Divine Plants of The Depth + Sequel | World Quests and Puzzles |【Genshin Impact】


Hello guys and welcome back in my channel in this video, i will show you this world request. Basically, you just have to come here and talk to this girl, uh oops. I forgot to show you the location uh hold on okay, perfect anyways, yeah, just teleport to this teleport waypoint, and the comment to the borrow villager or go to this um komaki, and you will start this world request, which is called. Let me see even plenty of the depths. Basically, we have to go here, not the moon, shrine and just to go on the top side, where you have to take some water just here now you have to go back yeah.

You can see. We can’t report. You have to work. Okay, let’s go two minutes. Yeah is more than enough!

Actually you can take this um, oh my god, this teleporter door as well, this one okay, almost there, okay! Here we go now we have to take the bottle from um another place. Basically, at the end, yeah, where the hydra hypostasis leaves some, you can go from this way as well or from the other way is up to you, i’m down inside here entrance of the thumbnail. We have to go inside really really deep. Is this water here under the waterfall after you got to this, you can teleport back and we finished the world request now.

Uh there’s! This is still not finished, because you can still get some rewards from her just to talk to her again you’re back. Is there something please help me tell me, tell my fortuna: we find that the fortnight, the highest point of the water that sumiya island in ancient, is dedicated to the gods at the highest point should be this one at the moonshine. I just come here: [, Music, ] and uh. We need to activate this thing here.

We need the electrogram. We can find an electrogram somewhere, yes, okay, so just to jump down to get this electrogram immediately. Therefore, back up go to that spot. Electrogram will last for like 20 30 seconds, so you have time one and two: oh yeah here are those two: let’s get down again and take the electrogram one and two after those two. There should be more yeah here behind the yes another one here: okay, the chest to go: topping [ Music ].

Oh there was something nice up here. After all, that’s all guys uh, maybe um tomorrow, you can uh ask uh 14 again to her. Maybe maybe it’s just like the older missions on the other island or some extra chests so yeah i’ll try to talk to her again tomorrow, so guys. I hope this video helped you to find where to get to this world request thanks for watching and see you next, one bye,

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