[AR55] Xingqiu SHOWCASE + Tips & Advice! (Genshin Impact)


Hey and welcome to my Xingqiu showcase! Here i’m going to showcase how I utilize him in the team and with my playstyle. I utilize him as a complete support DPS so you won’t see him on the field as much. But despite that, he will be attacking ALL the time. And later on i’m gonna share some tips and guides based on my experiences while playing with him. So without further ado, enjoy the showcase! Alright so I wanna go over how I keep the uptime on his ultimate. The base cooldown of his ultimate is 20 seconds so I want to make sure I can ult every 20 seconds. However because I have Chongyun’s second constellation When I use Xingqiu’s ult inside Chongyun’s circle The cooldown of his ult is now 17 seconds And after I ult I use his E once And thanks to his 4th constellation his E is stronger when under his ultimate and every time his ultimate hits enemies he regenerates energy.

Soon we’re going to take a look at when the ultimate finishes his cooldown and how much of its ultimate I filled up. As you can see I had enough energy recharged to make sure his ultimate was filled up by the time the cooldown finished. And this was using a Skyward Blade which currently has 55% energy recharge on it. However if you either don’t have the skyward blade or are struggling with energy recharge The Sacrificial Sword will do the job for you. Here you can see me ult and use Sacrificial Sword to use his E twice.

And by doing so, I actually fill this ultimate fully right after casting both of them. So my current build is really overkill Which means I can get rid of some energy recharge for some more damage if I wanted to. Notice i’ve been pairing him with Chongyun and it’s because I think they work really well together. By using Xingqiu’s ult with Chongyun’s cryo normal attacks I can keep freezing enemies non-stop which I then shatter them because Chongyun is a claymore user. And I love that I can use Xingqiu’s ult to attack far away enemies especially if they’re on high locations. You don’t have to worry about using a fast character to use his ultimate. The ultimate shoots out at specific intervals so whether or not you use a fast character like Keqing or a slow character like Noelle, it shoots at the same speed.

You want to be careful about casting his E. If you’re proc’d by cryo and cast as his E, you’re going to freeze yourself. Places like Spiral Abyss floor 12 or specific domains might freeze you a lot So just be careful on those locations. I also wouldn’t worry about elemental reactions with him Because his ult shoots at specific intervals and because there’s so many elements flying across the screen  you’re not going to be able to choose which element reacts with what status So I built him completely as a support. I gave him some crit rate and crit damage  but my main priority was energy recharge. And of course I use a hydro damage cup. My weapon of choice would be a sword with energy recharge and I have a Skyward Blade so I use that. My second best choice would be the sacrificial sword because it can charge up his ultimate better than all the other weapons out there. I use a 4-piece Noblesse set on him so that way his ultimate is stronger.

And every time he uses his ult my entire party gets an attack buff. I’m using an energy recharge timepiece because i’m using the skyward blade but if I was using the Sacrificial Sword instead then I would go with an attack timepiece because that thing fills up my energy so much. If you have enough crit rate then you can go with crit damage instead but since I don’t I use a crit rate headpiece instead. I have him at constellation 6 right now and I think his constellations are amazing. The second constellation reduces enemies’ hydro resistance which makes his ult stronger. And the fourth constellation makes his E do more damage when you’re under his ultimate. And his last constellation makes his ultimate hit five swords every three hits.

And then with his first constellation it makes him a little more tanky because you’re able to have four swords floating around you. Thanks to his constellations i’m able to have his E and his Q at level 9 and that’s the max I can go because I usually leave my supports at Phase 4 The amazing thing about his E is that it provides healing, damage reduction, and knockback resist. And by having his constellation 1 you can reach the cap of his damage reduction easily.

It’s weird that the info says the maximum damage reduction is 24% But when I look at the skill attributes it says that the damage reduction I can get is 28. But it’s such a small difference I don’t really care too much. Alright so that’s all for my showcase and see you in the next video!.

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