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Everyone’S new favorite character to talkabout once again, Bennett is back and he’s evenstronger. In the dragon’s mind, 1.2 update, freeto play or otherwise he’s an insane charactereven at constellation, zero. He can be an incredibledamage dealer for you as well a lot of this powercomes from the new weapon that you guys can getyour hands on for free with free refinement. Ranksto come from the chalk prince in the dragonevent. This is going to be the festering desirean incredibly powerful weapon for him. It doesliterally everything that Bennett wants to doall in one package, even if you’re not using him asa damage dealer, although this does allow him to bean incredibly strong damage dealer in the rightteam composition.

But we’re going to be going overeverything free to play pay to win damage. Dealingbuilds support builds, let’s get in that right, nownow. Obviously, Bennett is known for by now for thevast majority of the community who were slow toget on the train, oh about his elemental, burst thefantastic voyage. This is going to put down a 12second duration, aoe circle. That is going to do acouple things for you. Now it’s going to give youhp regeneration up to 70 of your hp and then ifyou’re at constellation, zero once you’re at 70 orhigher hp, it’s going to give you an attack, bonusbased off of Bennett’s base attack at level. Fivehere, as you can see, fantastic voyage is givinggive. You a 74 attack bonus. Now. What is base attackthat is very easy. If you go to attributes to youclick on details, the white number is your baseattack. This is factoring in the actual flat attackthat Bennett gets for being leveled up and is alsofactoring in the flat attack on your weapon. Soin this case, the 449 from the festering desireplus whatever Bennett’s base attack is, is givingme 596 base attack.

But what else does Bennett dowhy? Is he so strong? That’S primarily number onethat’s, his supportive occupation, so if you’rebuilding him for support you’re kind of justlooking for artifacts to give energy rechargehp percent, so he heals even more, although heheals so much already. He heals for, like a 2ka tick at 1600, hp with a level 5 ultimate that’swhy. He doesn’t really need that much love to bethat support that you want, but outside of thatfor artifacts you’re. Looking for energy rechargeif you’re using him for a supportive character, thenobles oblige said is fantastic for him as welldid a little bit of elemental burst damage. Inthere doesn’t really matter too much since he’s inthere as your support, but the four ps4 will giveyou that 20 attack bonus for 12 seconds, some othersets you can use while leveling up the exile setis very nice. It’S going to give some additionalenergy recharge for Bennett.

That two-piece is verynice and that’s gon na help you get that elementalburst off quicker, and on top of that, if you gofor the full four piece here, you can get someslight energy regeneration for the rest of yourparty members. That’S gon na help you out a littlebit here and there in conjunction with maybe a uhsupport weapon like the Favonius sword, if you’retrying to build him straight up as a support theFavonius sword. If you can get some critical hitrate in your build for Bennett as well, when youelemental bros you throw in like an attack or twowith, your normal attack in a critical hit has achance to generate elemental particles. You combinethat extra energy regeneration with the exile, setenergy regeneration, you’re gon na get some extraenergy and elemental burst off on your othercharacters. Your main damage dealers, who want thatbig elemental damage from their elemental burstthey, want to have that more often and Bennettdoes not have a big problem.

Filling his up every12 seconds so support Bennett is not that hard. Tobuild he’s not very gear hungry a little bithp percent a little bit energy recharged youcan get in there and do the thing that you wanthim to do. But what about damage dealing Bennettdamage dealing, Bennett guys is exceptionallypowerful, especially with the new weapon thefestering desire, the energy recharge. On that youmight be saying: that’s not a damage dealing setthat’s, not that strong. It’S going to help you gethis elemental, burst off without really needing tobuild. For a whole ton of energy, recharge becauseBennett is going to be gaining energy rechargeas. His bonus stat for leveling up you’re gonnaget, some extra on the festering desire and thenyou can focus on nothing else, but damage stats, andsub stats. The other thing here is the refinementrank on this weapon: we’ll have access to level oneright.

Now, at the time of recording for this videobut, all of Bennett’s damage primarily is comingfrom. His elemental skill – and this does two thingsit – gives you elemental skill damage, increase, inelemental skill, critical hit rate after we canmax or find this weapon. It’S gon na giveyou, 32, 32 elemental, skill damage and 12critical hit rate. That’S going to help out a tonwhen building Bennett. Now, what about his elementalskill passion overload? It does look very bland, atfirst glance. It has three different versions: thepress version the charge version and the chargelevel two version do not trap yourself, you’re notgoing, to charge this skill up at all. Becauseas you charge it up. Not only does the chargetake time out of you doing damage because you haveto go through the charge animation, but it alsolengthens the cooldown of the elemental skill whatyou want to be doing is using the press, damage forthis skill.

On top of this, not only does it havethat low five second cooldown, his ascensions atrank love one in his second ascension here, fearnot and rekindle both reduce the cooldown ofpassion overload. This allows you to do some verynice things, because he is a pyro character, so hegets to use both hydro and cryo support charactersto. Let him do vaporize or melts and do that oftenespecially in conjunction with the energy rechargewe talked about is very nice because fear nothis. Second ascension decreases the cooldownof. His passion overload elemental skillby 50, when you use it inside of his own elementalburst, and this is very, very, very nice. So what arekind of the stats we’re looking at for Bennettfor a damage dealer?

What set are we looking forthis set in this sort of play style for Bennettas, a damage dealer? You are going to be using thecrimson witch of flames set. This set is absolutelyamazing for him. It’S an insanely strong set forhim. So the two piece here is going to give you15 pyro damage on top of that, the four pieceincreases not just overloaded and burningdamage, but vaporize and melt damage by 15we’re, going to abuse, vaporize and melt with himon top of that when you use an elemental, skillthe two-piece Bonus is increased by 50 percentof, its starting value for 10 seconds, so 50 of itsstarting value 15, half of that 7.5. So if you usetwo of these, you get up to three stacks of thisand, the stacks last 10 seconds, so you can get anadditional uh. What is that 22 and a half percentpyro damage from this set, which is very veryvery very nice now, as far as stats we’relooking? For guys, we are looking for criticalhit chance critical hit damage attack. Percentthose are the three big ones we’re looking forfor sub stats there.

So if you find those that’swhat you’re aiming for there now on the goblethere you’re looking for pyro damage obviouslyand, then the circlet you’re gon na be gettingeither critical, hit chance or critical hitdamage, depending on what sort of critical hitchance sub stat rolls you get on your gearand. Also, this is going to change based on therefinement rank of your best string desire rightnow, it’s only given a six percent critical hitchance. This will eventually give us twelve percentcritical hit chance there so for right, nowi’m, better off at using a critical hit chance which is set here, the circlip. So if i put this oneon boom critical hit chance, throw that bad puppyon and we are looking at 57 critical hit. Rateand 78 critical hit damage. So if i were able tomaybe get a goblet or not a goblet, but i circleit excuse me with critical hit damage and maybelike 10 critical hit right there and then refinemy weapon. I could drop this critical hit. Ratecircle it off put a quick hit damage one on thereget, up to like 130 140 critical hit damage andstill be around like a 50ish percent critical hitrate there on Bennett for his elemental skill, nowremind yourself that critical hit right there thatis critical hit rate in general. It’S not currentlyapplying a festering desire bonus to his elementalskill.

This team work. How much do i need to digdown deep with my brain to make this work? Not atall? It’S not that hard to make him work. Becausebennett’S going to be your healer he’s going tobe his own attack buffer he’s his own supportso. That’S going to do amazing things. There buthe is going to need at least one partner, this isgoing to allow him to do either melt or vaporizenow. In my opinion, probably his best partner, isChongyun, Chongyun’s elemental skill applies thatcryo field, you swap into Chongyun, you apply thecryo field, and this will allow Bennett to docryo damage with his normal attack and then youuse Bennett’s elemental skill to do pyro, damageto proc, the melt. So that is a fantastic partnerfor.

Our boy Bennett here, if you want to dovaporize instead, you have Xingqiu Xingqiu’selemental burst, will allow the swords to come outapply, hydro element but also do good damage in itsown right and then you will be able to vaporizewith Bennett’s elemental skill. You can also useDionna she’s kind of there for her elemental burstonly, so you’re really reliant on her long cooldownespecially. If you don’t have constellation 1 it’sgot 80 energy costs there, you can also bring inan animal character. You want to do Chongyunand animal character like sucrose or venti. Oreven, like jean or the main character to apply thethe swirl debuff with the Viridescent and venererset that’s going to be a solid application. Thereand you can bring like a secondary, pyro characterif you so desire there.

You could bring someonelike Xiangling, who is also built in the witch’sset. This allows you to melt the guava attacks overand over and over as well. You just put guova downwhile you’re inside Chongyun’s field and just pokeat the monsters one by one and have your pet therebreathe fire on them. That’S gon na work out reallywell there. So, let’s go see and put this in actionand put it into practice, so you guys can see justkind of how this sort of thing is going to workout. So what we’re looking for we’re? Looking forthe mountain of vaporize action? Remember thisBennett’s his lvl skills level, one! He only haslike 70 something critical hit damage. I haven’tput a lot of time and effort into a dps Bennettbecause. I have a lot of other characters that i’mplaying with right now on this account but we’relooking for how much of that effect we can havewith our melt with our vaporizer, so youjust get in there boom bop bop boom bop bopboom just get in there bop bop boom.

That’S allit takes baby and we’re already. We have ourelemental burst full fully recharged. There solet’s see some of that vaporized action rightoh. We just obliterated everyone, what’sup dude kind of move them outside of thefield, so we’re not getting the the quickestrefresh. We can throw this field down. Now just get in there just get in there, so you can dosome really nice damage, especially when you’re inyour own field. Here that guy got hit for 30kactually, i got deleted. He got actually deletedfrom this skill level, one Bennett! This is a lotof damage for a level 70 character. Skill levelone, i mean it’s. It’S pretty nice, it’s pretty nicehe’s got his burst, he’s ready to go again. We don’thave the field.

Yet for Chongyun all we do nowso we’ll be able to play that melt. A little bit16k because he was stunned, so he losthis elemental resistance. There melt, meltjust, heal ourselves back up. Nobig deal put this field back downso, we can start applying cryo to whatever we wantjust keep smack and that’s all you need to do. Youjust, smack just team smacks a lot. That’S allyou are you just team smacks a lot just keepbooping them just keep wow that the numbersdidn’t even show up hello, sir. How are you doingand? That’S it. That’S a lot of damage coming froma level, 70 Bennett with a level one challenge: andnot well built artifacts. To be honest, withyou guys he needs a better stuff. They wantto really commit to many adventure times at 78critical hit damage you can get to like 120 130especially.

You want to get more refinements of thefestering desire, they have 32 percent elementalskill damage and in 12 critical hit right. There, sothat really plays extremely well with his buildscoming into patch 1.2. Not only was he top top tierbefore, literally one of the best characters in thegame free to play, or otherwise he’s even betterthan before now, even easier to build as a damagedealing character and takes in full advantage, ofthat festering desire, it really bridges, the gapbetween, the support, Bennett And the dps Bennettnow there is one thing you guys need to knowis that if you’re out there mega whale in it, andyou have constellation six and you’ve put this inyour Bennett. You are not able to do anything thatyou’ve seen here today, because this will make youinfused with pyro and pyro and geo are the twohighest uh.

What’S the word i want to use if youtry to imbue multiple elements geo is the mostpriority or the highest priority. The geo’s themost priority followed by the pyro, so you won’tbe able to do the field thing that you saw therewith our favorite Chongyun cryo boy. You couldpossibly still pull it off with our other guy uhXingqiu, but you cannot do the melt. Cryo field withChongyun there, but Bennett. Many adventure timehe’s got a lot of places to go. If you want to seemore stuff like this for gunship impact contentand coverage, you know what to do. Youtube team outthere hit that little bell ding a linga, ding dongit. You guys have a good rest of the weekend. Andi’Ll see you guys in the next one take care guys.

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