Things just got easier thanks to Diona who not only takes on the responsibility  of healing her team but also serves terrible cocktails for her enemies. One of the first bow users in the game to join the ranks of healers, Diona brings the power of  freezing and potions into the battlefield. Just like few other character in the game,  her elemental skill has two different activations. If you simply press the button,  she will shoot out two Kitty Claws which will deal cryo damage but more importantly,  create a shield around you that remains even when switching to a different character. If you hold the skill, you will instead unleash 5 claws and the shield you gain  will also increase your damage absorption.

And obviously, if you choose the stronger  version of the skill, you will need to wait almost three times longer for the cooldown to  finish compared to the weaker version. And this is an interesting decision that’s  left for the player to make – do you want to create more shields and apply cryo status on  your enemies more often or do you instead want a bigger shield and more damage in one fell swoop? And cryo elemental status is quite powerful for reactions like superconduct or melt,  so it might be worth considering to use the skill more often but depending on the situation,  you might just want to unleash one big attack and go back to your other characters instead. Now when it comes to her elemental burst, she will throw her deadly cocktail and  create an icy mist in an area that will constantly damage enemies inside of it as  well heal the characters within the field. So it’s a pretty simple elemental burst and  you will only need to be precise at choosing a strategic location  as well as make sure to group as many enemies inside the field as possible. Finally, the “coolest” part about Diona is her bow – because her charged shot deals cryo damage,  she can not only freeze enemies when its raining but also do the same against hydro  slimes as well as enemies who have hydro elemental status on them.

It also seems to be she can create frozen path on water, although forming a consistent path seems to be tricky  but surely there will be players who will figure out how to best use her water walking skills. All in all, Diona is all about providing excellent support – not only can she create  shields and provide strong healing for her team mates but also freeze her enemies as well. The only thing that’s big red flag about Diona is her inability to communicate with  her feline friends. When it comes to team building, Diona is going to be an essential party member for  any teams that have physical damage dealers. Creating superconduct reactions together with  another electro character will be quite easy, especially once she drops her elemental burst.  It’s also rewarding to just keep switching back to her and applying cryo status effect with her elemental  skill, since you always obtain a new shield. And her talents also help the team by quite a lot.  The first one will improve the movement speed and reduce stamina consumption of  anyone who has the cryo claws shield active. This is actually quite an exceptional talent  for those annoying floors in the spiral abyss where in terms of stamina, we have no stamina. Now her second talent makes things even easier when fighting inside her elemental burst field,  since enemies ATK will be reduced so you take less risk getting damaged inside the circle. Another great thing about Diona is her playstyle.

And that’s because she is a ranged character,  she can stay out of trouble and keep a distance between herself and enemies, so landing a couple  of charged shots and using the skill will safely generate energy for the whole team. So she is pretty much a plug and play character that brings a strong element  into the team, especially when it comes to countering those annoying electro  shields in the upper floors of the abyss. All in all, Diona is a rather straightforward  team member that will basically provide excellent support and healing, as well  as consistent elemental reactions, most notable ones being superconduct and melt. But of course,  if you’re a fan of freezing your enemies to death, no ones stopping you from doing that. Probably the first thing many players  will notice is that Diona isn’t the first cryo healer since her rival is not only matching the  role but also her height as well. And while Qiqi does indeed compete with her on a certain level,  they both have something different to offer. One of the most important assets Diona brings is  her shield and the way the game is heading, there already are artifact sets like Retracing Bolide or  the new 5-star catalyst that increases your ATK for having an active shield.

And while Qiqi can  provide more consistent healing since both her skill and burst are focused on doing that, Diona  can reduce enemy’s attack and also provide more consistent cryo debuffs with her elemental burst. Finally, the most obvious difference between the two is their rarity. Obtaining multiple 5-star  constellations is a very slow and expensive process while you have a better chance of  getting 4-star constellations more easily.

And of course, the more constellations you unlock,  the stronger your character becomes and this is the most realistic situation for 4-star characters. This is obviously more of a theoretical analysis and won’t really matter if you don’t own Qiqi and  even if you do, you might find Diona more enjoyable to play on a personal level and  that of course is what matters the most. But aside from this innocent competition,  there’s a lot to love about Diona. If you still haven’t invested in any of the healers  or just starting out and unlocked her, she is going to be an excellent choice for your team,  especially because Cryo element is in high demand when it comes to the Spiral Abyss. Overall, Diona leans more closer on defensive playstyle, since she is a ranged character,  not to mention her elemental skill also shoots out projectiles. From the initial testing,  the only thing that sticks out more of a drawback would be her elemental burst energy  cost which is pretty high and will require to play around with some energy recharge artifacts  or even weapons so that you could activate burst more often.

But her main selling point  is that she’s able to provide cryo shields for her team, which obviously absorbs cryo damage  even better than other types of incoming damage so fighting against those annoying  fatui cryogunners and cryo abyss mages will make those encounters especially easy. And of course,  almost any elemental reaction with her will be extremely beneficial for the team, since you can  just swap in and swap out within a safe distance to unleash your skill and burst.

And that’s a  big plus for any characters that can heal. The only question remaining will be when  miHoYo decides to add one more tiny character to form the ultimate squad of dangerous killers. Enjoyed the video? Make sure to subscribe and hit the bell notification on, as well  as gently press the like button. Also, check out more of our videos recommended for you or  even visit us at gachagamer.com for an up-to date tier list. Thank you for watching us..

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