C0 Raiden Lv90 Showcase | Talents 6-7-8 |【Genshin Impact】


All right, hello, guys and welcome back to my channel in this video, i will show you zero ryden’s showcase with her star weapon refinement. One only constellation guy will still see zero. Later we make a c6 a showcase as well thanks kamika for the follow and actually c6 is basically the same as the c3. You just have more support ability, so it doesn’t change that much if you really want you can just pull for c3 or c2. C3.

Is more for the burst, as you can have three extra 11.? What we can do first yeah: let’s do a fight some enemies and see the road damage. First, then yeah. Let me show you the build first like which bit i have on her.

It’S still not my final ultimate build signs uh. I don’t have a good uh good sender, but uh anyways. This is the weapon. This is the stats 69, not quarter. Eight 110 critical damage 116 electrical damage bonus weapon.

Is this one? This is the setup [ Music ]. You can see. These are yeah. This center really sucks only crit rate helmet.

I tried with attack goblet as well, but, to be honest, yeah. The elemental electro damage bonus, for me at least, is a stronger because yeah. I have already good a lot of attack, so no need for more anyways. Let’S go. Go follow, kill someone twitch youtube frogs yeah, guys follow me on twitch, so you can copy them with me together when i level up the artifacts or when i pull brothers moments so this time, guys without any buff without any food, just a row damage showcase [, Music ], let’s see full stacks uh burst.

Let me put the hint down first: okay, 7k, okay, right, [, Music, ], 32, no yeah 32k, but without creator 30k. Without the creator, let me try again. I want to see if we decrypt how much we can reach. Okay, guys again and this time, hopefully it will create. Actually you know what uh i will eat a food which will allow me just to city damage this one.

You can see only crit rate 70k damage almost a 10k first lash 12k. These are all damage. Guys wrote them and just sit zero ball with the main weapon, five star i would we did the catcher no with the other weapons so yeah we will have less damage but uh still around there yeah. Let me just fight without anything normally on in the open world: [ Music ], because uh since nature has a electoral resistance, i’m just to fight some enemies to show you how she performs in open world as well. Since i’m doing that, so i can just all right, like this wow and when they’ll burst already again.

Oh there hp thanks for the sub. Thank you very much watching [ Music, ], hmm [, Music, ] 45k. Oh wow, [, Music, ], okay, it’s fun to play! So if you have other teammates, so she will probably uh do more, but just remember she’s still a supporter. She can deal like the most damage.

She deals is with the burst and during that to seven seconds so normally yeah you, don’t you don’t use her. You just do elemental skill, then, swap to others. Stop bullying me. Oh, my god, wow nice, okay, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], not so bad! I guess now i can.

I can do the jewelry shape one. This time is a buff for guys without food, though then ride and burst 182k. What 182k huh it’s time with the food and we eat yeah normally for a buff purpose. Is this one 25 electro damage bonus and this one? The issues are depth to temptation.

I should get to more of them at least to 500 23. Only, no, all right. Let’S see the damage. 215 [ Music, ], 215 10 capers lash uh, almost there whoa. This is a seed, zero ryden’s damage with a good squad.

I showed you the road damage as well at the beginning and then the easiest buff buff meme damage. That’S a lot! That’S a lot really seriously. That’S a lot! So that’s all guys, for this showcase hope you enjoyed this video thanks for watching and see you in the next one.


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