Let’S see hello guys, i’m gon na be streaming 2.1, the ball banner and obviously the story quests gon na be so fun. Oh, no! Yes, it’s um stuck right now, because i’m trying to send i’m trying to send the link to my discord so well. It’S in the background it gets stuck.

Oh no shut up, oh by the way i got a fox to to um. What’S it what’s, it called to channel yay nico vibes it’s taking so long. I just want to pull for my ball and just wan na pull [ Music ] now. Have you guys been doing? Have you out?

Have you guys all gotten ride in? I just woke up and i’m i’m so i’m so confused, [, Music, ], it’s taking so long. Just let me in hello, let me in oh, it’s so laggy why it’s so lucky! It doesn’t look laggy on my obs. Does this mean it’s laggy because of youtube?

I literally have no weapon for her too i’m on asia, so i think it’s up already. How am i still up for 40? How? How am i still at 40 percent? What what is that?

Your actual name – [, Music ]? Oh, i’m so sleepy because i only got five hours of sleep i wanted. I cuz. I couldn’t sleep because i was excited for the for the banner and then i couldn’t sleep again when i woke up, because i i couldn’t wait to pull. Oh i’m sorry.

I didn’t know i thought it was like an online name, you know, and so now i’m running on five hours of sleep and no coffee and it’s so tiring. Do you guys think i should do the polls before ball or no wait? Sorry. What am i talking about? Do you guys think i should do the gap chat pose like right away, or should i or or should i should i um, should i do it [, Music ]?

What am i talking about? What yes, should i do it right away, or should i do it after i play the story quest? This is what happens when i’m on like five hours of sleep, and my brain is going for ball and and my my my just nothing’s going on my brain. You know the light is on, but nobody’s home right away. I might do four for um sarah first!

Thank you! Oh oh, it’s almost done. I’Ve been waiting at the screen for how whoever for so long, apparently oh, i should do it right away. Okay, it’s stuck! Okay, there we go.

I should. I should turn up the game volume a bit. I usually play it and then have youtube on the side. So i turn it down. It’S taking so long spiral, hydro, animal.

My my computer, screen’s too bright. I can see what’s going on electro dandrule, cryo and jail, i feel like it’s really interesting that they, they don’t put dandruff in this at the start of the game like you get every other element potential come on one last element: unless i’m gon na give me Ryder and that one i just want ryden [, Music ] – oh my god! Yes, yes! Yes, i can. What do what?

Okay? Let me just turn up the volume a bit i just wanted to. Okay, i can’t stand the english v8, i’m so sorry, it’s so there’s an issue. Whoa 600 nice, i’m gon na do four for ball. First [, Music, ]!

Okay, that’s good! I have how many poles now 72. Okay, let’s do four four seven, i’m supposed to hit the 10 pity on four. Oh there we go! Sarah, please!

Yes, yes, okay, because we came early, i’m gon na do a 10

What what is that? Do you remember? Oh favorite song i’ll, say i don’t recognize that symbol: okay, okay, okay, [, Music, ] special event. I know i clicked it. No.

I didn’t mean to do that. Okay, okay. Second, let’s see, if i can do more polls, you don’t really need the engulfing lightning. I’M gon na call it grass cutter. You don’t need grass cutter right.

Yes, where is the? Where is the petty? First, oh, my god. It doesn’t even take okay, fine, i’m just gon na. Oh, oh damn!

My luck is not that good. Today, oh my god, this is taking so long. What still no four star wow! Oh there we go. Yes, i have heard constellation four.

I think so. This is so good, ah yeah, and keep going okay. Give me more what is oh, yes, this is so good, though i can use it for um wait. What is this i’ve heard of it, but i don’t know what it does. Oh, that’s so good, oh and it’s so good!

Oh my god! 240

Are you serious what the okay? Well? I don’t think my luck is really good today. So i’m gon na do the story quest first, oh, i can do the test run right.

Yes, let’s try this first, my computer is so slow, but yeah foreign, oh [, Music, ] right. Yes, what 280 energy recharge jesus? Oh yeah, they they neglected her crit damage and just went full on into energy recharge. Interesting, okay, that’s fun, but her damage is like. So slow i mean not slow.

So little is this: the new brighter [ Music ] [, Music, ] [, Music ]! Let’S go unlock! Yes. What i haven’t finished it wait what omnipresence over models! I thought i’ve done that already!

Oh, i have to do this. First. Okay: okay, go to the agreed location and meet tepe right. Tepe was the guy that was guiding us right last time. Oh yeah, they gave her so so such bad artifacts, the crit damage, is so low.

Definitely i’m coming it’s literally my only uh wait. How do i see oh, they should have okay, my only level 90 character is albedo and soon to be kokami. Coaching is still to level 20

I’M coming oh yeah! Okay! What’S going on here, oh yeah, we’re going to what tatsumi i have to go by myself.

I thought he was gon na. Take me back wow, okay, i legit thought he was gon na. Take me there and then i was like waiting for the cutscene to end, so we could just appear and what that’s me i know, but apparently not – i probably had to go there myself. It’S that way what holy crap! That is a long way away.

Let’S go around the island to live solely okay, let’s head over to me: well, yes, but actually no, here’s your ship yeah get over to what satsumi yourself you’re you’re part of the resistance you can do it. It looks so pretty already. Oh that’s my alarm. I forgot, i said it because i thought i couldn’t wake up, and so i set three alarms. Jesus.

It’S taking so long. Look at me give me the marker. Yes, ah, there’s there’s a chest: there’s two chests: should i go for it? Okay, i will. I will do it later, but i’m just gon na mark this inside of their chest over here uh chest.

Okay, i will come back to it later. Oh, let me get the teleport point, though. That looks interesting. That looks important come over to me. Teleport point i mean, since it’s so close by i’m just gon na grab it okay.

Now i’m back to the ship. Where is my ship? What uh smash it? Oh, it’s so far away off. I just want to get back to my ship, okay back on course.

I was totally not distracted, i swear to god. Should i head for the statue of the seven first, so i can unlock the things? Hmm yeah? Maybe maybe i’ll go for this? What i can’t go in with my oh, the bubbles.

Did you see? Oh the bubbles? They’Re, so pretty oh yeah, i can go in with my wife right there. Okay, the bubbles are so pretty holy: [, Music, ], crap. Okay, how the am i gon na get if you just go around, i want to get the statue of the seven first.

What is it where is motion blur yeah off man? Stop making me look at things. Oh there’s another teleport point: okay, i’m stuck jesus christ. This is so unfriendly for it. So i can’t get out.

No i’m stuck here. Sucky just kidding. I have el vito. Oh, no, he kind of got a knife easy. Okay.

There we go yep statue of the seventh first everything else later. Oh there’s a lot electro. I can speak electrocutes right there. Well, there’s a there’s, a quest too where’s the question this guy. Oh, it’s way down here.

Okay, what do you need? Where is it okay, komaki, boro, village elder hello, there youngster how you dressed? Yes, i am from the mainland. Oh, i can get my astrology sign right here. How much will it cost?

Oh, that’s! So nice, that’s true: you shouldn’t try to earn money. There’S this granny, who doesn’t take money and then there’s i forgot his name. Is it choji choji that asks for so many bone marrow to sell deep sea spirit? Aha, okay!

Is it? Is it let’s see ganoderma offering pool? Oh okay, why is it lagging and coding overloaded? How do you? How do you deal with that?

Uh? Okay? So what do you want from me granny? Oh, she wants water, okay! Yes, i will help you friend, even though you spend so much time talking, but it’s okay.

Okay, now i have to head back up it’s gon na be annoying. Oh, i see that after this i’m just gon na go grab it oh well! I guess not how the hell am i supposed to grab this. I can’t even climb here the hell what what this is some sort of anti-climbing wall? Okay.

Finally, jeez, i was like what the do. I try. What is wrong with this wall? Huh? Okay, okay.

Okay, let’s continue heading upwards wait. Am i going the wrong way going the wrong way me? I’M such a dumbass? Okay, let’s continue going up. Oh there’s, so many like dracula that i’m gon na just skip for now.

Oh there’s a ceiling, but no i don’t have time for you. I need to go grab that statue of the seventh okay. Where is it it’s right there right, foreign, okay, wait! Where’D it go okay there it where the is is going. Oh there we go.

There’S a chest i just hope the chest’s on whatever. Where is it? The chest is in a zoo, what the hey, [, Music, ] statue, [, Music, ]. Ah almost there almost there, where is it where’s the statue? What the it’s right up there right have.

I gone blind. I am black god. Okay, that’s cool! I’M gon na go get this. What oh okay, i will say, excuse me: what do you mean teleport?

Currently disabled? Okay? Now we go and meet tepe. I think yes, nico foreign, yes [, Music, ], okay, i’m gon na head up and float down yep. Should we get a teleport point first, i think so.

Oh let’s get that nectar killers. It’S right! There, though echo foreign [, Music, ] foreign. He looks so shocked. How do i turn down video settings?

Is there a thing that i can do? Well, i can’t turn it down. Okay, so we’re just gon na have to do the laggy stream [ Music ] strength of 20 men, splits an arrow in twain from 100 places so that that’s like what what’s 100 one place is like 30 cm right. So three meters away. Okay, that’s not really hard, i don’t know skin as hard as diamonds foreign.

I wish i had a better computer scene, so this [ Music, ] foreign, it’s weird because [ Music, ], okay, titus, okay, no go holy crap. My mom doesn’t get the meaning of i’m streaming. Please don’t mistook me, oh what i just fell down. I thought there was. I thought there was ground over there: okay, where’s the last.

Oh, it’s way over there. Oh it’s so far away so far away. You know what i’m just gon na pull for ryden and call it a day. Let me see if i can get this to work itself out. Hmm, okay!

I think it’s better now, so i’m gon na go ahead and pull, and so finish this okay girls. I ever see sex now, no sue crow. You are now seasick all right. I got a person oranges, you know what let’s go back to sangonomia. Try, let’s sit there and, let’s pull, can i sit here or yes, i’m gon na sit right in front.

Could tell me i’m gon na i’m gon na stand here. No wait! I have a like a phone gacha shrine in my yeah, i’m gon na head here. Instead, okay, let’s go. I know why my luck has been asked.

It’S been cause. I’Ve not i’ve been not praying in my gotcha shrine. I can’t believe i forgot please barbara of the prayer rock accept my offering except my offering thank you. Is it here? Okay, let’s go pray.

30 polls left, i don’t know if i can make it. No. Oh two, four stars, not bad. We got a stella for tuna for sarah okay. Where is sarah here we go okay, seasick’s!

So close, though that’s not bad she’s, my first four star, i think, she’s, so good. Okay, let’s go in exchange for some primal germs. I mean not pregnant star glitters. Okay, i think we have 40 poles now, so we should be pretty much good, no. 30.

Okay, no still! No another sucrose. Okay! How many poles have i done? How many is this?

The wood says? Okay, so i’ve done what’s five times: six. Thirty plus two i’ve done 50. Okay, so i’m left with 20 more. Let’S go 20 more and let’s see if oh no pyongyang, you don’t ask, i don’t need you, okay!

Okay. 10. Last of my points, let’s go! Oh, i got a sacrificial ball too [, Music, ], i’m so happy, [, Music, ]. Yes, this means that i might need.

Oh so close. Yes, more! So close, it’s always good! Yes, i’m so happy! Oh!

Oh! I was yes. I spent all of my primes just for this. Yes [ Music ] time to put in my waffle, oh she’s, so tall she’s taller than albido geez [, Music ]. Thank you, barbara of the prayer rock for granting my wish.

Thank you. Thank you. Oh i’m! So happy lord, this is so awesome. Wait.

Let me make it right over. Let me make her sit here. Yes, so pretty. I said thanks to rn jesus. I know.

Oh my god, i’m so happy, i’m ridiculously happy for for my baby. Oh my god. I remember you: oh yes, i have an artifact for her. Let’S see where’s my special artifact. Yes, this one is the one okay, but the rest is not yet done.

I’M gon na give her this i’ve been farming. Kokomiyaki, don’t let her cook i’m so excited. Oh, my god. I want to go and try her out in battle. This is so cool.

Let me go fight some henna trolls wait! Oh my god! I’M so excited ball. Oh yay she’s! So cute!

Yes, i’m so happy. Can we get 2 000 primo for first day yeah? I know right. I want to get this. I mostly come here to mine like what a level 20 weapon and zero artifacts.

That’S really not bad if her numbers are almost the same as her attack. Oh, i don’t know what her thing is: [, Music, ], oh yeah, i see huh, so you just basically want to spam all those skills, that’s so cool. I love it. What, ah fine, i’m just gon na do this, so it stops having the little ping make a total. I already did it hello, kizumi, welcome to the stream all right, i think i’m gon na should i end the stream here.

I might just end the stream here because the stream is so laggy right. Oh no. We both play arc night. So we play hong kong and can shoot. We both have strategic breaks and you’ll get her someday.

Don’T worry, [ Music, ], [, Music, ], i’m just gon na – have to kill those guys: okay, cool where’s, the ronin. Let me go accept this guy’s quest thing, hello! Sorry about this! You guys are unfamiliar faces. Okay.

What do you need? Who me rarely chat with people about this carcass? What is her child? Her childhood friend is dead. That’S not why she meant she mended umi bozu.

Oh that’s cool! That’S! So sad! So they’re like whales right! That’S so sad!

Oh that’s! So! Nice too! She wants thunderstock. Yes, i have that.

I have that i have thunder soccer. I can give them to your friend. Yes, i have the sakura here. You go, oh yeah. What happened?

Do you need help? Hello? Okay, so i’m gon na go, kill the helicopter. Let’S go! Okay!

Next! Go fight: [, Music, ], yes, okay, let’s [, Music ], all right, so we have to go find more of those. Let’S go [ Music, ] good for them me [, Music, ]; yes, oh so annoying foreign [, Music, ], [, Music, ], okay, go back to headquarters, she’s so tall. She has to be like vado levels of height right yeah. I’M just gon na go and listen to my voice signs up like once this.

Oh her, her low health voicemail is so cool, [, Music ]. I think i’m gon na end the stream here. Now too, it was really fun. Bye-Bye

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