(DAY 2) 63+ METERORITE Location! Dadaupa Gorge+Yaoguang Shoal+Quingyun Peak Routes- [Genshin Impact]


What’S up everyone, this is Dux and in this video we will discus Day 2 of the Fishl event. As you can see here, the events details for the Unknown star interlude just updated with the new zones, so my last video was not precise and for this reason I need to make an update video. So, basically, once you go here, you can find that 3 new zones are available to farm and in this zones there are a lot more meteorites to collect, and today I will tell you each location for each meteorite.

But before going into that, let me tell you one small tip: first, that is an interactive map that is updating this meteorites. So, basically, each day you can go there and find yourself all the meteorites. You need without going into any videos on YouTube or finding any guides on the internet. So basically just going to this interactive map and the go and find your meteorites. But the only thing is that this map for sure will not cover new location for the same zones, because in 14-days ther’s no way this zone will not go on top of each other. So probably will see new location for each of the lights. And I will do an update video each day and very fast one and you can find in the top right corner a playlist for each day. So if you are here on a different day than just click, the link above me and you can find the playlist with all the days all the routes, the best routes and I will update daily. I will probably do a different video, also it today. This is this will be a quick one. I will try to keep it short, so yeah with that being said, the best route that you can do to farm this meteorites

So for the first one we have Dadaupa Gorge, this place is very huge, so you will need to go above the mountain below the mountains. …, that’s a lot of meteorites in different hights. So, in my opinion, you should go and follow this route that you see in this video here and yeah. You will be able to find it easier way. The route is pretty straightforward and the yea. This is Dadaupa Gorge. Let’S go to the next one.So. This is Yaoguang Shoal, that is the island, and basically, you can find also some meteorites in the mainland. So my opinion, you should telephort to the telephorter on the left side and from there you go ahead and do this route. That, in my opinion, is the fastest and best Rout. You can also do the opposite side, its whatever but yeah. All the Location are in this video, so yeah you can go ahead and follow this route or do whatever you want. Whatever you wish to, if you collected already some of those, you can go ahead and find the next ones

And for the last one Quingyun Peak, this one is the hardest one out of all, because this is all mountains, so its very, very hard to find each Meteorite so keep in mind all the locations and yeah just go out and hunt them all. Don’T forget to not use the teleporter because you might glitch out and despawn all the meteorites, so yea go ahead and do this route and you will be good to go so yeah. That’S it. I hope you enjoy it. I will see you tomorrow for the day. 3 – and I will keep you updated with the older news – all the information, so please subscribe and yeah look forward for the next video that will probably also today so yeah. Thank you. Everyone and I will see you later.

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