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Amazon’s ❄️NEW WORLD MMO ALPHA 3 CHANGES BREAKDOWN (Combat, Equipment & Crafting, Attributes)


What is going on sailors of Aeternum, welcome back welcome back. Today we’re going to be breaking down the New World alpha 3 announcement along with the changes they’ve released to their website about the build. A lot of this I’m actually very excited about, so without any further delay – let’s jump RIGHT into this. It starts off with an introduction into what they’re planning for this next phase. As they’ve mentioned on twitter, this will feature a small group of testers, allow them to experiment with design ideas, and break things in the pursuit of making them much better.

We don’t get a lot more detail than that, but I really hope they’ll try their hand at adding some new features. Like we’ve talked about before, we definitely need some love on the PVP side. Not sure what angle they’re going to go on that, but harkening back to their previous delay announcement, they did say they were aiming to provide players with more mid-game, to late-game experiences. Now all that remains to be seen is what they come up with for PVP, and PVE. For a chance to participate – they do have a signup on their website you can go to. If you haven’t done it already once before, now would probably be the time. October 20th – meaning today. Is when the first wave is going out.

Sometimes they do giveaways on their twitter so that’s also something you’ll want to consider following. Later on as the alpha progresses I’m sure they’ll start letting more people in, so don’t worry too much if you don’t get in right away… Now the first juicy part I wanted to dive right into, is the combat changes. They start this one right off with the confirmation that spear, will indeed be in the next alpha. Of course we know that’s one of several, upcoming weapons, but for now, this one will definitely do the trick. For those of you who didn’t know, we’ve seen the spear in multiple scenarios before this point, including various different screenshots but also gameplay footage. During the gamestar event they did, we saw a little bit of how the skills would work.

They had no icons during this time, but we do know at least that we will be able to throw the spear. This weapon will now feature two skill trees, the zoner, which is the one that will allow us to throw it, and keep enemies at range, and then the impaler. which specializes in closing the gap to execute quick attacks and employ status effects. Now the best part about this is that the weapon will scale primarily off of dex, but also benefit from strength.

This is exactly what I was hoping for. You saw it all the time during the alpha, a lot of people would rock constitution builds and str or intelligence, dexterity builds just weren’t that popular. But I believe that having weapons that scale primarily off of dex, would allow for some more build diversity. along with maybe having some bonuses for wearing medium armor, so we don’t just see the majority of people in heavy and light. Now rapier is also an upcoming weapon, unless it’s going to be thrown into the one-handed sword branch, and I would love for this one to also scale primarily off dex. This seems like the start of us having some more mobile based assassin type of players running around. Maybe in the future we’ll even see hints of dual daggers. Along with this spear we also get a new questline for the legendary version of this.

I’m assuming this has been added to the loot tables for max level corrupted breaches, so if you prefer that method, which I definitely do, be sure to keep that in mind. For the questers though, if you don’t recall how to start the questline for legendaries, be sure to check out my dedicated video on it to get a brief summary. if the process changes, and they let us know publicly, I’ll be sure to update it. Now the second big part – is the cooldowns. They’ve actually taken off shared cooldowns, and now each weapon will have their own independent ones.

And weapon switching is now much faster, This was a big big shocker for me. I wasn’t sure if they were actually going to do this, a lot of people who have gotten used to this combat system, know just how powerful of a player you can be if you can rotate between different weapons, and blast all of your cooldowns. But maybe I’m wrong on that, maybe there’s a way this could work, like diminishing returns on crowd control like people have suggested. And also seems to be – what they’ve done for the next change. We can now dodge roll without stamina, after being stuck in multiple crowd control reactions. I was personally going to wish for some super armor being given to the sword and shield last stand ability, so that we could more easily counter hatchet users, but this probably would also work.

This can be used as a backup just in case anyone blows all their stamina in the first 15 seconds of the fight, something I’ve done before as well. Another thing is that abilities that get interrupted before the active frame of the attacks, are no longer put on cooldown. Now for that sword and shield skill called last stand specifically, this is great news.

One of the biggest problems I’ve had with that skill when I used it for tanking in previous iterations – is that it could cancel out immediately, at the slightest touch. It wasn’t a instant cast like berserk from hatchet so it was sometimes downright annoying trying to activate, but a change like this should really really help with that. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this all meshes together. And spear – 100% being added to my loadout this time around. Now… for the balance changes, this starts off with the hatchet. Previously the berserk ability lasted for 15 seconds, it has now been reduced down to 10. Berserking endurance – which allowed you to extend berserk by 3 seconds after every kill, has been reduced to 2 per kill. Cull the weak, which increased the damage of light attacks by 30% against low health targets, has been switched over to heavy attacks instead. Rejuvinating kills which allowed to restore 20% of your health with hatchet kills, has now been reduced down to 5%.

Thank hell for that… Then relentless fury, damage increased by 10% for each consecutive light attack, has been reduced to 5%. They also have reduced honing on the 2nd and 3rd light attacks as the last the change. Unfortunately for life staff, speed of light distance has been reduced by 50% with an increased cooldown of 25 seconds. Now this can still act as a panic button, or a good way to reposition yourself in PVP or PVE. But of course now, we wont be able to use it for general travel. The spear might actually have a mobility skill on it, from the sounds of the impaler build, so that could be a little bit of why they’re doing that.

Next changes though – any melee attack that hit’s an enemy’s back, now gets a backstab bonus. But – even though all melee weapons currently have a 1.3x backstab damage bonus, backstabs no longer, cause knockdown. Sorry sword bros. We gotta find a new way to CC people. I’m actually curious to see what the combat will look like now, with these changes. But honestly, that one was probably for the best. It would’ve been a serious problem if they took shared cooldowns off but kept the knockdown on, with sword and now spear, we probably would’ve been destroying people.

Now that sums up the combat, those were some big changes, some of those I wasn’t expecting but I am curious to see how they go. and take the risk. Now the next part goes into Housing. Bit of a small change, but now housing will display the following – we’ll see decoration score, number of items we’ve placed, and maximum amount we can place on the decoration UI. I kind of like this one too because towards the end of the preview, I was starting to go a little crazy with the housing decoration. I actually capped out on furniture and was frustrated because I had more to place. For the AI – we have a new threat system. Now we have single threat values calculated per player, higher threat means you have a higher chance of being selected as the target. But healing doesn’t effect it just yet, but that will change. This is Something that we really did need, especially for higher tier player-vs-environment content. And I’m hoping this plays a part in the future. They also say that we will get skills to add/remove threat in the future.

If you guys don’t know, the shield charge ability used to have threat gen on it, but it got swapped to a slow. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the one to get it back, or they might give us a full blown taunt. Either way, this’ll make tanking myrkgard and field bosses something that you can efficiently do if it works out. They’ve also made changes to leveling, starting with them reducing XP from corrupted breaches, and for killing creatures. This means unfortunately – farming on shattered breaches might not be as viable anymore for XP, but we’ll have to do some testing on that one. But they didn’t say anything about PVP and PVE faction missions aside from deliveries, so those might still be a good option. With the XP rate being reduced for mobs though, doing mass farming in a place like Scorpius Tower doesn’t sound too good anymore.

I’ll be sure to make an updated leveling guide next year, as soon as we can. They’ve also increased the amount of attribute points we get per level, but I don’t see any changes made to the cap. So after you max out one attribute, you might have a lot more to work with this time around. The next one is another big one though, life staff has been switched to focus, instead of intelligence. This is very interesting, because I also did talk about in a previous video about how it would be great to see weapons scale off of focus in the future. Something like the gauntlets maybe, a weapon that turns you into a warlock, maybe a wand weapon, something like that.

But I didn’t expect the life staff to be the one. Their long-term goal is for focus – to now be used for healing weapons instead of reducing cooldowns. I was planning to do some testing next time on focus builds, to see how useful the cooldown reduction could be, but this works too, especially if they add more healing weapons AND support weapons in the future. Diminishing returns are also being added to the attributes alongside gear now giving us stats , gems also no longer provide attributes for your character.

Now that does make me wonder, how useful Tier 5 faction gear is going to be now. That was one of the big things about getting it early, it came with a t5 gem for every piece. The perks are still good, but now the gems give elemental damage and family banes for armor. Which I’m guessing they mean the creature banes, like extra resistance vs angry earth or corrupted. The last changes though – these have to do with gear. they say they’re adjusting level requirements and rarity mapping, to prepare for a strong, endgame gear chase. Gear now has specific level requirements, instead of it being linked to the tier. And also that level requirement is now directly tied to it’s gear score. Higher rarity has a lower level requirement than lower rarity gear with the same gear score. So to translate, if you get a blue piece at ilevel 300, and a purple piece at ilevel 302, they should be relatively close in their level requirements, is what I’m getting here. That’s a good thing for crafters because that’ll allow you to keep making money, by selling gear to lower leveled players that’s better than the stuff they’re wearing.

S and this last change says that rarity mapping is changed for legendaries being craftable, and dropped from the world. This right here is a really good start, crafters have had the short end of the stick with gear progression because once you max out, there’s really no reason to wait for your crafter to get a decent purple weapon, over just farming a legendary through the questline or the breaches. Stuff like this is really going to empower crafters to get that viable equipment out to players. , but I would love for them to take it a step further.

I’m talking about ascended gear, the idea we pitched a while ago. Us getting more tiers of gear or even just one more tier that’s capped at max level, that can only be obtained through crafting or another special way. Something to give us a sense of accomplishment when we put the time in to reach that level of progression. We’ve also got 16 brand new gear perks, 9 including the reduced weight perks for different class of items. And 7 that will affect threat generation. So this means during alpha 3 – those of you that get in, WILL be able to start somewhat tanking content, even if you’re using a spear or a hatchet. This part sounds pretty curious too. Does anybody remember how in games like Wildstar or SWTOR, not only did you have melee based tanks but also ranged based ones? I think it’d be hilarious for someone to try it, and we’ve gotta see this happen. Or at least spear tanking. And I know for a fact, I’d love to do it. And with that folks, that’s all the changes they’ve posted for the new alpha alongside the announcement.

I’m really glad they said they’re committed to releasing updates to their alpha client moving forward, stuff like this is really really good to get theorycrafting, and converstaions going for the game and it’s content. Thanks so much for watching, have a wonderful night or day. And farewell. .

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