There’s nothing more scary than Beidou’s ultimate counter attack and the only question remains – how will you build her? Probably the most common misunderstanding when it comes to Beidou is her elemental skill. And the most important thing you need to understand about it is that it becomes a stronger attack if you either take two hits from any of incoming enemy attacks or if you’re able to perfectly time it the moment you’re about to get hit. Just keep in mind that the shield can only absorb a limited amount of hits before it automatically releases the holding state. And also, while you’re exploring the world, if you set the grass on fire, you can easily trigger the full counter ability of her shield by just standing in the flames.

And that’s all you need to do – take two hits from enemy attacks, no matter how much damage they deal and unleash the strongest counter attack. But when it comes to the perfect counter, it’s all about the anticipation and practice.

And there’s no other way to teach this than to observe your enemy attacks and then press the shield at the right time. It helps to think that you’re trying to synchronize your attacks with the enemy by trying to land your own attack at the same time. And aside from this, she’s pretty much a delightful character to play with especially once you trigger her burst which creates a very similar effect to Electrocharged elemental reaction where every time any of the party members under the burst’s effect do a normal or charged attack, they will also release a bolt of lightning that travels between enemies that are close to each other.

Finally, the last thing that’s interesting to note would be that both of her passive talents heavily depend on you performing those full counters so out of all characters in the game, Beidou demands your attention to detail which involves studying enemy attack patterns and being aware of your surroundings, which is something to keep in mind especially if you’re going to use her as your main damage dealer. If there’s one thing Beidou loves more than the taste of cold beer then it would a fine set of equipment to utilize her powerful counter attacks. Luckily, if you’re going to use her as your main damage dealer, you can always depend on the blacksmith to craft you the trusty Prototype Archaic which can carry you through any of the content if you’re out of luck with the weapons from the gacha system. But if you’re looking to build up her critical rating or damage for those huge numbers, going after Serpent Spine or Blackcliff Slasher will help you out in the long run and if you’re just starting out, you can always use the Debate Club of highest refinement until you can get your hands on a better rarity weapon.

This of course goes out without saying that any 5-star claymore you unlock will be insanely good for her.

Now if you’re going to use Beidou as your support character, Rainslasher is definitely one of those few very specific weapons she can take advantage of and then there’s always Sacrificial or Favonius claymores which can boost your Energy Recharge for faster burst activations. But for a default and still very much functional weapon, you can’t go wrong with Prototype Archaic if you don’t have access to any of these other gacha weapons.

Moving over to her artifacts, there’s a few options you can go for if you’re using her as your main damage dealer and the first one would be the most easiest recommendation of Gladiator’s full 4-set bonus followed by Thundering Fury’s and Bloodstained Chivalry’s mix of two set bonuses. The first option will power up your normal attacks which are crucial for those characters which take upon the burden of a main damage dealer but obtaining the full set bonus with good substats and main stats is a pretty challenging task to do so you can always rely on the second option of at least getting the 2-set bonuses of Thundering Fury and Bloodstained which will give you a nice spread of increased damage for both physical and electro attacks.

There’s also the full Thundersoother’s set which is only recommended if you can get very good substats on the artifacts.

And for the actual stats, you only want to consider the goblet’s main stat which can either be physical or electro damage bonus, with the latter recommended if you at least have her fourth constellation unlocked for her. Also, for more artifact builds and weapon evaluations, make sure to follow us on Twitter, link in the description. And this finally brings us to her artifacts when you’re using her as a support. And probably the easiest recommendation would be a full set of Noblesse Oblige that more or less gives a lot of value for triggering her burst but if you’re not able to get good artifact pieces of this set, you can instead go for two set bonuses of Thundering and Gladiator’s which gives a nice boost to her support damage or you can also instead opt-in for two set bonuses of Noblesee and Thundering as well.

And for the main stats, biggest consideration should be sands artifact which depends on how much energy recharge you have with her and going with the main stat to boost it instead of regular attack percentage could be a better choice.

And before we forget, the final thing to prioritize would be her talents which goes without saying if you use her as your main damage dealer, obviously focus on her normal attack and if she’s only there to support, you definitely want to level up her burst as much as possible. So in essence, there’s not that much difference between the two roles Beidou can be fitted in and without the usual boosting of her normal attacks through talents and Gladiator’s set, you pretty much want to build her critical rating, damage and if possible energy recharge, so she can trigger her bursts more often but then also deliver devastating counter attacks.

To become a crew member of Beidou’s pirate ship is a dream come true for many characters and luckily enough, Beidou also offers amazing synergy capabilities when building a team around her or with her. And few of the characters that synergize with her extremely would be Xingqiu whose burst is nearly identical to Beidou’s so if you’re ever in the mood of producing tons of big damage numbers and also cause Electrocharged mayhem on every enemy you come in contact, then he is going to be her pirate in crime.

There’s also Fischl who helps a lot with energy recharge since Beidou’s burst has a very high cost of 80 points and luckily, the midnight princess is not only good at producing the much needed energy Beidou dreams about but she will also activate the electro resonance for an even better energy recharge.

And of course, throwing in any of the cryo characters, especially someone like Qiqi or Diona will help you out with triggering Superconduct for stronger physical attacks, if you’re going to use Beidou as your main damage dealer. And now that Zhongli got buffed, you can pair him together with her and utilize the 20% reduced enemy resistance from Jade Shield that will let you end up with even more nastier counter attacks.

One important thing to keep in mind is that there’s a slight problem when using her together with Bennett because if she goes into her counter mode when you’re holding down the button, surrounding small enemies will get knocked back because team mates who stand in Bennett’s burst circle get a pyro status and it just so happens that while holding down the button with Beidou, she also gets electro status that results in an overload reaction explosion that blasts away the smaller monsters around her which can result in you wasting the counter and your time. But besides this, she can be easily fitted in to nearly any team combination thanks to her very valuable burst which not only protects team mates but also gives better interruption resistance from enemy attacks and the lightning bolt that jump between attacks is a great thing to use either with her as your main damage dealer or boosting some other character’s damage in your team.

While pirates are known for robbing people Beidou is surprisingly good at stealing your heart instead with her charming playstyle and awesome ability to counter enemy attacks.

It truly feels rewarding to produce those perfect counters and it’s a rare thing to experience where you get a rush of dopamine just when you see the screen darken to let you know that you just achieved the perfect counter. She’s also surprisingly good as your main damage dealer, although it does take a bit more resources to get her up on the same level compared someone like Razor who naturally has better ascension stat which goes into physical damage rather than electro damage bonus that Beidou has.

But that’s where the comparison ends because she has a completely different playstyle compared the lonely wolfboy. Overall, Beidou is definitely a very interesting character to play with and thanks to her absurdly powerful counter, you can deal pretty insane damage just by quickly reacting to enemy attacks that also ends up as something that feels extremely rewarding to pull off, even after doing it for hundreds of times.

And thanks to the way she was designed, you can pretty much build her either as your main damage dealer or support with the only difference being few of the artifacts that you need to switch between, not counting the talents you would have to invest in.

However, one thing that definitely brings her down would be the same counter that’s highly praised and the main problem with it is that both of the talents rely on you pulling it off correctly which not only punishes you for making mistakes but it’s also something that’s going to be learned differently by all sorts of players and it might be a problem for casual players who simply don’t want to spend their time learning how to do perfect counters or keep track of the enemy movements. Still, without taking into the account this minor risk/reward problem, she can easily boost your team’s performance by simply relying on her burst instead that can be utilized without too much effort not to mention her unique combined nature of physical claymore and electro abilities make her into a very useful companion for the Spiral Abyss.

And besides, it’s only a matter of time before everyone submits and becomes a crewmember of Beidou’s gang. Producing these videos takes a lot of resources and effort, so if there’s any mistakes included, make sure to check out the pinned comment below the video. Also, you can help us out by subscribing and clicking the bell notification on and gently pressing the like button.

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