There’s no better feeling in the game than crushing your enemies with Ningguang and the only question remains – how are you going to build her? If you want to fully maximize Ningguang’s scary damage output, there’s a couple things you can do one of which involves a simple rotation where you initiate fights by dropping the Jade Shield and walking through it so you can gai the benefit of 12% increased Geo Damage. And it couldn’t get more simple than this – since all of her damage is elemental you want to maintain that 2nd passive talent for as long as you can. And usually, a nice combo attack involves using Jade Shield and walking through it, then delivering 3 normal attacks followed by a charged attack which will cost you no stamina and you unleash the maximum gems you’ve accumulated and then afterwards you finish off everything with a burst.

Now this rotation changes slightly if you unlock the 2nd constellation which now resets the cooldown of Jade Shield so keep an eye and drop it as soon as possible its off but make sure to activate your burst when the construct is present, since the attack will gain bonus damage.

Finally, if you manage to get her up all the way to her final constellation, then after the normal rotation, make sure to immediately use a charged attack for those spectacular damage numbers. Now let’s not forget that you can also squeeze out even more out of your attacks by using walk cancelling animation which can be done very easily by simply holding down one of the movement keys and then repeatedly using your normal attack. Just keep in mind that you need to release the movement key if you’re doing a charged attack or else you will remain stationary for a brief second and this could be a bug that will get addressed by the developers in the future and luckily, it sometimes doesn’t trigger all the time and it’s mostly noticeable by those who are really trying to optimize their gameplay.

But that’s basically all you need to know about this businesswoman who beats her opponents senseless with her jewels and as long as you can find and maintain a combat rotation you enjoy and always keeping in mind that you need to pass through your Jade Shield, you will then be able to capitalize on her insane Geo damage powers. But to make her attacks hit with the hardness of a diamond, we will need to take a look at her equipment.

Every business requires you to invest in order to grow and that pretty much applies to Ningguang’s work ethic and luckily for us, her expenses towards weapons are going to be profitable, when it comes to deleting your enemies. And probably the two best weapons you can get your hands on will either be Solar Pearl or Widsith that are going to help you balance out that golden 2:1 critical damage to rating ratio, although, if you can manage to push your critical rating to 70% from artifacts, it’s better to go for a critical damage weapon like Widsith or Blackcliff Amulet. Now for free to play options, there’s either Mappa Mare or Frostbearer with the 1st option having a better passive but on the other hand, Frostbearer does provide ATK % from its substat instead of elemental mastery compared to its rival, so if you want to have less headache trying to build up decent attack stat, it’s better to go with this Dragonspine weapon.

And if you’re just starting out and haven’t got any of these weapons from the gacha or blacksmith, you can definitely use Twin Nephrite but don’t stick too long with it. Finally, when it comes to 5-star weapons, basically all of them are amazing for her but in rare case where you need a priority, then you first want to go with Memory of Dust, followed by Lost Prayer and then Skyward Atlas.

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Moving over to artifacts, the combination of the two set bonuses of Gladiator’s and Archaic Petra is going to be the best bang for your mora and it’s basically just a caveman logic to boost attack as much as possible with the set bonuses but if you’re having trouble getting decent pieces of these artifacts, you could also consider exchanging Gladiator’s with Noblesse Oblige to boost your burst’s damage. One thing to keep in mind is that this mix of set bonuses work best if you have Ningguang at least on 2nd constellation but a strong alternative, although harder to obtain, would be the full Retracing Bolide artifact set which you should be able to upkeep almost throughout all combat since you will be generating tons of crystals on the ground. Now if you’re going to use her as your support, then you absolutely want to go for full Archaic Petra set which basically defines the whole Geo element when it comes to supporting your team mates and the insane 35% increased damage bonus you provide to someone like your damage dealer will be an amazing thing to have.

Just keep in mind that Ningguang has to be the one who picks up the elemental crystal from the ground in order to activate the team wide bonus.

And if for some reason you can’t obtain this set or would prefer something else, then you can go for full Noblesse Oblige set. Finally, for stat priority you’re going to want to go with the usual as for every other damage centric character which means ATK % on Sands, Geo Damage on Goblet and Critical Rating or Damage on Circlet. And when you’re leveling her talents, always prioritize her normal attack first before you move onto burst and then finally skill because even if you use her as support, you can quickly do a single rotation mentioned previously and this becomes even more relevant if you have her final constellation unlocked, although, for a more budget approach and this only applies to her support role, you would want to only go for her burst and then elemental skill instead.

So in essence, your main goal when building Ningguang’s equipment would be to focus on maximizing the critical damage to rating ratio just like with any other serious damage dealer and luckily for us, there isn’t that much difference when it comes to being either support or main damage dealer for your team mates with the only difference being how much resources you’re willing to invest into her. It’s a known fact that Ningguang knows how to pick the best secretaries and it’s no different when it comes to building a team with or around her.

Now one thing that’s important to understand about her is that because she is from the Geo element, you won’t be able to boost her damage with either Archaic Petra if you were to use another Geo team mate and the same applies to Anemo characters who use Viridescent artifact set since you can’t Swirl geo status on enemies.

But you could look at this as a blessing in disguise since you get more freedom in not only choosing your team mates but also their equipment. And speaking of which, the best secretaries for Ningguang are going to be Bennett, Zhongli, Xingqiu and Venti which all provide crucial things like increased attack from burst, decreasing enemy resistance, creating more attacks and of course, grouping everyone in a single location. But there’s definitely more than just these team mates and someone like Fischl, Xiangling and Albedo are obviously insanely good for her because they can leave behind attacks on the battlefield and you can then focus on crushing everyone with Ningguang’s gems. And now that Geo resonance bonus has received a serious buff, if you can allow yourself to activate this bonus, her damage output is going to get an awesome boost, especially if you do this with Zhongli who will shred enemy’s resistances even further.

But this will heavily depend if you’re focusing on Spiral Abyss where you often need different elements to break enemy shields as fast as possible. Finally, when playing her as support, all you have to do is make sure to pick up the elemental crystals off the ground so you can activate the insane damage bonus with her Archaic Petra artifact set and don’t forget that shields do not stack, so pick up only one crystal at a time to maintain a good defensive position. So in short, because of the way the Geo element is designed, you can’t boost your elemental damage with two most popular artifact choices of Archaic Petra and Viridescent but you also get more freedom to define your whole team and now that geo resonance has been buffed, you can get insane benefits from the resonance bonus not to mention there are a ton of team mates who will provide excellent support for her.

There’s something about Ningguang who manages to defy all expectations you would have about Geo since you would think that this element is all about defense but appearantly, she didn’t get the Liyue’s latest corporate memo and now her best defense is offense. Overall, a lot of things make this business woman into one of the top choices if you’re looking for a serious damage dealer and probably the best thing about her is the low cost of her elemental burst which allows you spam it almost without any downtime even if you invest just a little bit into her energy recharge.

Then there’s also the very useful crystallization reaction which you can produce ever so easily thanks to all of her normal attacks being geo so not only will you have a shield on you the whole time but she’s also going to have no trouble activating the Archaic Petra’s damage bonus for your team mates.

However, this comes as a double edged sword which applies to every catalyst user and this problem becomes present if you’re met with enemies who are either resistant or immune to geo damage and you definitely don’t want to see this happening in places like the Spiral Abyss. And it’s also a bit disheartening that her best weapons are locked behind the gacha or battle pass and the F2P options from the blacksmith are lacking to say the least. Still, it’s crazy to think that she is a 4-star character because her damage output definitely outperforms some of the 5-star characters we have in the game and one can only wonder what was the reasoning behind miHoYo decision to make Ningguang so accessible to everyone. Making these videos takes a lot of resources and effort, so if there’s going to be any mistakes included, make sure to check out the pinned comment below the video.

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