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In Mond, after the expedition of Farga, the Grand Commander of the Knights of the West Wind, The head of the team, was replaced by the eldest daughter of the Gunnhilde family. “ Qin”. The young acting head is very good at swordsmanship all learned by hard practice. As for the work of the Knight Order, she put out ten times the effort of cultivation, Dedication is exactly what the “ dandelion knight” should follow. As long as the wind doesn’t stop, I won’t stop.

The piano has excellent control and auxiliary capabilities Can cooperate with other characters to suppress the enemy forcefully. At the same time, Qins unique elemental explosive skills can restore his own state. It can also benefit teammates and provide a solid backing for the entire team When cooking Jin always has a warm will to help others, I make a few more. If I dont pay attention, When Jin Perfect cooks recovery dishes, there is a certain probability to get double output In order to better deal with the subsequent battle. During a normal attack, Qin can perform up to five consecutive sword, strikes Physical damage to the enemy, Long press. The attack button, the piano, will consume a certain amount of energy Swing, a blow full of wind power causing high physical damage, while picking up the enemy Enemies picked up will fall slowly in a short time. With this skill, the piano can effectively control the field, Create a safer output environment for the team to facilitate the follow-up pursuit of teammates.

After unlocking the talent “ Go Downwind” when Jins normal attack hits an enemy. There is a certain chance that all characters in the team will restore their health. The amount of recovery benefited from the attack power of the piano Tap. The elemental combat technique. “, Wind Sword” Qin gathers the invisible wind power on the sword. Releasing a miniature storm Knock the enemy into the targeted direction and cause a lot of wind elemental damage. Long press, the “ Wind Pressure, Sword”, the piano will continue to consume energy at the expense of Make. The whirlwind draw the surrounding enemies. To the front, Then adjust the direction and knock the enemy into the air, while causing wind elemental damage Enemies hit by the “ Wind Sword” will fall in relatively concentrated locations. At this time you can chase for further damage. The use of “ Wind Pressure. Sword” is flexible and changeable. If you can use the terrain to use this skill strategically Can often achieve a multiplier effect. Feng respond to me.

The piano calls for the blessing of the wind and creates a field of dandelions with a thousand winds, Knock back enemies around and cause elemental wind damage. At the same time, it instantly restores a large amount of health to nearby allies and all characters in the team. The amount of recovery benefited from the attack power of the piano. The Dandelion Domain will continue to restore health for the characters in it And apply wind element attachment At the same time, inflict wind elemental, damage on enemies entering and leaving the domain Unlock. The talent “. Listen to the Wind” Qin uses, “ Dandelion Wind” Will restore some elemental energy for itself. Qin can help the team better control the situation and assist teammates in attacking. At the same time, reasonable connection skills can cause considerable damage by itself Is a more comprehensive fighter When the battle begins. First use elemental, combat techniques Quickly, clear, the surrounding enemy groups and accumulate elemental energy Then use heavy blows to disrupt enemy actions.

At this time, you can switch teammates to further output, causing a lot of damage When the teams health is greatly depleted. You can choose the right time to turn on the elemental burst, to repel the enemy And restore the state of the team. Then you can launch the next offensive and end the battle beautifully As a knight. Qin is still relatively junior, But since the day she took over from Farga, The prosperity of Mond City has only increased. Even if I read countless people, I cant help but express my admiration for her persistent faith, But, unlike most people who have too much burden Under heavy pressure, the girl knight seems to always maintain the tenacity of the first award. What power has shaped her spirit and supported her from being “, wear and tear”? If I have the opportunity, I will explore the answer to this question. …

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