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So razer got a brand new weapon. That’S easy access for you, free to play players out there, this patch in 1.2, the snow tuned star silver. Is it going to be his best weapon? Should you be spending everything to level this up? Even if you have other things like the prototype weapon, we’ll be getting into, that is showing you the math on top of that as well as always, we do on the channel. But in addition to that, in case you don’t know, what’s going on, you just started 1.2.

The snow tube star silver is an extremely powerful weapon for physical damage carries, and one of the best ones in the game is going to be our boy razor here. So what does this weapon do? It does give physical damage bonus as its primary stat there. It also is the same sort of weapon archetype as the prototype claymore. They do both share the highest base attack among four star claymores in the game. They also share a very similar effect with their proc.

They both have additional procs that can proc and do aoe physical damage. Just a snow tube star, silver’s proc is physical damage. It is not cryo damage, it does get a damage bonus if the enemies are afflicted with cryo, which is what you’re trying to do with this weapon, but it does do physical damage in and of its own right. One small, tiny nuanced difference between the two procs here is that the prototype weapon is a 15 second cooldown on its proc. It never hits 100 chance to proc, whereas the snow tomb star silver, if you’re refining it it’s going to do up to a 100 proc rate on its proc and the cooldown on it is every 10 seconds.

So you can get three progs in 30 seconds from the star silver in two procs in 30 seconds from the prototype weapon, which is going to lend credence to this weapon being that much stronger, now, artifact selection that you can use for razer as always you’re going To be using something that boosts your normal attack or your charge attack damage, and this is going to be coming from primarily a lot of you guys out there. The gladiator set another set that you can utilize, especially if you have razer with the proper supports you can actually use the good old. You know what we’re about to talk about here, because we’re talking about barriers, you can use the good old retracing bull light set for 40, more normal and charge attack damage there. On top of that, guys, remember and just to show you, the proc from this weapon is in fact going to be uh, not frost damage, it’s going to be physical damage. When that icicle dropped, it’s doing a fizz damage there. So keep that in mind as well.

Why is this guy so mean to me? Why is the grass got ta burn all the time so keep that in mind as well now to move into more which one’s better show me show me. The mass show me the power behind what’s going on here here. We go a little bit of math for you guys we’re going to be comparing these two weapons in a couple, different scenarios and we’re going to see which one reigns supreme for you. If you have the option to choose between two or if you should, let one go and use the other one, so they both have the same amount of base attack at level. 90 565 attack razer’s base attack is 234 and you’re gon na get an additional 311 flat attack from the feather everything else from this setup is going to be the same. The main thing that changes is their proc with the proc rate and proc damage, as well as the attack percent that the prototype weapon gives and the bonus physical damage that the star silver gives. It gives 34.5 physical damage at level 90, whereas the prototype gives you 27.6 attack at level. 90.

Now the other things that we can see here, this is level 90 and we have with substat bonus, as well as with the bennett bonus in case you’re, wondering about what your race is going to look like if you’re using bennett. This is a decently high level. Bennett he’s giving you like 700 750 attack during his elemental burst there. So you can see the prototype is always having higher attack 1700 attack. 1900 attack 2852 attack versus the star silvers 1482. 1682. 2632 attack.

Now the damage bonus, the physical damage bonus for the prototype weapon is always 116 and the physical damage bonus for the star silver is 151 percent there. You can see they’re extremely extremely similar in damage between the two for their physical damage. Literally, the prototype is just slightly worse than the star silver, all the way through, for a one point times, mod we’re using the same mod for all these calculations here before uh defense and resistances raw damage prototypes slightly behind the star silver. However, remember the procs are different here for both the weapons.

You do get three procs right: an extra proc on the star silver per pro two procs on the prototype weapon here and that’s where you start to do a lot more damage with the star silver products, because you can see with the bennett bonus 4163 damage. Just from the proc alone per second there, and then you have 3460 with the bennett bonus from the prototype weapon there, but do keep in mind what you gain in the proc damage here, and this is assuming that you’re really good at the game. Guys and you can land those those damage bonus with the star silver on an enemy with kryol, so you’re gon na have to run in there and you’re gon na have to continually get in there and make sure that you’re putting on kryl every time you want To proc this thing, every time you want to practice, you got put on crowd, walk up, make sure it procs, while crowds on, if someone’s burning.

If you hit someone with lightning, if you’re ulting with razor, that’s not going to work for you and you’re going to lose a massive massive massive amount of damage there, because that proc grows by like three and a half four times more damage between whether the enemy Has cry or not, and that’s gon na really kind of be a drain – it’s almost impossible to say that you guys gon na be able to do that every single time with razor and then on top of that remember this is physical damage. Only razer does primarily do physical damage, but he also does do some supplementary lightning damage. If you have your elemental skill use every once in a while. You want to use that on cooldown, because it’s free damage, your elemental, bursts up with your with your big bad boy, wolf coming out and doing elemental damage that way, you’re not gaining damage with the star silver on the physical damage.

Bonus does not apply to any of that. Other element damage that you do do so. Keep that in mind as well, and with these things being this neck and neck close together, it’s pretty much whatever one fits your play style, it doesn’t really matter. If you don’t have the prototype claymore right, you crafted the white blinder using noel. If you don’t have access to it. Those plans and recipes are extremely rare right like if they feel like they never show up. They might not even exist for some players out there get the star silver. It’S gon na be extremely strong. Just make sure you try to get in there and get those procs on cryo enemies and it’s gon na be a very fantastic weapon for you. In addition to that, the more physical damage that you are able to do under superconduct the more damage you’re going to be doing with your physical damage in comparison to your electro damage from his e from his elemental, burst.

Wolf all that different stuff, so keep that in mind, razer very strong character, some other stuff that you might want to think about right when building razer. What sort of team members are using with him. I really really really really do love if you have access to you need to use a super conduct team if you’re just looking into razor, you just got access to him. Don’T use this guy, though, do not use this guy. It’S going to ruin all your damage. His terrible friend right he’s going to make all of your damage cryo damage instead of physical damage. What you’re looking for, though, is someone like diana as your cryo character, someone like kaya as your cryo character, someone like chi chi has a cryo character. If you have access to that, i love diona with him, because with him you can just go into diona. You can use the long skill swap over and he’s gon na have this long lasting barrier.

This is the team that i’ve been using. I’M working on my razor, obviously i use razor and then i use shin yang. Once dionys barrier is gone. I go into xinyon’s barrier. Her barrier gets physical damage up, so that’s gon na be even more damage that razer’s doing there, and then you bring bennett for the times two pyro bonus for 25 free attack and you have his alt. That also supports him, heals him on the field. While your barriers are down lets him do more bonus damage and your barriers just come back in and you swap around and you do the gladiator set and that’s something that you really want to think about. I think this is probably one of if not his best team, that you could throw together all of the damage bonuses.

All the defensive ultimates you can use bennett. Heals you with is all diana heals you with her all barrier from shinon barrier from diona, very strong, stuff, extremely powerful. You have access to super conduct between the electro skills from razer the cryo skills from donut. You really need to check that out. If you’re working on a razer team, if you could swap in dionna for kia, even if you don’t have her right, because you already have heals from bennett, you can swap dylan for chi-chi. If you want to – because you just want more, you just want more ways to proc that super conduct so keep super conduct up and do insanely high damage with your razor. Now i know a lot of you guys out. There are going to ask what, if i have a five-star weapon, if i get really lucky as a free-to-play player, or maybe i’m not a free flip player whatever it is, if you have the unforged wolf’s, gravestone skyward pride, if you have any of these weapons, they’re, Always gon na be better than any of the other four-star weapons because they either have crazy high attack bonuses from percent attack like the unforged or the wolf gravestone.

They all have higher base attack, which makes them even better you’re, just never going to beat out that high base attack and even like the skyward pride who’s, actually incredibly powerful for razer as well with energy recharge. You don’t really care about, has even the highest base attack of all great swords in the game of all claymores and the proc on it is ridiculous. Uh think about it, like a the proc like from the snow tomb, star silver or the uh, the prototype archaic.

Here, except it proxy eight, when it procs approx eight times in a row, it does the whirlwind blast and it’s very strong. Those are physical damage as well, and that’s gon na be his weapon with. If you have all the stats ready to go, you have big attack bonuses. All the support that’s going to be his weapon to go for, because it benefits from superconductor benefits from physical damage. Up it can create. It does create damage as well.

It’S extremely powerful so make sure you’re utilizing that stuff as well guys if you have access to that, forget all your four-star weapons and just go for that one outside of that, it doesn’t really matter what talents you have or or ascensions what weapon you want to Choose because of those none of those really factoring the weapons that you want to use are just going to be the weapons you want to use because those weapons are strong with that being said guys, hopefully you enjoyed the little debut of razer in 1.2. It is an incredibly powerful weapon for him. There’S no reason, though, if you’ve already put work and love and effort into the prototype weapon, you need to drop it and go to the snow tomb star silver. It’S really not that much better and in some circumstances it could be a little bit worse right, especially if you are on that weapon.

You never proc the you, never proc the crowd damage bonus. It’S a huge damage, increase 80 to 200 percent. That’S massive! That’S two! Almost two and a half times the damage that you’re missing out on and it can be incredibly hard to do on a lot of enemies right, maybe there’s enemies that you can’t put cry on: maybe you’re fighting fire, slimes or dendro slimes or whatever it is in The abyss or for tui, you can’t do it you’re, not gon na get that damage bonus, whereas the prototype weapon just going to slam for the full amount. Whenever it procs, you don’t have to think about it. Easy play style good to go there. So with that being said, thanks for coming and checking it out have fun out there. I want to see your smiling comment faces down in the comment section below and i’ll catch. You guys in the next one take care guys.

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