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Hello guys and welcome back to my channel in this video, i will show you this uh farming root for the for the amakumo fruit. This is an ascend material used by this is this and material used by ryden, shogun and yeah. You can find them a lot of them, especially here at the amacumopic in the center of these uh those islands. There are some as well also here there are as well here, but to make uh easier to follow like one straight line to follow root yeah. I just marketed those, so you can just follow them in there are in total, like around 50 plants.

Every plant can give you two so yeah with one root you can get to 100., so just collect them in your water join someone’s world who didn’t pull for bala, so ryden pick them you’re, fine, just the two. You have to do this twice and you have all the ascent material you need for ride and anyways. The first point is just here: teleport to the koseki village, because yeah there are three plants, so six really easy to take just a teleport here, let me show you anyways. I will do them no cooldowns, no counter as well to show you in how many minutes you can get to them and yeah.

So, let’s just teleport here go toward those three. You will find the two trees uh two plants, there’s really one there one there. Let’S start from those two um: if everything is ready, yeah, let’s go three: two one yeah after those two uh teleport back to the developer waypoint, but for this direction just to jump down instead of flying oops. Here this is the start. It makes the routine the center okay behind you, virtue of them after those two we’ll go toward this direction.

We find the uh two here then two here just to go toward this direction to here here still no go. Downside hey out of those two under those three: those are the naked but follow this uh yeah. Here, basically, we finished yeah those plans now um go towards this mullah lander in front of you there’s so much wait! Wait for stamina – oh you’re, here you’re under this tree, not you’re here if you have moana or ayaka just swim to there. I also advise you to take this teleport weapon.

Also follow my guide of the series storm chasers to finish. Yeah! Stop them! Stop the storm! The thunderstorm in this zone, because else you will keep losing hp, really really really fast and yeah.

It’S really hard to collect materials so in that way also completing that toward the quest. So you will be able to unlock those two uh teleport point as well. Anyways just come here, we’ll find the two here just behind you. There are other two plans with them: keep going! Those two now here climb [ Music ] here as well, go in front of you downside here should shouldn’t be anyone yeah, those two i’ll keep going in front of you.

You can see there are some of the ruin sentinels as well, just don’t care about them. If you need the mats, you can kill them as well. Let me put the shield, so they can do. Damage to me still still keep a walk. Okay, here as well, perfect, okay, just to keep going there are a lot of them as everyone also johnny is a purple caller.

Yes, okay, those two those two just like we go here yeah here i killed the song because they were really really annoying behind this rock. They didn’t allow me to collect like two marker when explored, so i had to kill them. Hey those just keep going in front of you. If you can just put this double animal squad, it will be easier to explore with that downside here. [, Music ] there are two plants, keep go here.

Other two plants, nice now follow this small road. This road here beside it there are some another direction, but here here here here there is a maiden if you’re horny you can kill. If you need material, you can kill. I keep going in front of you now yeah just to follow the road. Basically, behind this rock here, it’s full of them amakumafrito here and the last point is basically this one: that’s uh hola!

Now let me teleport to the state of the 7, because it’s a safer spot and well, we spent well less than six minutes how many of them we collected, i’m akuma for it 110. In less than seven minutes or six minutes, i didn’t count yeah but yeah. I will edit it so i will know the exactly time i will put in the title 110. You basically need one root and a half to collect all you need for ryden wow. That’S all guys hope this video helped you to collect the cinematographer balla thanks for watching and see you in the next video bye-bye

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