BOSS FIGHT !! Stormterror Dvalin Tips and Trick – Genshin Impact


Hello guys Welcome today I’ll show you a boss, fight from Genshin Impact I’ll face the dragon from storm terror, Dvalin and I’ll show you some tips to defeat the dragon. There’S no recommended element here, but I suggest you to bring an archer. You can bring Amber or Fischl if you have it. This is the dragon weakness and you should aim it. This is the phase 1 and you can only use your main character, keep attack the dragon weakness and its seems easy at the beginning, but trust me its not that easy. The dragon start to fly far away. You cannot shoot the dragon at this state and you must dodge the hmm..

I don’t know whats its called meteor or shooting star, maybe and now wait until the green ball is appear. You can heal your HP using food when you’re flying the game will be paused. That’S it. I called it the green ball. If you go inside the circle, it will boost your flying, speed I’ll show you once more just like this. So in this phase one you just need to dodge the meteor hit the green ball to speed up your flying, speed and chase the dragon and then hit the dragon weakness. The dragon is start to fly~ and a little bit hard to aim the dragon here~. Oh, my Goddd, I don’t know its just me or this dragon is little annoying. Can you stop moving for a bit? Oh my God, yah.. just repeat the step again guys where’s the green ball. Now, let’s start the phase 2 Go Go Go~ guys. This is my first time so if there’s a little mistake, correct me at comment below you can use Venti here and I suggest you to not let him die. He can deals massive damage to the dragon. Btw guys. I make mistakes here, don’t copy me, you can climb the dragon’s body, don’t forget to use Venti. He deals a massive damage to the dragon. There’S a healing limit here from using food, so choose wisely and don’t let Venti dies.

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