[AR55] LVL 90 JUGGERNAUT Bennett SHOWCASE + Strategy! (Genshin Impact)


Hey guys and welcome to my bennett showcase! I recently did a poll on which character to showcase next and this is the winner! But I do know a lot of comments were asking for Beidou so I promise she will be next. And I do know that everyone says that Bennett’s really easy to build as a support to just pop his ult and call it a day. But here i’m going to play him as a different character. He’s going to be the powerhouse of the team. He’s going to be the one healing himself, buffing himself, and being the nuke. I’m also going to be showcasing the new Festering Desire, the new event weapon.

And you’ll be able to see how great it is in Dragonspine and outside of Dragonspine. This is what i would like to call my “Juggernaut Bennett” build! And later on i’m gonna explain my build and the strategy behind it. So for now, enjoy the showcase! Alright, so as you can see my build revolves around melt. My Bennett is level 90 with around 1800 attack and this is with Pyro Resonance. I currently have 57% crit rate and 124% crit damage. And I surprisingly have 224% energy recharge, and I didn’t really focus on it. And thanks to my pyro goblet I have 61.6% pyro damage bonus. And as I said before i’m using the Festering Desire. You can get this weapon right now from the event as of this recording. I wanted to showcase a weapon that was available to everyone right now. And because this is a melt build i’m using a 4-piece Crimson Witch of Flames. For my artifacts I focused mainly on crit rate and crit damage as usual. And unlike when I was farming cryo artifacts, I surprisingly got really good rolls on a bunch of them.

And I probably would have preferred a crit damage headpiece with some crit rate rather than a crit rate headpiece with crit damage, but i’m satisfied with this for now. So I currently have him at constellation 5 and I don’t want to get the 6th constellation or else my strategy doesn’t work because I need to deal cryo damage with my basic attacks and this constellation turns them all into pyro attacks. And even though i’m normal attacking a lot I don’t have any points invested into it Because I don’t really care about the damage for it. my Passion Overload and Fantastic Voyage though are pretty leveled up. I guess luck was on my side for the weekly materials. And about Passion Overload, the base cooldown of just the press version is five seconds. But he has two talents that decrease the cooldown of it. The first ascension talent And the fourth ascension talent.

This is as long as you’re inside the ult. And with my strategy I keep the ult up longer by reducing its cooldown using Chongyun. His second constellation reduces the cooldown of all skills within his frost aura. So i’ll quickly go over how my strategy works. I use Amber for a few reasons. I usually start off the fight with her because I gave her a 4 piece Noblesse set which gives an attack buff to everyone in the party. And I chose her because her ultimate has a 12 second cooldown and only costs 40 energy to cast. I then follow up with Sucrose to swirl with her E. I actually have a video about her on what makes her so powerful in team comps. I recommend you check it out.

After Sucrose I follow up with Chongyun. His E creates a frost circle, which allows all melee users inside to deal cryo damage with their normal attacks. And with this constellation 2, every ability casted inside has a 15% cooldown reduction including Bennett’s ultimate. And now it has an uptime of 10 seconds and a cooldown of only 12.75 seconds. Now I alternate between using Bennett’s cryo normal attacks and his E to apply some insane melt damage. Alright let’s look at Bennett’s E. Thanks to his first phase talent the base cooldown is now four seconds. And then combining it with Chongyun’s frost circle, the cooldown is now 3.3 seconds. And now under his ultimate, the cooldown is now 1.6 seconds. This allows him to work a little like Diluc being able to normal attack and press E back-to-back. As my subscribers already know i’m a Chongyun main. But this allows me to use Chongyun as a support instead. It’s kind of funny that I think about it. I always used Bennett as a support for Chongyun.

With this strategy you have to be mindful about the status being proc’d by the enemy before you start melting Because if you use his E to apply the status, then your cryo normal attacks will apply the melt and then it’ll remove the cryo status from the enemy. You can see here that Bennett’s E applied the pyro status  and then the ice attacks are applying the melt, removing the status. So when I E again there is no melt proc. So keep in mind the order if you plan on using my strategy. And because of this reverse strategy, none of my E’s are applying any melt at all. For those of you who do wish to build Bennett as a support, rather than going to Crimson Witch of Flames, I would build a 4-piece Noblesse set. And rather than crit damage and crit chance, you would look for %HP and energy recharge.

And now you can see I have 29k HP on Bennett. And the reason why you want HP is because the ultimate healing is scaled based on his maximum HP. And if you don’t have an energy recharge weapon, Festering Desire is still great. Because it has energy recharge as a secondary stat. Although the passives don’t really matter, if you play him as a support that is. His best support weapon is probably the Skyward Blade Because it has energy recharge and it has a high base attack. And his damage buff is based on his level and the weapon base attack. The stats from artifacts don’t matter at all. However, if you only have 4 star or 3 star weapons just choose ones with energy recharge as a secondary stat. Weapons like the Sacrificial Sword and the Favonius are great choices. If you’re interested in learning more about Bennett, I actually know a fellow youtuber who mains him a lot and has a lot of videos on him.

His name is Andy and his strategy is different than mine. so if you’re interested, please check him out. Alright, that’s all for the showcase and the tips and guides for this strategy and see you in the next video!.

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