Bounty Guide | Genshin Impact


First, ask Hertha so she can take the quest. Choose what you haven’t finished yet. Look for YELLOW CIRCLE on the map. Like this. Now teleport to the nearest teleport point. Lu was told to look for instructions in the YELLOW CIRCLE area within a certain time limit. Use vision skills to look for clues. The clues usually shine. Sometimes the color is YELLOW or PURPLE. That’s the clue. Investigate / Check and continue to find the rest in the same way. So far, there are usually only THREE clues to find. After finding everything, you can immediately find the target bounty. You can use vission again to find targets. The icon indicates that it is the target. Now kill the target.

I skipped it until the ruiner was killed. Now back to Hertha at Mondstadt. So you can get the prize. Bye, that’s it for today. LIKE, SUSCERIBE, or DONATE to support this small channel. Thanks for watching. See you again.

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