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Hello guys and welcome back in my channel in this video, i will show you um a raidena c6a c6 showcase. Basically i did the c01. So if you want to check her damage with the c0, you can check the other video. So the first one is just uh charge, the the ring the burst ring faster, not the dps constellation. Second, one is her core the core concentration for dps, because she will ignore 60 of her of opponent’s defense, which is really really good.

Third, one will increase the get the burst level, so is another dps console. Fourth, one is um either for support purpose and after the burst uh shinsetsu is finished. She will give attack buffer. Fifth, one is uh, yeah elemental skill, where the last one is another support. One because with the the bursa she will reduce their cooldown, the other teammates burst put down.

So if you really want uh this good dps ball just go for the c2 or c3, no need for c6. Alright weapon. Is this one her main weapon? I don’t have refinement five, so it’s only ref one artifact is this set. Let me show you [, Music ].

All right, a constellation is six. This is the yeah six seven uh eight yeah eight huh. Today i can get to this one. I guess it will be twelve all alright. First of all, i will show you the road damage so with only we’d only ride and actually, let me put medic to heal at least okay guys, um, okay, the first showcase is on this ring guard.

Let’S go road, damn road damage, guys 1190 level 90 weapon without any yeah. Barbara is just for healing later so. Road damage, [ Music, ] 78k whoa, but i melted him is there another ring guard. I can bully here yeah here, can’t imagine how much she will reach with the buff squad guess about 200k. 79K.

14K. 9K. Now what if this is a full charged? Now, let’s go check: okay, [, Music, ] 141k 16k. One slash like she almost reached the same level of the buff squad, alright guys now yeah.

Let’S let me keep do a showcase with the role damage without the buffer. Remember you can just use c3 to do my same damage because c6 from c456 is just for support no c4 and the c6 just for support you’ll see phi is elemental skill, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], ouch, [, Music ]. All right, not bad, not bad. The damage, let me try on uh this hypothesis yeah, also remember that this is only one showcase one character, maybe barbara, but normally you have other teammates your squads. You can charge her circle faster, so she will do more damage.

Remember that this as well all right. Let’S go: let’s go white, doesn’t never click krita bruh, you can see her damage during the burst is really really good. No more talking, let’s go with the bob squad now. Actually, before doing that, i want to do more showcase, like hitting normal enemies, fat weed, [ Applause, ]. Next, one more fat twister to bully yeah.

Remember there are some [ Music, ], melted, melted. Okay, this time is without the food. Okay, let me just eat that for the crit rate, so i don’t have to mold this one. No, not this one, this one! I have 200, oh my god yeah!

This one is just for the crit rate, guys ready guys with the 90 crit rater guys this game. What the please agreed – oh my god, just agree to 90 percent 335k wow 335. Now, let’s try with the food pull the stacks with the food. So i need the adapters one and this one. Let’S go.

I hate this game, so much 388k wow. This is level eight tonight right now, right and in the level nine. So neither two so yeah i’ll defeat, the senora first, two, okay yeah. I will increase by 40 percent damage: [ Music, ], 57 56 wow [, Music, ], wow, wow bro, guys, that’s seriously a really big wow nice thingy. I can use ryden later 762k wow guys we did it.

We did it is that my new record on my profile, 706 379

If i had the r5 weapon, i could do even more, but i don’t have r5 weapons. This will go on youtube anyways. I was still recording guys thanks for watching guys hope you enjoyed this video and see you in the next one. Bye

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