[AR55] MAX LVL 900 Elemental Mastery Sucrose + Crit Build SHOWCASE + TIPS (Genshin Impact)


Hey guys and welcome to my Sucrose showcase video! I’ve been getting a lot of requests on making a video about her since my last one. I knew I wanted to wait till after the 1.2 update just in case there’s new content and luckily I get to showcase her in Dragonspine against some new enemies. I’m going to be showcasing two builds where one focuses on elemental mastery and the other build focuses on anemo damage and crit. And later on i’ll compare the two builds and give some tips about them. This is because I think there’s multiple ways to play her and I don’t think any of them are wrong. It’s perfectly fine to play her as a DPS or a support because it all depends on your build and your team comp Alright, so without further ado, enjoy! Alright so these are the builds i’m using for Sucrose. My first build has 918 elemental mastery. Its attack is only 1200 because this timepiece i’m using is also elemental mastery. I have 37% crit rate and 84% crit damage. The energy recharge is only 120% and I wish I’d gotten more but…

I’m using what I got. So you can see my vaporize and melt damage are increased by 110% Along with the 1.5 or 2 times multiplier they can give. And you can see the other elemental reactions are increased by 263% which is an INSANE increase. And then crystallize, I don’t think you will ever worry about that because I don’t think you’ll ever mix an anemo and geo character together in the same team. And then the 39% anemo damage bonus is the stat that she levels up whenever she ascends.

The weapon i’m using is a level 90 Rank 5 Sacrificial Fragments. It has 221 elemental mastery and its passive allows for triple casting her E. And Rank 1 is  just as good as rank 5. The only artifact set I can recommend is the Viridescent set And here you can see I have 75 elemental mastery on the flower 63 on the feather and 187 on the next three pieces. They all have really bad sub stats, so I don’t really want to talk about them. Except I guess the circlet. And although I have constellation 6 I think the most important is her first one because it lets you use her E multiple times. which can help charging her ultimate because it’s really costly. And I only have her talents to +6 but with the constellation it makes them +9 And I didn’t want to farm any books so they’re going to stay there for now.

So switching over to my DPS set This focuses more on crit damage, crit rate, and anemo damage bonus. You can see my timepiece rolled all into HP and defense. I’m not satisfied with those sub stats for all of them but… they work for now. And I do plan on farming more for Xiao since I plan on using him as a support and a DPS at the same time. And the weapon I use for this build is a level 90 Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds. So now my build has 1500 attack but only 21 elemental mastery. My crit rate is now 68%, 162% crit damage, but now I don’t have any energy recharge. And thanks to the anemo damage cup now I have 85.6%. Now in terms of elemental mastery I previously had 110% increase for vaporize and melt. Now it’s just 4%. And my other reactions were 263% and now it’s down to 9.8% increase.

This means any elemental reactions that happen are just going to be base and Sucrose is not going to buff anyone at all. But feel free to mix and match. You can give yourself some elementary mastery here and there if you want a DPS set still so that way at least she can buff some stuff. Alright now let’s go over some comparisons and numbers. I’m going to be testing out on this Ruin Guard. This is the base damage I hit with a crit on Xinyan’s E.

So now let’s see how much damage I do while applying a melt reaction and using Sucrose’s buffs with her two different builds. So the first test is using my DPS sucrose build. After proccing the enemy with pyro you can see I did 13k crit with 1400 swirl damage. Now i’m trying to apply melt. and now the melt damage is 29k crit. So this all adds up to 44745 damage. So this is a combo of using DPS sucrose and applying melt. So now let’s look at a support build. Again I proc pyro and then I swirl. See here I did way less anemo damage but my swirls are higher.

After flying cryo again I go for the melt. Now you see here my melt damage is 44k and in total that makes 53489 which in total made me deal a lot more than my DPS build. Although it may be appealing for Sucrose to hit higher numbers but keep in mind you have a full party. And when she buffs, she buffs everyone in the party allowing everyone to deal more elemental reaction damage. And this is why I use sucrose as support. So that way everyone in the party does high damage. You can make sucrose hit higher numbers if you want but everyone else will just hit normal base reaction damage In case you’re wondering how swirl works or how to proc Sucrose’s passives All you need is an enemy to have a status proc and then for Sucrose to hit the enemy with anemo damage.

Environmental statuses, like being wet from touching water can still spread through swirl and if you have more than one element being swirled… it’ll all spread. And you don’t need multiple enemies to be hit by the swirl effect for it to spread. And in terms of the Viridescent set effect here’s a side-by-side comparison of me not using it, and using Sucrose to proc it. And as you can see the left side gets a head start and starting the DPS But the right side still finishes first. So imagine if the fight dragged on longer. Using Viridescent is a HUGE damage buff. Alright I hope you guys like this video on my tips and guides as well as the showcase and see you in the next video!.

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