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COMPLETE RAIDEN SHOGUN GUIDE! Best Raiden Builds | Artifacts, Weapons & Showcase | Genshin Impact


Good morning afternoon – or maybe it’s even night time for you out there guys we’ll be going over the ride in a shogun today, a lot of changes, a lot of information out there, i’m gon na tell it to you straight. This is the most complicated character to build with 100 efficiency in genji and impact, but we’re going to tackle all that stuff for you guys we’ll break it down as easy as possible. So you guys get out there and start slaying with the riding shogun and as always, if you’re having fun in this channel, make sure you hit that subscription button. Turn the like button on and join the family we’re growing. Let’S get there.

Let’S have fun together. If you guys are playing war of visions or brave exvius and you’re, not using the amazon, app store version of the game, there’s no reason not to especially if you’re, making in-app purchases, because the app store and amazon coins are going to save you up to 20. We’Re sponsored by amazon in the app store today you can save up to 20, especially if you use my special promo code down below i’ll. Have it linked in the description of every video, for you guys, and that was a great time to start war of the visions. Try it out.

Final fantasy 7 is here with aaron barrett tifa cloud. The whole squad everyone’s here get in there. Try it out reignite your old ff7 memories and let me know how you feel about it down in the comment section below now. The writing. Shogun has a lot of stats that she wants to have access to she’s a support, also subverse dps character, so she’s going to be on the field during that duration, at seven seconds of her q from her talent.

So you need to make her do damage. You cannot just say: hey ryden, shogun girl, mono energy, recharge, no attack, no crit chance, no crit damage. No, you can’t do that. You can be losing out on so much potential for this character. So, let’s talk about stats first and foremost, we’re gon na have to get into the artifacts first here so emblem was ever fate.

This is the set you’re aiming for two-piece energy, recharge, sweet four-piece energy recharge gives you elemental, burst damage bonus, awesome, so we’re wearing this set. So we need, like 400 energy, recharge right correct. That is not what we’re aiming for. She is purple for a reason. Just like my man, thanos balance in all things is what we need here right perfectly balanced, so we’re aiming for remember, she’s, a damage dealer too, when she’s on the field, so she needs to do competent damage, attack percent crit, chance, crit damage, energy, recharge she’s.

This giant giant what is this: a teeter-totter she’s, a giant teeter-totter trying to balance four things at the same time. So what we’re talking about here? We’Re looking for a substance, split sort of like this crit rate? 50. 55.

60. If you got super guide to your rolled gear, quick damage 130 to 150, if you can beat that out, awesome energy recharge here anyway, from 200 to like 250, and if you can’t hit that 250ish percent energy recharge, you may have some difficulties filling up. That 90 cost elemental burst of the ryden shogun. But it’s okay, we’ll talk about that too, because we’re gon na go into some of the rules for some of the artifact main stats. Now rule number one easy rule guys print rate circle: it uh.

If you don’t have a quick write, circulate your ride in shogun, probably isn’t gon na. Have that super awesome, stat split you’ll be missing out on crit damage or energy charge or attack percent, or something like that. So something that looks like this is very nice right. You could have something equally rolled energy, recharge, cool damage, attack percent, sweet. We like this thing a lot.

Could it be better sure this thing’s fantastic? It’S got that equal balance got all four things we want on it, which is awesome there. Now, let’s talk about the sands in the goblet here now this right here, i’m sure you’ve heard about this 40 different ways from like 90 different people – okay, so we’re gon na break this one down easily for you here now, there’s an easy rule for the goblet. Here is it an attack percent goblet or is it a electro damage goblet? This is a very easy rule, so if you’re, using bennett or using cujo, sara you’re gon na have those big attack buffs up during the duration or most of the duration of your ultimate.

Here then, you’re going to be using an electro damage goblet, because you’ll be adding 800 900. Maybe even like a thousand attack, you have a big boy bennett and that thousand attack is going to tip the scales of. I have a lot of attack now. I need more energy elemental damage to bring it back up there. So that’s really what you’re aiming for there very simple rule to follow there now the sands here a little bit more complex, first rule of thumb, if you can’t get your energy gauge filled up in time to use it on cooldown you’re, using an energy recharge stance, A very easy rule there, the other rule here, is technically for every weapon in the game outside of the engulfing lightning.

Attack percent sands will do more damage, looking like six seven, eight percent, depending on the weapon more damage there. However, that doesn’t matter if you can’t fill up your energy gauge to use your elemental burst. So what does this mean? So there is one caveat here where you can kind of, and this is gon na – let you kind of like have your cake and eat it too. At the same time, that’s with the electro main traveler there uh, because you are gon na – be able to fill up your elemental burst gauge with those nice little jade amulets there, and that could be very powerful as well.

She also has access to the electromain character. Has access to a 15 electro damage down for eight seconds, so you can apply that and then go in l on a burst and you’ll get like six seconds of that down as well, so it won’t proc on hit during the element burst as of right now. There’S a whole other shin dig there that we’re gon na talk about the end of the video uh, but it is gon na last for a good duration and the electrical travel has an 80 cost elements which can help off with your resolve stacks. With your touch on more back when we hit up the party members as well, so that’s gon na be the rule there if you’re having a hard time filling up that elemental burst gauge energy recharge sands, all the way, if you are using an electro traveler and You wan na squeak out just a little bit more damage attack percent sands and then, ultimately, the big role here between these two as well. If you have one of these with giant super awesome, subsets and the other one is garbage tier sub stats.

Like say, you have like an attack percent goblet and it’s got the best. Subsets of all times got like 35 crit damage energy, recharge, crit, chance down there and you’re like oh okay, okay, well, i’m not using a buffer, so i should probably use an attack percent one and then you’re attacking one’s like flat defense and hp yeah. You know which one you’re going to be using the one with a giant super pog substance: that’s when you guys are going to be using there now for weapons, there’s really going to be two contenders. So, if you’re going for the engulfing lightning r1 best weapon for her by far because it’s like the stapahoma for her there, there is also a good four-star weapon in the form of the catch, and you guys really need to get out there. This is where you’re gon na get it.

You have to fish for it right, that’s the catch right, get it to catch fish, whatever so you’re gon na be talking to this girl. Here you have to go around and catch a whole ton of fish and basically she is going to have the catch for you to buy here and you’re gon na have to catch these different fish and you’ll buy the catch right here and then these uh these Vessels you’ll be able to buy four of these to get it to r5 here, so you have to catch all of these fish and for four star weapons guys this one is the best one uh. By far it’s just so good. I want to burst damage up by 32 crit rate by 12. Super awesome.

Okay, basic energy charge super great there. Now there also are some other weapons that you guys can use um if there like, are one that are gon na, be slightly worse in the catch. Like the death match right or if you get stacks on the black cliff that one’s okay, only if you get snacks, you have some other five-star weapons like stapahoma, which is fantastic. You have the the good old jade wing spear, which is fantastic, skyward spine’s, okay. But if those are all r1 uh, the catch dude put the effort into the catch, make it r5 now for talent priority here, if you’re using her strictly as a sub dps right, the only things really need to level are her elemental skill and her elemental verse.

The normal attack, unlike someone like noel, does not matter during her element of verse. Her element burst, has her own multipliers and then for constellations really guys. There’S four constellations that you might want to think about here in the first two are the most important ones. So the c1 here will help you get your resolve. Stacks faster makes her more flexible.

You can put her in kind of whatever party you want. 20 extra resolve stacks from anyone and then 80 extra resolve sex from an electro character, and then steel breaker here ignores 60 of opponents defense. This is a pretty big one, all right, if you’re, really in love with the ride and show gun here, should you pull for the the weapon, the engulfing landing, or should you pull for like c1 and c2? If you were going to open up that wallet, c2? Is totally worth it ignoring 60 defense is something like a 24-25 somewhere in that ballpark damage increase versus not having this at all, which is huge.

That is a huge amount there and then c3 is actually pretty good as well, because this actually levels up her elemental burst you. So you get three extra levels, so you’d be able to get this to plus 13, and this is gon na give you extra multipliers on everything she does, and on top of that, it’s also going to increase the resolve bonus here, where you can see it. Uh 7.39 right now to 1.3, i think at level 13.

This would be like 1.54 additional multiplier, which is pretty big as well. So those are the three biggest ones there. C4 is okay, 5 and 6 100, not worth it. In my opinion, no way know how no shape no form.

Now when it comes to teammates and team members. Obviously the ryden shogun does a couple of things. She starts damage under the field. She also fills up elemental first gauges. So that’s gon na be very good.

If you have someone who needs big elemental, burst gauge, fill upright like eula, that’s gon na be awesome for you there, on top of that, eula is also one of the other people that she works extremely well with or characters like ulysses kia, maybe using physical dps Rosario you roll that way. Anyone that wants someone to proc electric damage, while they’re off the field can be utilized with this character, which is a problem that a lot of people have with this character. But we’re not going to talk about that right now, because we have a couple other characters that kind of fulfill this role. Now, if you want to make her unique, i’ve built a team around her and i call it the raw damage squad, so you have uh some sort of shielder. Maybe you have diona in there zomling, whatever it is cujo stars in here bennett as well, for the double attack buff in a ride in shogun.

Now there is something that you can do with kujosara that i’ll talk about briefly in this video in case you guys are using her. Some of this is more of a cujo sarah tech than anything else. You know you guys might have kucha star, so you pop that switch over boom boop get the attack, buff you’re good, to go, and then you have the charge shot and then you start the animation before it blows up. Then it refreshes. So that’s gon na help.

You out a little bit: it’s gon na give you a little bit of extra. Second right, you won’t get all seven seconds right of the buffer. You get like almost six, so this will allow you to activate your elbow, burst on a ride and show gun with the attack buff or maybe even the crit damage buff and then, after the activation, the new feather will pop. So this is what it does you pop this over come over here. All right, you’ll use your e and you can pop back over.

I don’t know why i’m getting hit and then you would just use your elemental burst right now and by the time your l amount of burst is activated because these have like a two second delay on them right before they blow up it’ll pop up. Give you the tap off again and you’ll have another six seconds of attack buff during your ride in shogun’s ultimate, so use that if you’re using a c2 kujosara in your team, it’s not a full-up time thing. But it’s the thing that you can do and it’s very, very, very powerful so get out there start slaying like the video come with the family. Come hang out with us and i’ll see you in the next one.

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