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Hey everyone, it?s me Gamerturk and today, I?ll talk about how to Ascend your Characters and Weapons in Genshin Impact! It is quite the simple task actually and is probably one of the first barriers you will hit in the game, aside from the usual Adventure Rank requirements for story missions. But breaching this barrier will immensely increase your combat potency so you should absolutely go for Ascensions as soon as possible, for your main set of characters at the very least. Both Character and Weapon Ascensions basically work on the same principle. They are the Free to Play Limit Break Mechanics, easily attainable via simple grind. First thing you need to do to enable Ascension on a Character or Weapon is to simply get it to its current level cap, that?s 20 for base, 40 for second ascend, 50 for 3rd etc. Once you reach that level on your character or weapon, the Level Up prompt will Switch over to the Ascend prompt. This of course indicates you have now enabled Ascension, but that does not mean you can immediately ascend them as simple as leveling them up. First off, Ascension is first blocked off by your Adventure Rank.

Characters and Weapons have different Adventure Rank requirements before you can start Ascending them and higher Limit Breaks naturally have higher Rank requirements. If your Adventure Rank is insufficient, you will simply see the big red warning when trying to Ascend, in which case, just work on your daily commissions or other quests and missions to get your Rank higher. Once you reach the required Adventure Rank, the rest is very simple, but it may require you one or two days to actually achieve it if you do not prepare ahead. You require Materials to Ascend your Characters and Weapons and while some items are freely available everywhere, some are only available through day specific domains.

You can see the sources for materials by checking the item details on the Ascend screen and if they are obtainable through very specific means, you can even let the game guide you there by selecting the specific source like Domains. But those will be your stopgap, as certain domains are only available on certain days and that is why even if you have not fully leveled up a character, because EXP items are kinda scarce if you are in the early game with lots of characters to level up, I recommend planning ahead and preparing for your Ascensions instead of stressing over quickly leveling up a character before a domain leaves for the next 2 days or just wait for it to come back, because we all know nobody wants to patiently wait for a key item dungeon to return. So, if you are still stuck in the leveling process of a character or a weapon, all you gotta do is get to the Level Up Menu and check their Ascension Preview, which will show you all the required items for an Ascension, again with their sources inspectable.

So just go ahead and collect the sources you need in your own time when they are available and keep a healthy bank of them so you can just instantly ascend Characters and Weapons the moment you reach their level cap. The only exception of course is your own Traveler character, who receives his/her special materials through Adventure Rank Rewards, which I believe is designed around the Rank Requirements for Ascension anyways, so it?s like a free character ascension gift to give you a quick boost. I hope this little guide helps you, in a sense that ?You do not need to google where to find the materials since the game tells you anyways? and if it did, please do hit that like button, as well as subscribing and hitting the bell icon for more Genshin Impact content in the future! Thank you very much to all my Channel Members and Patrons and I?ll see you next time! Until then, Stay Cool Travelers!.

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