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Hello guys and welcome back in my channel in this video, i will show you this puzzle um, basically at the amaku amakuma peak. But this time is the puzzle underwater because yeah we did the puzzle um. We did the puzzle above us, so this one to we have to get to this mountain, but there’s another puzzle underwater how to do it. First of all, we have this thing: oh okay, so, basically, at the end, we get these that’s the light up, but this one in the corner, this one in the corner, this one in the corner and the middle one, the rest just to keep them off after This we will be able to do this, this device. We can reduce the water level here we go, there are some ruined sentinels.

If you want, you can kill them. Okay, now, just to go down uh, you will see, there are rocks inside this rock there’s electric. That’S why i needed to get inside because yeah we have to uh i needed to collect electro, though, let’s prepare everything for the video, let’s kill those two enemies to unlock that one. We have to kill those just activated this one. We can reduce the water level.

Even more okay, now just to get it down. This is the last point where we have to go. There is another page yeah, so yeah, no just to get down what you have to do is to follow not to follow so let those three those three seals go to their uh their shrines. You can see there’s another level downside of with some chests [ Music ]. Okay, until they pull the solution, the treasure will be night, the enter okay, he entered the red door.

Alright, i was saying in this tunnel in this industry. In this spot, you have those switch a lot of switch of three type of color, yellow, red and blue. If you click you will just uh yeah, you will close and open it up, so you have on and off and keep those enemies first. No. This is just for a chest here, nothing to worry about yeah.

You can just keep going, it’s a really confused, confused yeah. It gives you a lot of confusion here. So maybe you can just follow what i do. At least you don’t like to do wrong steps later and so on. Anyways, okay, follow the first silly first step.

Thank you go and there is another red door after you reach this point. What to do is to go back not to go back to the red switch, because if you activate it again, you can’t get inside. So you have to activate this yellow one after you activated this yellow one. Let me kill those enemies. First, okay, have you activated this yellow activated?

Is red now go on top side? I also activated the blue yellow again, so this one will open, and now you have two seals so one here this one will uh get to. The shrine will give your chest up and you have the second silly here. Okay, once you get to this point, the silly will go inside this room, so you have to basically activate the red one again. This is another room uh with the red switcher here, so activate this one go back!

No, you can’t go back, but you can go back from this hole. So after you activate this red one jump down from here, let me keep those enemies. First, oh my god. Okay and okay, let the silly go up. You go up as well from here.

Where did this silly go this way? Okay, do this now the ceiling will go to that one also do now uh! You have uh to do this first activated this one. You can go here, go down, uh no hold on. No, i bet in my bed.

Maybe this one here. First go downside, there’s a yellow one! Now uh, yellow one is here: yeah activated this yellow one then grapple from here. [, Music, ], okay and you can see so basically when you come over here when you let the seal, go there activate this one. So this red one will close after this one already closed, go down, activate the yellow one and come back.

Those two will get open now follow this one. This one will uh go to the shrine. You have the last silly to follow. Hope, i’m not making it too confusing for you guys just to follow what i do. If, even if i do mistakes, you do my same mistakes, so basically at the end yeah, you will do it because yeah i will uh.

I will like fix my mistakes. Anyways. Okay, keep follow, keep follow, don’t skip anything okay. Now we reach this point all right. He went into this blue one.

What we have to do, uh, let me kill these enemies. First guys i didn’t switch anything i’m just kidding. So have you got here? Basically uh. We have two.

We should close this one. Let me see now if we go back. No, we can’t open the yellow one, so yeah, let’s just go to this direction. Now we have a red blue, switch there how to reach there. We have to go this way.

Okay, follow me more enemies. I heard no he’s downside, okay, i’ll just go to this thunder [ Music ]. This way activated this red one. You can see that the red one will get open, but you can’t get out from here now you have to do that: yellow one, how to do that, yellow one after you activated this bloom go top from here and yellow is just here. So let me repeat guys you don’t do anything when the silly goes into the blue portal.

You come in the tunnel, you come here, you come here, you come here, you come here. You will see this red one activate this red one go back activate the blue one which is in that portal, then come back here again and activate this yellow one [ Music ] go downside. I guess it is a pretty easy to follow and you can go to the other side from this part, and this blue one will get uh yeah open as well, and that’s the oculus. We need grita amakuno peak okay. This one is the last water level reduction.

Okay, just to keep follow the silly, and here we go using this electro granum, we will be able to go out from here. I use this one, so this is the puzzle to yeah to basically to finish the the route under the water. So that’s all thanks for watching guys hope this video helped you and see you in the next one. Bye,

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