Be Prepared to level up Diona Talents and Materials | Quick informative guide | Genshin Impact


Hey yo: what’s up guys, todayi’m gon na teach you how you canget the materials for the owner solet’s get straight into the videoall right, so, first off what you guyswant to do is head over to the iceprejudice plant. Now this plant is cryoso. Basically, this is like the honor isbasically, a cardio four-star unit, soshe’s gon na need these materials toactually level up um like you’ll getcrystals from this and another i forgotwhat’s the name of it, but it’s also part of theum characterization, which i’ll throw on the screenjust for like What you exactly need, but anyhowthis is also great for getting like five starartifacts.

If you also do this so you’re basicallywinning, both experiences like character, growthnow you now after you defeated the cryoplant, you should get the um you’re goingto need for the rest for this, but you’ll getthe, shade chunk and the horror frost, cardit’s, basically the charactermaterials that she needs To level up now for the honor challengeher, god is gon na be to freedomthat’s the talent book and it’llbe open monday, thursday and sunday next up, you’re gon na want to find these liliesthat’s um around monster. I believe only in onesthat. I’M not really too sure of me white, because ireally haven’t found anyway, but these lilies willbe around puns and like that’s what you mostlyfind so just to give you a heads up if you’retrying to look from there, they’re not gon na bein.

The middle of you know like open plain grasseverywhere, they’re gon na be found around like youknow any water like any, like lakes, rivers and youknow oceans. That’S where you’re gon na mainlyfind them at and leave not leave a bit monster, and these are for her characterlike level of materials. Last but not least, you’re going to want to findthe hercules around monster and leeway because i’mpretty sure they drop these firm arrows that sheneed for her um, i’m pretty sure both like talentand like character level of material because she’sum a bow user, so mostly both users do Need likefirm arrowheads from these circulated enemies. Soyou know do whatever it takes to like try to getthese material and you’ll, be on your way, readyto level up down as fast as you possibly needso. I hope this really helped by the way um allthis information was on the 1.1 pioneer test.

Likeall, these information could possibly change. Um allright, don’t come back at me. Saying: oh, you lied tous, i’m this and that, but i don’t i don’t do it’sbeen a reason. Then i’m out and one last thingbefore, you click off this video um. I will havelike a new, updated guide on how to build on laterand what type of weapons that i actually recommendusing for her. So if you plan to um, i don’t knowfor you my dps um. I would actually stick aroundon my channel because i would try to get thatuploaded as soon as possible. Anyways thanksfor, watching and i’ll see y’all next time down.

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