Aight guys in today’s video im going to show u guys what bennet can do for a free to play player in genshin impact for the opening lets. Take some damage. First, to see the healing ability of bennet ult without having to be in a real combat condition. On this case, im only leveling up bennet until lv50, and the build is only for support. Lets pop out bennet’s ult then see the healing amount, as we can see its calculated around 2900. For me, that healing amount already more than enough for a healing ability from lv 50 bennet lets view the weapon and artifac build in this case im using sacrificial sword. As u know it has energy recharge stat on it, and the passive is having a 40 % chance to remove its cooldown time of his elemental skill? U guys can use 3 star weapon that has energy recharge on it, if u dont have any 4 star weapon that suited for him next, the artifac

For the flower im using lavawalker 16, just because the stat that has energy recharge on it and some attack percentage, even i dont need it, but i love to see it next. The feather im only using 0 cuz. My build is only for support, bennet and im, using the maiden beloved for the set effect. Next, the sands of eon im using maiden beloved 12 hp main stat that has some energy recharge on it, for the goblet im using maiden beloved 16, again, cuz its better on 5 star with some energy recharge and, of course, hp percentage, main stat for the circlet Im using maiden 12 again with hp, main stat and some energy recharge on it. I know i have better main stat artifac such as healing bonus, but jean already using it. So i used the one that has hp mainstat and take the advantage of maiden beloved 4 piece set effect.

For the constellation, i have constellation 2 of bennet, but dont worry. These constellation. Dont have any effect on his healing ability, but has energy, recharge and dont have atk bonus restriction for the talent? I only level up the ult, but i accidently level up his elemental skill, but that doesnt effect too much on the damage either to energy, recharging ability and remember. This is lv50 bennet cuz. I dont think leveling him more is worth it cuz. His survavibility is already high with the artifac level alone, and here is the overall stat. I have 194 % energy recharge and thats the only stat that u r, looking for beside healing bonus enough talking lets try to do some showcasing his healing abilty on real combat point of view.

U dont have to use this team composition, but for me i think pyro main dps on this domain is better combined with bennet on energy. Wise lets pop his ult now and see. The healing ability is really good in just a split of a second, the hp of diluc and himself reach 70 % or more so fast. Then lets finish this domain. While, u guys can see the healing ability of him on the conclusion, his healing ability is so good that even with only lv50 and u dont have to spent so much resource on him to do so. So, if u guys have him and yet to use him, use him now thankyou for watching guys, please consider liking and subscribing. If, u guys liked, the video see you next time,

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