The Star of Deceitful Dreams has finally started so here’s 5 important things you should look out for. There are few things that you need to keep in mind when fighting at the Meteorite Remains. Although the game only briefly mentions in the tutorial, the goal of completing this quick encounter is by defeating the monsters and scoring some points. But because there is a special zone that is surrounding the meteorite – the moment you walk outside these boundaries, you will immediately start to lose the points you need to complete the mission. And the developers were tricky enough to add some ranged enemies who will stand near the edge of this zone, so make sure to either use a ranged character to finish them off or focus on other monsters instead. For example, some enemies award more points than others and if you focus on taking down the ones that are valued more highly, you might not even have to deal with the ones that are standing on the edge of the zone.

On the other hand, there are also stronger or more annoying enemies that might make things more difficult for you, especially if you’re doing this challenge against higher level monsters. One good tip would be to check to see how many points you’re still missing and focus on taking out lesser valued enemies. And there is definitely a balance that needs to be found when doing these encounters but one good rule of thumb to follow would be to always allow the enemies to come at you, especially if you’re not using an Anemo character to group them into one place. Since this is going to be a close quarters fight, everyone will be standing close to each other so you can easily hit more enemies even by just using your basic attacks.

Finally, you will notice that the core of the meteorite will show a different element icon in each encounter and the enemies will occasionally receive a buff that will give them greater damage and defense. You can remove these buffs by causing an elemental reaction, for example, if the Meteorite grants Pyro during this fight, a Hydro element character can remove it by causing Vaporize reaction. This also means that bringing a more diversified team in each encounter will make your fights easier. So if you can bring Electro, Pyro and Cryo characters, you shouldn’t have any problems removing any of these annoying buffs. A lot of gacha games like to encourage players to use characters that are stronger during an event. As mentioned in the previous video, some characters will get 60% damage bonus which can be a huge boost and can make those higher level challenges easier for you. One good way to approach this would be by checking out your roster of characters and re-assigning weapons and artifacts. Even though talents contribute greatly to your damage output, you can still achieve pretty amazing results just by using someone else who is lower level or has weaker talents.

For example, one of these F2P accounts were lucky enough to get Chongyun and Fischl and they are both lacking talent levels but after exchanging some artifacts and equipping weapons from other characters, they perform really well and are able to clear the highest challenge without any trouble. And this of course even becomes more important if you are lacking any of the elements that clear the strong Meteorite buff from the enemies. So experiment a little and even if you fail the encounter, you could retry it with different characters who have the 60% damage bonus. Following the last two tips, you should understand by now, that the higher the challenge level, the greater the rewards and if you go for the lower level encounter, you will be less efficient with your resin. But if you’re still struggling with completing these Meteorite Remain encounters, you could try seeking out help from the community. For example, you could join the official Discord server for Genshin Impact which will be linked in the description box of this video.

Couple of things to keep in mind when doing this event encounter in co-op: the hosts world level will determine the Meteorite Remains reward, so make sure to join someone who is around the same rank as you. But most importantly, the rewards will despawn very quickly so its best for you to communicate with each other and coordinate the collection of rewards so that everyone can claim it at the same time. Other than that, follow the previous combat tips and you will surely have a great time with others and maybe even make new friends along the way. It’s easy to forget that all of these rewards come at the cost of your precious resin. So after finally seeing that Meteorite Remains give a lot more of Fading Star’s Might than it was expected, it has definitely made things even better with the first event shop. Still, it’s important to keep in mind your own progress in the game as it can vary from player to player just how good the event is for them. You can’t go far without upgrading your talents or ascending your weapons and characters and besides the elemental shards from the shop, the rest of the items come from your other regular world activities.

The easiest way to determine how much you’re willing to commit your resin for this event can be found within Fischl – one of the requirements to unlock her is to complete a total of 14 Meteorite Remains and this could be the safest starting point to consider. Getting a free character, not to mention someone as strong as Fischl is a highly enticing offer. And If you’re willing to go further, after you complete these remains 18 times, you will finish the Battle Pass quest and get a huge amount of experience or complete all 30 times for all the rewards from the Star of Deceitful Dreams.

There is still one more important reason why you need to be careful with your resin and it’s going to revolve around the final phase of the event, Star of Destiny. After this final phase goes live, you will be able to do every activity of this whole event without any restrictions. This also means whether you choose to do the Meteorite Remains or the new Star of Destiny challenge will also matter. And that’s because Star of Destiny will award different type of event currency, so you will be able to redeem the most important item in the game – Crown of Sagehood. This special item cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game and is required to increase your character talent past level 9. Even if you’re way behind from getting any of your talents to such level, the reality is – we don’t know how often we will get to obtain Crown of Sagehood outside of special events. And it’s also important to note that talent level-up materials on this second shop will most likely give better value than just doing your regular talent domains.

So once this second shop becomes available, it is highly recommended for you to first spend resin and gather enough Fading Star’s Essence to buy out Crowns of Sagehood and afterwards, decide on your own situation and pursue any other materials you need. So for example, once you have the Crown, is the next thing you’re seeking would be leveling your characters or their talents? If it’s the former, do Meteorite Remains but if it’s the latter, then complete more of the new Star of Destiny encounters. Also, don’t forget that to unlock Fischl, you will need to do a total of 7 of these Fallen Stars. So to quickly summarize – when doing Meteorite Remains, fight inside the special zone without leaving it and make the enemies come at you while also keeping in mind which ones to prioritize first. And if you’re struggling with clearing this encounter, either use characters with a DMG bonus they receive during the event or seek out help from the community, such as by joining the official Genshin Impact discord. Finally, even if the rewards are very enticing, this new activity still requires Resin to complete it, so always keep evaluating what next materials you need to advance your characters, especially once the second shop becomes available on November 23rd since you will want to get the very rare Crown of Sagehood first.

But all in all, this is definitely one of the best opportunities right now to get various materials at a better resin cost than doing the regular activities and will surely make your characters grow more faster. Enjoyed the video? Make sure to subscribe to us by hitting the bell notification and gently pressing the like button. You can also get more useful Genshin Impact news and guides by following us on Twitter. Thank you for watching us..

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