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Hello guys and welcome back to my channel in this video, i will show you the word request: serra storm chaser part one. Basically, this is the series of word quest to to do. If you want to unlock these those two teleport waypoints. So basically, you must do them because i was collecting, like i found them: ascend material for uh riding shogun, but it’s impossible to explore this part. If you don’t stop the the storm here first because you will keep dying inside, is really really annoying anyways just to come to cuttering, first and yeah.

There is a small dialogue, so just uh, i will just escape it after this one yeah. We got the mission. Just to navigate and let’s go here once you hear just a talk to this adventurer and after finished here we have to go investigate on this rock after the after you talk just come to this stat of the seven and go here here. We see this echo perfect now, just uh yum follow the what he told you to do: follow the cat footprints and explore up ahead. Okay, keep going basically just have to follow the points until you come here.

You will see a cat black cat here, [ Music ] and this cat will be able to talk okay after you talked just go to the offering boxer inside [ Music ]. For now no puzzles to do the other. The puzzle part will be later now just to keep follow the mission we have to defeat some enemies. So yes, let’s just do it. Okay, after this go to the treasure hoarder camp, the this part [ Music ] after this take this one, this one.

Okay, there go back to the i see the shrine fix this thing back to the black nickel and the she will tells you that there are four or rocks yeah, that the puzzle to do to stop the lightning. It’S pretty simple: even if you do randomly, you will be able to do it. It will just take your more time. Anyways, let’s go back to the adventurers. Oh now, basically just to touch this one touch this one and touch this one.

You will see there are three of them. There are four and there are four, so basically, you have to align them to make the same number on the direction of the stick of all the three together. So let me check them or four, no, four, four and the three on that location right. So there is already one on the top side or maybe just rotate the bottom one once twice, yeah rotate the bottom side twice some! You will do it.

You can see the circle is a common, smaller, that’s really good. So first one done part 1 completed. Now, let’s go for the part 2 yeah. I will make the um in the same uh in the same video, even when it’s here so just a word to there. We have to kill those enemies first and basically you can see there are three of them as well one here, second one here and third one is at the other side.

I guess it’s basically here just touch this one and fly to there upside look at the chest. You can see. There are three of them. So remember this one three, so three behind us and those two are. This is the two.

Only the that is four. Let’S watch this one so just align this one to two. Let me see if i touch uh, if i rotate to the above [, Music, ], so yeah, i just rotated the top one once up twice three three times: don’t attach the bottom one rotate the top one only three times, and you will do it now. We have to talk to those two or two down now: let’s go for departure. 3.

Why don’t you let them yeah? We don’t put them in the same mission, but anyways. They have more primogens for us. Okay, once you’re here come toward this direction, basically just to walk toward the top side of the mountain and talk to them. Okay, after this one search for the path of the uh warding – basically it’s just here above us so come to this one rotate.

Until you can see it glowing or you can just use the elemental vision align, it then go inside it now just the weight it will teleport you to this point. This rock also there is electro coolest um for mistake – are ready to kit so yeah, but i yeah thank you, god i recorded it so better for the electricals guide. I still have it there’s another one: either should be electrocus, that’s one! Yes yeah! There should be one electrocus also once you come here, this thing will appear.

This thing will appear only if you, during this mission during this world request. Also this one will not appear so to unlock this helper waypoint. Here you must do this word request, anyways, just a decade and use this one now go on the right side, one this one left side now. Actually this one okay! This is a tree, just remember it!

So let me mark it here this one and put the tree later. We remember it i’ll keep using this one. [ Music ] activate this one as well, so we can activate the teleporter waypoint now. So if we fall down, we can uh yeah. We can come back now, there’s another one, three as well.

The last one is the how to reach there, probably with this one yeah. In fact, i come here like this one and attach this one. Now we can go back to the triple waypoint uh wait. Let me this one is a four, but this direction is four okay. Now we can go back up all right.

This is the rock the other one. Is that the side? Okay, this one is this one should be three yes, that one is that direction. So, okay rotate the bottom one once twice: three: four: five: okay, we rotated the bottom one for five times now, rotate the top one twice and you will see this thing is become smaller now only the last part, i guess yeah so bottom, five top three. Now the last one is here is above us so, and we have to use this one.

Let’S take this one right. Let’S continue to pick today, one in front of us, this rocker will uh, will uh transform this one now this one will be full look at this okay. Here we go so we unlock this last teleport point as well. Finally, now uh a makumo pickum, we have the all teleport waypoints unlocked, but this world request is not finished so yeah, let’s finish them one two and the three, those three. Basically four, there are four there and the four there.

All three are four, so we must do. Let me see okay, so basically from the original one i just rotated the bottom side twice and at the top sander for twice as well. We will align the four for every direction you can see, and here we go wow. Finally, it’s a cinematic as well. A really really beautiful.

Tell me that uh yeah there are no radiation damage and a thunders under lord as well anymore. Oh, we can go in the center this yeah. There must be a fight, then they’re just going to the center really really cool yeah defeat all open and sign you. It is the thunder manispe manifestation now so the new new boss, okay, after you killed here, we go yeah. We can take the awesome as well really nice yeah.

I will take it because i need that for for uh ryden, so how to come here, probably just a teleporter here and jump down, bro yeah – that this is the way to come here now. Just take this one and we can go back continue exploring like this. One, oh wow. We have two really good cool chests here. This is a feature house yeah, it’s a fitter, peculiar pinion.

You can must take it. Probably with those two chests. I will not take them. First, a stranger feature. Oh okay.

We can talk it back now and we finish it sarai storm chasers. And finally, if we explore downside here, we don’t take damage anymore. This is really good. Oh finally, i can explore here slowly slowly without yeah, without using like five five healers in the squad. I will upload uh soon the farming route for the right and the same material as well, and i will work on the electrical electroculus guide since, on the other island there is uh yeah.

There are no nothing to worry, but on this island yeah the storm was a problem. Now the storm is not here. It will be easier for me to explore. That’S all guys hope this video helped you to clear this world request and unlock those word or teleport. Waypoints and the bossa thanks for watching and see you in the next video bye, bye,

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