Do THIS First | Genshin Impact 1.2 Dragonspine Festering Desire & Crimson Agates & Rewards


I know you guys are sinking your teeth into the dragon. Spine 1.2 update or you’re about to right just got home from work school whatever it is that you’re doing getting ready for the holidays. Here’S some things, though, before you start pulling for albedo and your favorite characters that you guys need to be making sure that you at least progress a little bit inside dragon spine, we’re gon na be touching on. First and foremost, this is going to be the frost bearing tree.

This is going to be very similar to the different geo, as well as a nemo lord statues that you used to pray to by finding the g oculuses and the animoculuses out in monsta leeway. This is going to not give you stamina, though, like the other ones did. This is going to actually give you various different rewards from poles, acquaint fates, uh, intertwined fates and more so what you’ll be looking for? Is the crimson a gates out there they’re going to be just like the giaclasses and the animoculus, as were when you get close to them? Thankfully, because of that 1.1 update, this is gon na apply to these as well, when you’re close to them you’ll see a little rock sort of crystal shaped on your mini-map. That is going to be telling you that one of these is very close to now.

These could be hidden up in the air they can be in trees, uh. Some of them will be hidden behind some blue blocks of ice and, if you haven’t figured it out yet the way that you break those blue barriers, those blue blocks of ice out there they’ll look like rocks, but to be blue you’ll want to light them on Fire and they won’t be breaking what you need to do. Is you need to pick up one of these scarlet quartz now the scarlet course is going to imbue you with. You see this red outline for a temporary small amount of time you get about like 15 seconds, with it, maybe 20 seconds and you’ll be able to locate uh an area that is going to be like a blue rock and you can crack the rocks and then You’Ll find freshest treasure chest that way, so, if you’re just getting into the dragon spine, that’s gon na be dealing with that stuff, and you also that’s how you can be unlocking a little bit of a little bit of spoiler.

That’S how you’ll be unlocking the frost bearing tree in the first place, so what sort of rewards should you be looking for and how hard is it to get the first couple’s tiers? So it’s going to be 10 crimson, agates per level here so 120 for the whole thing, but the first 30, 40 50 of them you’ll be able to get quite easily just while you’re starting to explore dragon spine, especially if you don’t have to figure out how Do i break all these blue rocks now you know, but what you can do before you start pulling on the banners for bennett, maybe you’re, trying to get your c1 bennett your c0, your first bennett, who is very strong and got even better with this update because Of the festering desire, you’re gon na be getting some acquaintance pretty easily.

Now we know it’s only a couple right. The first five levels gon na, give you four quaint fates there, but those are free pulls and if you’re lucky like me, a little bit of a brag, i got my c1 minute from my acquaint face later on down the road you’ll be able to get intertwined. Fates as well as the north lander prototype for the polearm, so this is going to be nice if you’re trying to work on that crescent pike. I know i’ve gotten a lot of comments. I never crafted the crescent pike, i feel so bad get to level eight find 80 of these things. You’Re gon na be able to get the pole arm prototype for the crescent pike or, if you want to craft another one and refine your crescent pipe there. On top of that, the very end you’ll be getting some unique stuff right.

You can get the crown insight in the wings, but the other thing that you’re gon na be wanting to make sure you come and pick up after you’ve. Gotten 40 of these crimson gates is the warming bottle. The warming bottle is gon na, be a new sort of little feature for you. It’S gon na be a new uh piece of equipment, a gadget that you can use and, as you walk around dragon spine, you know you have the sheer cold debuff. It’S not that hard to deal with really right find a torch light it on fire fight a campfire. It’S never really that big of a deal when you’re going through the main story, quest and just kind of talking to npcs you’re, never really going to catch. That much of a cold, however, when you start trying to look for the rest of these crimson, negates maybe you’re trying to look for some precious chests and exquisite chests and really dig your heels deep.

You can go into some tall, mountain or regions and take some shortcuts, and that’s going to help. You make sure that you’re not taking too much damage from the sheer cold debuff so make sure that you’re doing that. But we also have the first act of the chalk prince of the dragon currently active and you guys need to get in there. This is gon na, be the last sort of quest that you can really start doing. You have to start doing some of the 1.2 stuff first, and you want to do this because it’s going to get you the actual copy of the weapon, the festering desire. Now the festering desire is a very strong weapon, we’ll get into that as well. But in addition to that you’re going to have the rest of these act, one quest to complete. So if you get there, you get the the quest ready to roll.

Then you can start picking up these rhyme warm fragments, as well as crystals, and also starting with the quest here going to want you to level the faster and desire up a couple of times. So that’s a big thing too, because right now, during this event, you’re going to have a 1.5 times exp bonus for anything that you use to level up the festering desire on top of that too in the future. You cannot do it now, but you’ll see it yet. You’Ll see these festering dragon morals. There’S gon na be one with glimmering essence, one with warm essence and one with miraculous essence, and these are gon na be tied to the later acts of the chalk prince and the dragon event. What do these? What are these used for?

What? What possibly could that be used for? I have good news for you guys the festering desire, as you see, if you go down and check out the refine here, it uses not only the copy of the weapon, but it uses these festering dragon morrows. That’S right! You’Re going to be able to get at least three refinements, we don’t know where the last couple are coming from the final one there, because you’re going to need a last one there, but these are going to be the things you’re going to be using to level Up the refinement rank, so you get that extra elemental, skill damage and critical hit rate on your elemental skill there as well, so make sure you go, and you do that too now, in addition to all of that stuff, do keep your eyes peeled for things that Look like they might be unlocking a certain areas. Certain areas in dragon spine you’ll probably be able to figure it out yourselves, but you’re gon na have to break big blue crystals, and these are gon na unlock new areas.

You’Re gon na unlock the new dungeon, where you can form the new artifact set, so make sure you do that if you’re at that waypoint on the map where the dungeon looked like it’s going to be because it’s there, you just can’t see it yet make sure You figure out the puzzles there as well. You also fight some secret tiny mini bosses for some precious chests there’s a couple of those as well that’ll give you like three or four different chests lots of rank exp there, as well as some adventurer exp for your characters, some hero books, things of that nature. A lot of cool stuff to make sure that you’re gaining access to, but the main one you want to check out is the frost bearing tree make sure you can test your luck with the free stuff before you use your primo gems. With that being said, guys we’re all done today.

Thank you guys so much for joining us, and hopefully you guys have a good holiday season and a good rest of the weekend. If you want to see more stuff like this, for gunship impact and other content, do do the traditional youtube thing and hit that button down below make sure the bell rings and i’ll see you guys in the next one take care guys.

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