Characters guide to Domain of Blessing: Frost III – Genshin Impact


Hello guys welcome to this video. By the time you’re watching this video you’re probably going  to be focusing towards AR-40 or just arrived at AR-40 if you’ve got Klee, Diluc or Xiangling you  probably want to do the domain of blessing frost to get the crimson witch artifacts to boost your  pyro damage. In this video, I will be talking about the characters that you should use or  avoid in the domain of blessing frost because you will get a debuff and buff for certain elements.  At floor 3, when you deal superconduct damage you will do extra damage to enemies but when you  deal overload you take the damage for yourself. The damage that you take for yourself is around  20 percent of your max hp so make sure you have healers in your team if you’re using pyro DPS.  Now let’s talk about the characters first of all amber just avoid her not because she’s a terrible  character but if you use her you’re probably gonna be spamming q or charge shot and you will be  dealing damage to yourself a lot so just avoid her in general.

Next is Barbara, she’s an excellent  healer she got really large healing output but you won’t be dealing extra damage to the enemies  because electro-charged deals electro damage which the lightning slime is immune against it.  Next is Beidou. Beidou again her E deals a lot of damage but the lightning slimes immune against  electro damage. Bennett, he’s support. A pyro support. I don’t really recommend pyro support the  pyro characters that I recommend in this domain is probably going to be only Diluc or Xiangling  so you can try to use him but you may be put in like bad situation if you don’t have healers  again.

Next is Chongyun. Chongyun is really good in this domain. He deals cryo damage  he will deal super conducts and he can buff your team to deal Cyro damage for more damage.  And that is really good, he also greatsword user so he can stagger them a bit. He will be like  a top tier in this domain. Next is Diluc. Diluc deals a ton of damage but you will receive  tons of damage as well so if you’re using Diluc in this domain make sure you  have like two healers in the team to help you sustain the damage you take like so you’re  gonna be seeing your health bar like gonna go up go down like every second when you use Diluc.  Next is Fischl. When you at constellation one you deal extra physical damage to enemies when  you don’t have Oz in the field so in the domain you will be like spamming left click  all time to deal damage instead of your electro damage.

Jean is a good healer she can deal a lot  of damage as well she is a ameno so she reduce the enemy resistance if you use your skill at the  correct time to reduce cyro resistance or hydro resistance for your team to deal more damage,  Kaeya is a good choice but not a lot of people build him he most likely gonna build  like a support to like get your q up like all the time so you can deal with the damage a lot  from the superconduct. Keqing. I see a few in this domain. Most of the times I see  people built her as physical damage so she’s not gonna be using her very often and her q because  the lightning slimes again. Klee. I think she’s a bit terrible in this floor because  she is a fire mage which you will deal pyro damage all the time you don’t have  a gap to like sustain like Diluc where you deal physical damage and then pyro again and  then physical again.

Klee gonna be like taking damage every second you attack so don’t use Klee.  Next is Lisa. Lisa is electro mage so don’t use her she won’t do any damage against slimes.  Mona. Mona is a good choice as well. A decent choice. She’s an opener for your team  because she will make the enemies take more damage with her ult and taunt enemy with her e.  Ninggaung is a good choice. She got no advantage or disadvantage in this floor so you can use her.  She is really good she can provide shield as well.

The electro shield from attacking  slimes. Her output damage is really high, she can deal a lot of damage. Noelle is also a good  choice you can heal your team as well you don’t have any disadvantage of advantage to the enemy  because of Geo element. Qiqi she is an excellent healer in this domain you can deal a lot of damage  with the buff (superconduct) and you can heal your team a lot so she is also a priority next  to Chongyun. Next is Razor, he’s my favorite when I can’t use Diluc or Venti because he did a lot  of physical damage as well as he get the buff. The attack speed buff and electro resistance when you  use his Q. So he’s a decent choice but you won’t be dealing any damage to the enemy with your E and  your Q you will just get the attack speed from the Q and that’s it.

You will be spamming left click  all the times in this domain. I would really recommend him if you don’t want to use Diluc like  to risk your team getting wiped. Next is Sucrose. Sucrose. I don’t really see her a lot because  people use Venti or Jean for the Anemo characters. She’s also a good choice because you can boost  your team damage with the elemental mastery but she won’t be as versatile as them because Jean  can heal. Venti can group enemies better. Next is Traveller Anemo. Just like sucrose or any  Anemo characters, he can pull enemy. But his Q will also pull enemy as well but you’ll launch  them into like the air whereas the other character can’t hit with claymore or sword  so i don’t really recommend the traveller as Anemo but as Geo i really recommend him  because you can buff your team you can deal a lot of damage you can get shield but be careful when  you use E because you can knock the enemy up to the high ground and you can’t hit them.

Next is  Venti. He’s a good character. Everyone knows he’s good. He can pull enemy/group enemy in wave one,  two and three but I don’t really recommend using ult in the fourth round. The Fatui mage because  other players in your team won’t be able to hit the mage in the air if you use your ult. So  try to like practice him so his ult will be like very good in round one two and three. Next is  Xiangling. Xiangling. I don’t really recommend her. Diluc will do a better job. Xiangling’s E and  her Q is like a summon, right? So you deal constant pyro damage, not like Diluc where  you just deal pyro one time and you just go on with physical damage or other abilities.  Xiangling you will receive the damage a lot like every tick that Guoba (E) attack or your ult  hit an enemy.

So you have the potential to die before Diluc. Next is Xingqiu.  Again. Hydro character. You won’t be dealing extra damage from your electric charge. A  lot of people don’t build him because you can just leave him at level one and just press E  or his Q for the buff so if you build him. He’s a decent damage dealer, atleast better than barbara  if you don’t need healing. So I think that’s it for this video guys if you have a question about  this domain I’ll try to answer it in the comment section. Thank you for watching this video..

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