COMPLETE AR1-7 REROLL GUIDE w/explanations | Fastest Account Reroll | Genshin Impact


Hello guys uh – this is gon na, be an ar one to seven life with laughs guidance, instruction, tutorial uh, where i hold your hand and and make it okay, because rerolling can be hard all right. Let me give you guys super quick context on this. Video i’ve been streaming rerolls since genting came out. I have done over 500 accounts, not rolls over 500 accounts. That’S like 45 rolls per account 55 back when we had the launch bonus, prima gems. So over the course of my rerolling career, i have learned a thing or two and my methods have evolved and uh honestly gentian has also evolved. Now they require emails, and i feel like it’s finally time for me to make this video that you guys keep asking me for if you like, watching roles uh.

If you want to see some super rare polls, if you’re just interested in statistics, because they include all the numbers, the five star polls and the number of accounts and stuff – or you just want to get your gambling fix – and you don’t want to spend the money On your own account definitely stop by the stream. Some key points that this run will include are number one, first and foremost, fast accounts, because this was just added a couple days ago, this patch uh, where emails are required, and i actually found a way to make one email work for many many accounts, and no It is not attaching and detaching. I timed that that takes way too long. I found a different method. I had to do some tests for it and i will explain it when we get to that step. This also includes the amber temple skip the lisa temple skip cutscene skip, obviously, what route to take? How many chests you need where those chests are, and at the end, i will also be wishing on the banners to show you guys how to properly spend your gems and your faith to optimize it for getting good characters. So the first order of business is making an account and it used to be that when you would click register now there was an option for username and there’s an option for email and now they’ve taken away the username option. So you have to use an email. I went through dozens of email softwares to try to see who i can make an email with the fastest or requires the least information at first.

But then i stumbled upon aliases, it’s an email with an alternative name, but it goes into your primary inbox. So a lot of email providers, let you add a plus sign and then you can add whatever you want a number or word except genshin, doesn’t like the plus signs. They don’t want you to use those aliases like that, so that method doesn’t work. The fastest way is, if you make a gmail, the special thing about gmail is that you can make aliases by putting periods or full stops in between letters, and it will still go to the original thing. They don’t even read periods in the emails. So it’s as if they’re not even there, so i discovered that mihoyo does not prevent periods. So i made this email life of laughs, genshin rolls mail and uh. I made it this long because this is the maximum it’s 30 characters, and that just means i get a lot of use out of it. So i will make an account with this one, and then i will put a full stop right after the l and that’ll. Be a separate account and i will get rid of that full stop and put one after the i and that will be a separate account and so on. You have to keep track of, like which ones you’ve done. Honestly, if you’re rerolling a lot like me, i recommend a google sheet or excel spreadsheet, with what the account usernames are at least and what the characters you got on.

Each one were, if you’re rolling a lot, and you want to keep track of alternate accounts, i’m pretty happy with this workaround, and i hope it helps you guys. Okay, guys, let’s get into the speedrun, also one real, quick thing before we start uh in order to get to level 7 efficiently, we want to collect experience as efficiently as possible, so i actually included a little tracker thing at the top so that, if you are Missing a little bit of experience, you might be able to figure out what it is based off of the numbers, so i will be editing this video again and updating those numbers as uh. We go through them, you’re, just gon na log, in with your account, and i’ve actually already edited my speedrun 2, so that i could kind of make it a little seamless cut out some loading time and stuff, which is just unnecessary for you guys to see so Yeah i sped this cutscene up. The first cut scene is super long, it’s rough to get through, but there is one kind of skip that you can do if you hit alt f4 or like close out of the app basically closing the game. At a certain point you can skip some of it, so i will be showing you exactly where so, when it asks you to select a twin, you just fill the name in i just put like i just put one letter in as you can see. I hit confirm and then i closed the game. Then i loaded it back up and now he’s telling the story on the beach. So it does cut the end of the fight where the sister or brother’s, like oh, no i’m trapped and then uh the other one’s.

Like no, not my sibling cuts that part out, but you can’t skip this part and you end up on this beach. So the first thing you want to do is get your first teleporter and this one actually like the tutorial kind of, tells you to get for the three quests that i have up there. I didn’t include like the amber flying thing, because that’s just part of the game uh, the three in there is actually the cooking mission which you have to go to your way to do and the two domains that i want you guys to do so anyway. Uh, you can see that i’m just like following the story going straight, i’m actually using a lot of jumping, because i found out that you know dashing is the best. And then, when you don’t have stamina, you can actually jump. So i was actually trying to learn that, because that’s a new strategy that i haven’t really used much personally, you want to go towards this one specific bush, because the cutscene will activate faster it’s right here, so you don’t have to actually go all the way up To this hilltop and once the cutscene activates, you can alt f4. So this will be the second time that you close out the game and relaunch it.

And when you do this time, something strange is going to happen. You’Re going to be somewhere else and you’re going to hit control f to teleport back to the quest point, and that will just teleport you back to paimon really fast and then you’ll talk to her, but it’ll only be the end of her dialogue. So you skip the zoom out panoramic with the thing and her really long-winded conversation so and then it starts uh over here. So this is uh what i like to call paimon mountain uh dash to the right to get to paimon, and you cannot go too far ahead of her. Otherwise you’ll have to do that. Control. F thing! Again, if you go too far, then it starts you back on the mountain, so that is something to avoid. I always kind of keep an eye on where she is, and this will be our first chest. It is on top of this little hill. If you climb it up this way, it uses up less stamina. I didn’t pull it off very well. In this run, i open the chest and i make sure that paimon is ahead. That’S another reason why we climb it at that part so that she is not behind and you don’t have to go back so that she starts walking again. I did not collect the loot because the loot’s really not worth it. It’S kind of low level. Just it’s! It’S better just focus on the speed run in my opinion, but there are some better chests. If you really want to collect the loot you can, but i i just don’t so this you’ll, just let this scene happen, the map will open and you can like spam escape.

I’M like already waiting for the map to open at that point. So then, i hit escape talk to her and you’re gon na start, using your skills for this. My best advice, so you just you, know, use e, and then you have to wait to use the charged e, but there is something you can do to save some time here for the q. You can actually run away and just do the cue towards that direction. Even if the slimes haven’t spawned and it will kill them so then you can already start traveling you’re going to fall like off. This cliff thing right, and that will be your second chest this chest right here, so you have to turn around to see it open. It i turned around deliberately just to show you guys and you just keep going straight: you’re gon na go through this hilly. Trill camp thing: try not to bump into things or start climbing things on accident can totally happen, just ignore them and just keep running through now. You’Re gon na go get your third chest. You’Re kind of gon na stick to the left after you get through the hilly trail place, because that will be where the chest is and what i do when i see the chest, is i’m ready to like spam f to collect it, so i can just keep Walking so the cutscene starts, so i spam f, i just keep and the cutscene just already started.

I actually cut out this cutscene because it’s not really important for the speed run, but you just have to sit through this one. I don’t think you can cancel this one by this point. You should have a teleporter. I think you should have three chests. There’S the venti cut scene. Then you’ll talk to paimon after it and you will go collect that red thing that that dragon tier i’ve also heard that if you go and collect it before pymon reaches there something bad hap like it wastes time, because you have to like talk to her again. So that’s another place to be careful with paimon. Okay, now we’re gon na get our fourth chest and we’re gon na be doing our third alt f4. So right when this part happens, i close out the game so that i can skip the cutscene where amber. Like appears and pymon’s like whoa, so then, when you relaunch the game, you’ll just be right here and you just run to amber and talk to her and she starts talking about the knights. So if your load times aren’t fast, you don’t have to do these, but mine are fast enough. Where these make a difference, there are more that you can do, but they don’t make a difference for me either. You have to be like so mechanically talented, speedrun, wise or you have to have a super fast computer and i’m not a professional speedrunner and my computer is pretty fast.

So i don’t know, maybe i’m the limiting factor, but these are the ones that are worth it because they’re more, like cutscenes you’ll, get amber you’ll shoot that slime so that amber shooting chest will be chest number five and then number six will come right after that. When you get off that hill, you go towards this wagon, it has a chest and you grab it and you go now. We will be actually getting our second teleporter just go towards the direction that the game’s telling you to go. I actually like jumping on this. I wasn’t supposed to climb it. If i had jumped onto it, then i didn’t have to do any climbing climbing is slower. You activate the chest. You just take down this guy um. I recommend using the main character because his he’s a little bit more effective against these guys uh. You have to knock that guy down and then i actually go behind this direction and then do the charge attack, because sometimes it can kill them all. If they’re grouped up enough – and i don’t know if you noticed but right after i did that charge attack – i ran straight for that chest, so i could actually get the xp before the cutscene starts. Then you’ll talk to amber and by this point that actual that chest that we just got that i snuck in right before this scene was the seventh one. I believe i switched to amber really fast and based off of your loading times.

You can do this, otherwise you can just walk down the hill open the map and i teleport to that teleporter that we got it’s not a far walk. So if you don’t want to do that, if you don’t have to uh, so the reason we’re amber is because there is a chest over here with thorns on it and it takes time to burn off when you use pyro on it so um you can actually Shoot it from here just aim a little bit above that arrow will hit it and burn off the thorns by the time you go over there to collect it. It’Ll be ready, uh run to the left and collect ingredients to do the cooking mission. There’S the ingredients by this barrel, you grab them really quick. You talk talk to this uh fire, this campfire, when you’re cooking, you don’t have to cook it to perfection. You can just cook it badly. She’Ll. Take it she’ll give us the xp. Then you can talk to her. Talk to her twice, wants us to accept the mission and then the second time to say. Oh, i cooked it. The mission has ended. That was our first quest that i have listed there. The other two are gon na be domains. I’M gon na go get that chest that i already took the prickles off with the pyro skill so that it’s just faster and then you run as fast as you can uh to monster, and i actually edited out the part where it just shows the city um. You can’t skip that, though just took it out because it doesn’t have to do with any speedrunning techniques.

It’S just a cutscene that you have to sit through so now, you’re gon na talk to amber and then you’re gon na go get your next teleporter. Actually, another piece of advice – i don’t know if i’ve given yet in this video is that a lot of times when i’m doing the ar one through five, i actually have it open on multiple devices, and i have the cutscenes kind of offset because it just it. The cutscenes are really annoying to me. I like doing ar five to seven because it’s more engaging. I i don’t really don’t like the cut scenes. You can have multiple devices running if you have access to that. Okay, so we got that teleporter. That teleporter was the third one and we just go towards where the mission is telling us to go. I don’t have this mission listed because it’s kind of a requirement. It’S not super important, like people miss the cooking mission, and then they don’t know why they don’t have that xp. So that’s why i put it as one of the main ones. I also wanted to list the domains as quest because a lot of people do the kaia one, and this is the most efficient route you can take to do it quickly. Okay, so you’re gon na talk to her, and there actually is something you’re gon na do to speed this up.

Now that you have her mission, you’re, actually gon na jump, open your glider and then super quickly, open your mouth and go to that teleporter that we just got in the city that just saves time, because gliding is kind of slow. So then you’ll just be over. There and you’re just going to run straight to her right there. She doesn’t know if you glide it or not, and then the dragon cutscene starts okay. I did not speed this one under up or cut it out, because there’s actually an alt f4. You can do here and it is right towards the end once it shows a loading screen and you’re in the sky. You can alt f4 and then relaunch your game so that you’re immediately shooting him. Otherwise, there’s like a part where it’s like whoa. How are you floating and then venti’s voice? Is there and he’s like i’ve, given you animal powers and – and you just can’t shoot the dragon you’re just floating in in the air for a while, so this one actually helps with that all right. So this is the loading part that i was talking about and after this loads i just alt f4 and open the game back up. So you can see immediately that you just shoot him and i sped this up because there’s no tricks to this, you just have to aim. There is one thing once his hp, like the red part, reaches the h over here um. That is when you can do another alt f4 to skip the dragon ending like not dying like he’s in your animation thing, so i actually did that to skip, and then it just skips to like after the battle where you just come back.

Okay, so then you have to meet kaya, he comes out and he talks to you. I don’t know if you can make this part faster. Actually maybe you can. I just don’t know how, but basically by this point you should have. I think, eight chests three teleporters. We’Re about to get our fourth teleported, all right, cool thanks, kaia, all right, so uh. At this point, i actually recently changed my strategy because i timed it and it’s faster to actually jump onto this part of the building, a lot of people and me in the past. I used to jump to the other side where the teleporter is, and this is actually faster. If you do it right, i started going to the other side and i’m like wait. Wait. Wait. I got ta, show the faster one, so i didn’t do it very well. So that’s why i landed so low, but if you jump and glide correctly, you can land a little bit higher and get up this thing faster. When you get up uh you just you just dash or run or jump get over here and then get up there, and you don’t have to be close to teleporters to activate them. You just have to be in proximity, so just spam f and don’t even think about it. You’Re going to just try to run on to the next area, which is on this roof, and this is going to be a good chest that you’re getting. So if you want to grab the loot from that one, i understand i didn’t. I just grabbed it and then there’s another chest on this roof that i also open and then at this point you actually want to jump through this little uh hole over here.

So that it’s smoother and you don’t start climbing or whatever i climbed on it, i didn’t jump because i i messed that up and then once you get in the air, you can do your attack down. So you get down fast and here is another alt f4 and personally i think this one’s like definitely worth it so make sure that you hit enter the thing. Don’T start talking to pymon um, but if you do no big deal, i’ve done it many times you enter the headquarters. Okay, so you let it load completely so that you’re in the headquarters and then you close the game that way you can actually skip the cutscene. Where lisa and gene talk for a little while before you guys come in with kaya, when you open the game back up you’re, actually just in the headquarters, it’s really weird and then you just you, just walk in and talk to gene. And then, when you talk to g and it starts the kaya apart, so the lisa jean parts, i think, is like a little bit slow when this is over. What you’re going to want to be doing is opening the map, because you will be doing the first domain. It’S going to be the amber one. So as soon as that conversation is done, you open the map and you go to that. Teleporter close to the cooking mission and you run directly towards amber’s domain and i do not run directly towards it as you’ll see in a second. I got distracted by something but yeah you can just run directly.

I don’t know what i was doing. I thought i guess. Maybe i thought i was doing the cooking you go straight. I used to upgrade my amber to get through it fast. Then. I realized i didn’t need to and i could just use the main character, traveler and now there’s a skip. So you can just do that instead and you don’t have to worry about any upgrades, but i will say this: the skip was actually harder than the lisa skip uh technically in my opinion, but it takes definitely takes some practice. So if you have trouble, you could still just naturally do her domain. It’S not that long. It won’t add that much time there are guides out there to show how to do it fast, but basically this is the best skipping situation. So when you enter you can there will be two things: you’ll have to look up there and you’ll have to listen to pyro stuff, but you don’t actually have to shoot this. You can just jump over it. Then there’s a secret chat, not secret chest, but you can get the chest through the wall right there. You don’t have to like destroy the prickles uh with her pyro. I switched to amber here because she’s better at gliding over this like stuff uh. I try doing it with the traveler and it doesn’t work. So i i use her here. I don’t know, maybe it’s her feet or something, but i just glide over. If you accidentally hit them, it’s fine you’ll take like little damage and you’ll still land over. It. Usually then, the dendro info will come up. We used to skip that when we fly around, but we don’t do that anymore.

Okay, so you just go straight. You jump over and you land on this thing so once you’re on this piece, you’re gon na, want to get all the way to the top and then start gliding towards the right towards those blocks right there and you will automatically fall and you will respawn at The end right here, sometimes it’s hard to make that jump, but i found that if you do one slash with your sword for some reason, a jump after that slash uh is is just better and you’re able to like it one more time. Oh, this actually is a really funny example that i’m about to give you um, if you have like the 61 hp, left and you’re about to die, because you tried this so many times and you keep losing hp to get the last respawn. You have to res once if you die and you don’t have hp, you will not rise at the end. So make sure that if you get to that point, just leave the domain and come back in so don’t make that the one time that you make it because then it’ll say you died there you’re gon na jump and turn right and go towards those blocks. You’Ll automatically fall, and at this point you can switch to amber and you can already start aiming with her. So it’s a charge shot and it just uh destroys that thing. The faster you destroy it. The sooner this cutscene will start so that you can get to the end, and i just open the chest and leave like super fast. You can collect those things if you want. This should be your 12th chest. I believe now. You’Ll actually like stay as amber. Really, quick, okay, so ar6 at that point and you’ll shoot another prickly chest. Um shoot it as like, as you approach it, so that it’s already ready for you to collect when you walk by then just keep going straight and you’re gon na go to this.

Like little hill on the right and you’re gon na switch amber actually again, the reason i switched back is because the traveler, the male traveler, i guess, runs a little bit faster, but it’s not a huge difference. You don’t have to keep switching. If you can’t remember, if you enter aiming mode, then you can actually fire these shots pretty fast. That will summon this chest and you’re gon na open it and then you’re gon na collect our first animoculus. So those will give you xp when you turn them in we’re. Gon na do two turn-ins one is gon na be after collecting two of them, so that was one. This will be the second one just on this hill right here. You actually don’t even have to jump to get it. I was just jumping so you’re gon na talk to this and actually here’s another alt f4. That’S coming up so we’re going to turn in the first two just escape out of the map: [, Music, ] and then click off or all – and this is actually where i closed out the game um when it does the animation that the shrine is doing the Thing and then it shows the animation of the wind tunnel. You don’t need to actually see all that if your game is fast enough, otherwise you can just watch it. So i closed it and then reopened, and so we’ve turned into animous we’re about to collect more. So we’re climbing this tree right. You got to wait for your stamina to go up, but basically you want to go on this one specific branch there’s an oculus on there, so we’re going – and you probably want to be the traveler at this point because you’re going to be using a wind skill Soon so you go off this branch and you go towards this circle.

You see that animoculus up there, so i just dashed down and then ran so i could get there fast. If you use your e skill with an animal person with one of these little sprites, you don’t actually have to collect all three, so i just ran for one um. Then it will create the wind current, so the wind guys have that advantage. So i just dashed down and then started running because gliding is slow, ignore these hilly trills, they won’t bother. You just keep running just want to be going in this direction. It’S the fastest way to get to lisa’s temple and it wouldn’t be possible. If you didn’t turn in those other two animoculus, also because this wind current that takes you, there wouldn’t be available. Also there’s an animoculus here that you’re going to be getting, and here is some advice. Basically, you want to stand to the left of this one specific stone to collect it. I see some people turn their camera up to look at it, but that’s just disorienting to me. Okay see i got hit because i was like trying to wait there for a long time before opening my glider just to like show you guys open the glider and if you’re standing there, you should be under the animoculus. But some people do this like what i’m doing right now. I don’t do this. I did it just for the tutorial. I usually just stand on that stone and i’m fine and i actually got disoriented by turning my thing up so find the lisa temple and you glide towards it. I just basically glide and then dash when i know i can and you can actually run past her after you click f and you can actually get you can get further than when i got it so uh. It does save a little bit of time um and it’s not too hard to do so all right. So there’s a lot of skips in this, and i think this is like the fun skip. I think the amber skip’s a little bit harder.

It might just be that i’m not as practiced, so this is actually. I think this is super fun, so you don’t even talk to lisa. Don’T worry, you’ll still get her as a character, but you don’t even get you don’t get her in the domain. You just go to the side as the traveler you take this railing, you just go across now. The reason i specifically went across here – and i didn’t go through here – is because, when you go across this way, it doesn’t look up at the end of the temple. That’S like another wasted time, and then you just quickly go and collect these this chest at the bottom. I didn’t collect it very fast. You shouldn’t be climbing. You can destroy the boxes or like sneak through them. You take the wind current up and there’s another chest in here, and this chest is uh, which one this one is probably our 16 16 is one actually only one more so now at this part, i did it really fast. I wish i didn’t what you’re gon na do is you’re gon na run towards the wind current you’re gon na jump so and activate your glider and then, as soon as you pass the corner you’re going to rotate so that you are facing this railing. You don’t want to rotate too slowly like if you go left and right. It actually wastes time and by the time you reach that railing, you won’t be high enough, so you want to kind of do it smoothly so that you are facing this point of the railing right here and you’ll just climb onto it. It’S just like that, and at this point you can just glide and grab onto that and activate it and just just glide again. I didn’t do this perfectly, but you get the gist is that you can get into this air current, so you’re, safe, and when you take the air current up, you just glide towards this. What you’re trying to do is get into range that it activates and once it does you’ll do a dash tag downwards, which is what i just did and you’ll res right there and i got stuck so walk forward a little um, but yeah you’ll res right. There. You will be able to get to the end and you basically skip her whole one, and i think her skips are super fun. They’Re not like super technical to pull off the gliding thing took me a little while, but it was understanding the smooth turn.

Basically, on this, you want to use like a charge, something that you can destroy with fast collect the thing get out of there and you don’t have to talk to lisa then, but did you see how i turned into lisa? They make sure to give you lisa. Even if you didn’t talk to her, so we got lisa on our team, so don’t worry, and this is our last animoculus. So that was our last chest. This is the last animocus you grab it. You open the map. You go to the shrine to turn it in, so you should have uh. You should have four to turn in now. There were six total, but you already turned in two and this turn in will take you to level seven. Let’S see if we did it right. This is always the moment of truth. I mean, unless you open your thing and look at the xp number. If you know that off the top of your head, which there was a point where i did when i was still working it out, so you made it to level seven now, how do you wish? What do you do? The first thing that you need to do is collect a few rewards, so i teleport back to monstat and i go to the adventure guild and i’ll show you where that is. If you don’t know just go straight over here and you talk to that little lady in this little stand and you want to say, collect, rewards specifically there’s some primo gems and a fate at level five. You actually don’t have to collect the level. Six and seven rewards, but i just did and then you need to collect all of your mail in order to collect the important mail for the wishes you you need to get to level seven.

So that is why we get to level seven. It’S because you get an efficient amount of wishes. Okay, guys so you’ve collected the adventure, rewards you’ve collected all your mail and you should have a good amount of primo gems, as you can see over here, and you should have 12 of these blue acquaint fades and you should have 10 of these intertwined fades. So this is the best way in my opinion, to wish for re-rolls, because this is like the best way to get five-star characters without involving um weapons, because the weapons it would be a shame to get a five-star weapon on an account without having any characters like Especially because they’re level seven accounts and you really want characters to start the game uh. The first thing you want to do is wish on this banner. This is the best banner to wish for, but they cap it at 20 and it is on sale. So it only costs eight. Basically, i wish i did the full set. You can only do the multi wishes on this one and you are guaranteed a noel on your first set of ten, but we also got barbara all right guys. So i actually moved my camera to this side, so it would be better for you guys to see um.

This was actually a pretty decent wish. The reason we’re doing it this specific way is because this is a really efficient way, clicks, wise and also resource wise, because every time you wish – and you get these things – you get a separate resource that you can spend a certain way on certain things, and i Will show it to you so the first thing we did was 10 on the beginner’s wish banner. So then you will go to the special event banner and now it’s cli and you’ll do 10 on here. Okay, so our second set of ten was on the clea banner and we got this four star shincho. He actually has a high chance on that banner, so that makes sense. We are going to do a third wish of ten wishes and it will be on this cli banner again, and this time we will spend primo gems on it. Okay, we got official and actually official doesn’t have a high chance anymore. She had it on the venti banner, so that was cool to get her and noelle. Who does have a high chance on here now? Actually you can even do a single wish might as well. Do it just so you’re not clicking off the screen. We did 30 wishes and then we did one single now we’re in a situation where we cannot make any more wishes, and you only have four of these blue things. This is very important. The reason why i didn’t come back to this banner, even though i said this is the best one was because i want to go to the shop and buy the other four stop. Is you just open up your menu?

You click this third tab down here. Piemon’S bargains and then you click. The last thing over here. Stardust exchange stardust is what you get when you summon things and you can see. I have a good amount right now right, so what i need to do is buy exactly four, so i can complete that wish the rest i can spend on the intertwined ones. The reason i’m doing this is because i am prioritizing that event banner. This character is limited time and there are no weapons under the five star characters over here. So this is a good chance, uh comparatively to get a five star. There is, however, one situation where you wouldn’t continue to wish on here, and it is if you get a five star character on this banner and it’s not the event guy. Let’S say you get mona and you really don’t want cli, then don’t wish on this banner, because if you pull another five star, it’s guaranteed to be clear. So if you pull a different five star on the five star banner and you pull another five star, it’s always gon na be the event guy um.

It is possible that you’ll just pull clea first but uh, nothing wrong with that. She’S limited edition, she’s not gon na, be on the standard banner later, which is like why? I think the event banner is just really really good. Only if you’re in the situation, where you already got the event guy uh, would you probably start thinking about this? One? All right so we’re gon na do our second 10 wish on the noel banner and the banner will actually go away once you make this wish it stays until you get 20 on here. Once you. Do 20 it goes away forever so we’re gon. Na do that right now we have exactly eight we’re gon na spend it all right and we got bennett. That banner is officially gone, and now we can just spend our fates on this banner. I’M just gon na skip since it’s a single and i’m gon na go back to the shop back to that same stardust tab and i will buy as many of these as i can now. You’Re only limited to a certain amount every month. That’S why, when you’re doing re-rolls, you want to make sure you buy the blue ones to finish the second noelle roll, because if you don’t, you can’t just keep buying these it’ll cap at 5.

This is the stardust tab over here but if you get duplicate characters you get star glitter and if you have five star glitter you can actually buy one so if we get a duplicate character actually we will be able to buy another wish over here so we’ll keep that in mind but you don’t have to really uh remember how much stardust i do because i just know it by now is how much i need okay so we we didn’t get a character it wasn’t a duplicate though so it looks like the event banner usually has a higher chance for three of the four star characters so it is worth looking at those once you have a main account if there’s a character that you really want to up their constellation.

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