attacks to cryo Attacks which is going to allow you to be that good, cryo applicator and then you can have something like shincho or mona to just allow you to just freeze spam people all day long. So that’s going to be the core element of this team and it’s going to allow you to sort of really abuse the free set you’re going to have up to 100 crit chance so against the frozen target. We get 40 for free there and then we have 49.9, so it’s 89 percent. You choose to do like a double crowd.

Maybe he’s like diana in this party as well. This build to be over 100 crit chance. That is pretty gnarly. There now could damage here. As well, you can focus up on that 224 here.

This is a pretty high amount and energy recharge. You need just a little bit of a sprinkle just a little bit of a sprinkle, because your cool down on your elm burst is 12 seconds, but it only costs 40.

So, just a sprinkle of energy recharge there for certain team, constant situations like single target enemies, all that cool stuff. The main stats are as follows: we’re in a crit rate circle. We want to hit that big 100 percent crit chance, 2-1 ratio fantastic there we’re going to be yielding a cryo goblet and then you’ve guessed an attack percent stance, we’re looking for chance.

Crit damage attack percent in that small sprinkling of energy recharge for subsets there as well now weapon selection. All the bows are good for her uh in the game. All the five star ones, amos both thundering pulse thundering pulse is the best one. Skyward is pretty good up there too. You have thundering pulse, go for that, but there’s also some fantastic horse turbos.

Now, if you’re on the psn network, the predator bow is actually pretty good uh. The downside of it is that it only can be refined at ranked one right now, so you can’t actually make it super strong in comparison. It’S like say: maybe you have multiple versions of the rust. If you’re a brand new player, you just start a gention. You have the predator bow.

Nothing else stay on that psn network use. This thing, you’re gon na, have a good time there. If you wanted to make her a little bit stronger later on, you get a couple copies of the rust right. You get refinement two three. Four: five: up to 80 normal attack, damage increase and you’re, using as your main damage carry.

This is going to be a fantastic weapon for you there as well, and then we also have the string list. The string list is pretty powerful for her because her elemental skill and her burst both have a really high multiplier. So we have level it up just a little bit so level. Five element burst here is a 476 multiplier. So it’s going to be over an 800 multiplier at level 10 and then maybe down the line, you’ll get some constellations.

You would get three three more levels to go to like a 900 multiplier. That would be cool. That’S what i’m really hoping for in 2.2, when she’s available to everyone that maybe she’ll get some constellations then now we also have the eminent skill here, and everyone is noticing that yeah. This is okay, like 222 freeze bomb damage, that’s not a whole lot right at level four, so this is gon na be stronger like 400 and something percent at level 10.

But these chill water bomblets also will go up in damage and the chill water bomblets. There’S six of them, so if you have someone like gene or sucrose or kazakh that can beat these bombs into the enemy’s face, that’s gon na be a lot of damage too so you’re gon na have that and then all these bombs are gon na show up And you’re just gon na heat them all into the enemy. If you wan na wait a little bit longer, you can kind of get them all clustered up into one big ball like so, if all those ones are too far away and then just absolutely dominate someone in the invention with those little bombs, i love it. A lot you’re gon na be seeing that in this party as well – and that is the big thing that i’m really hoping for, though, is some constellations, because if you go to her constellations, it doesn’t say that she doesn’t have any they’re there. It just says the time has not yet come for this person, a corner of the nice guy to light up here and she has a aloy’s stella fortuna, it’s an item in the game.

It just doesn’t exist yet right. We can’t get our hands on it. So uh, maybe that’s gon na, come out 2.2. I’M really excited for that guys.

Hopefully, that’ll be awesome, because this character, already with zero constellations, is fun to play in the right team composition. So let’s talk about that right now now i like running her freestyle. Okay, so you have aloy shincho, i like using show the most here or you could use mona as well right. You can have the little mona little little mona doll thing, splashing around freezing people, and then you use sucrose, kasuha or gene. You don’t really want to use benzene because he cannot suck up these a little bomblet things which is very important for her gameplay style.

You need to be able to constantly and consistently get these things to detonate, to get your four stacks of your coil. So you can go into your rushing ice form if you can’t do that, she’s going to be super doa as a as a carry character. Now also, you could run instead of bennett. You can run diana here and go super full freeze team, but what i like to do here is because aloy has some pretty bad bass attack here. Uh we’re gon na be using bennett as well.

Oh, you could also use a different attack buffer, but bennett also will allow you to reverse melt. Your elemental skill in your l model burst on top of that, which is a pretty cool thing for you to do there. So, let’s go over here. Let’S see this man, let’s test this man’s mind up we’re in world rank eight we’ll do some domains afterwards as well. Just so, we can see this cool stuff, a vaporize whatever.

Then we need to yay this guy into the end of the ground. Let’S go check her out against like the perpetual mechanic kiss array thing as well. Here she is 70

So she’s not gon na be clearing this super fast, but it is pretty fun to use her under level talents all that whole shebang. It’S okay, though, so, let’s pop this up, yup. Thank you.

I love you so much my friend, my friend, sorry dog, we’re gon na eat the bombs and pick them up and just hit them with the yay hit them with the i eat. Mac stacks cool beans. Let’S go all right, so this brings up. This is something i wanted to bring up. That makes me very sad about this character.

There’S times like this, where i can’t figure it out, maybe i’m a dummy right, but i literally just yeeted like five or six bombs at that dude’s face plus the initial explosion that hit him and apparently that wasn’t enough for me to get any stacks. Where am i at i’m at two stacks? I don’t get how that happens sometimes, and i’m glad that that came up, because i was going to mention it, but i did not know how to go and get recording of it on purpose like it’s pretty rare that it happens to me, but when it does, I am puzzle tron 5000 basically, but that needs to. I don’t know if that’s a bug or if i’m doing it wrong somehow but uh, i i don’t know i don’t have any words for it. If it happens again, i’m at one stack or sex okay.

No, it works right that time i don’t know, and our damage has been pretty low here, but because we got absolutely like uh. There is another bug in 2.1 that you might need to fix, possibly or some sort of interaction. You don’t you don’t care all right! Cool go, take uh the backbone of this party and do a domain right.

My level 70 alloy and 40 gene the backbone of this party, doing all of the damage two characters that aren’t even leveled up yet and don’t have their talents anywhere near max. But let’s go ahead and run in here. Also those spectral things you need to fight for alloys parts. They’Re super annoying super super annoying, bro uh, i just i just don’t like them. They fly around fly around the ocean yell at you, the entire time, let’s eat this down here.

Throw this up. These big boys give us the four stacks already good to go, and we just are kind of duking them out here. Honestly, like 8k 11k shots level 70, not max talent, i think she’s. What is she four six could be could be, better could be better. This is the craziest thing ever, but i still do like her having fun against some gov chaps, [, Music ].

You just thank you now, so you shut two stacks right now how she had two stacks. It doesn’t make any sense she’s at two stacks, but she shot out six little bomblets, this one’s a fighter and they all detonated yeah. She had two stacks. Should i change the tone of this video to like i hate this character, i’m starting to feel like i should and if there’s my biggest grievance to be known, it’s it’s known now, it’s how inconsistent the little mechanic for the coil stacks and the bombs can be Because you definitely have to use an animal character to throw them around uh, because the enemies literally will walk anywhere in the world of caveat outside of where your little minds are planted. All right, if you know what i mean and we’re going to approach our target here and see if we can at least uh, you know, do a little bit of do a little bit of dpv action here with eloi at level 70.

Here, um against the flickering ablaze bloom, as it’s now known and called so, let’s pop this up drop this drop this eat these, i don’t know, throw them into the stratosphere. Apparently, oh, my god, oopsies come on. Do it aha where’d they go look. You were laying on them dog, you were laying on them dog. I mean if there’s something that can prove a point.

I think that would be it. I think that exactly proves the point. Amanda was over here, laying on my things and they weren’t exploding. So the inconsistencies of that is uh, where my big grievance lies with this character. Uh, because i mean that’s just not fun, that’s just not fun actually fun to use.

I think so, if you like eating bombs around it, you have to do it though. Otherwise, it’s just kind of a bad thing: the hilly trails are gon na dance around your bombs. You’Re not gon na have fun. There make fun of you and your mom your whole family. As you go, you think i’m gon na fall for that trap.

You think. I’M falling for that trap right, stephen, no

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