There’s are few things that need to be addressed in Dragonspine update and you can use these 3 evaluations. But first, a word from our sponsors. This video is sponsored by Shadowverse, an awesome anime card game and their newest expansion Eternal Awakening features an exciting set of characters that come from the popular RPG Granblue Fantasy. With your crew and the Eternals at your side, there’s a fantastic journey awaiting for you. And there’s tons of epic cards and strategies to master not to mention the absolutely gorgeous artwork.

So hop aboard the airship and start playing now and your support means everything to us, so if you want to help us out, make sure to click on the download link below and check out Shadowverse today. Probably the most exciting addition to the game are the 3 newly released, craftable blacksmith weapons. And one of these weapons is the awesome Snow-Tombed Starsilver claymore, which will require you to complete a series of puzzles but now every player now has the chance to become a proud owner of it. However, there are a couple of things that need to be addressed before deciding whom this awesome sword is meant for and what it’s real purpose is. First of all, this weapon is definitely not great for Chongyun, even if it’s easy to believe even for such a simple reason as the weapon bearing resemblance to frost. On contrary, this is probably one of the worst weapons for Chongyun, since at its core, his elemental skill always overrides your regular physical attacks into cryo and you’re basically missing out on the huge physical damage boost you get from the substat, essentially rendering it useless.

In fact, this is a claymore that’s dedicated to physical damage dealers and Razor is the first one that comes to mind, although we shouldn’t forget the rockstar lady Xinyan herself. Actually, this is probably one of the best 4-star weapons for Xinyan if you want to have her work as your support or main physical damage dealer, since it gives a massive boost to her burst attack. For example, there’s a clear difference between Prototype Archaic and Snow-Tombed Starsilver when it comes to the amount of damage you can deal with the two weapons in comparison. But we must also take into account that while the Starsilver claymore is specialized, the Prototype Archaic is more of a general-purpose weapon that works with basically any claymore user. It’s definitely an excellent weapon for Razor and Xinyan and potentially any future claymore characters who deal physical damage primarily but if you don’t have these characters or want a more general-purpose weapon, then Protype Archaic would be a safer choice.

Still, this new claymore is truly amazing in the hands of the right characters. Now when it comes to the new spear, its definitely something that feels to be designed for future characters. And that’s because of its physical damage bonus, it currently only serves the purpose as a weapon for main damage dealer unless we get future characters like Xinyan who will utilize this to unleash bursts or skills with physical damage. And when comparing it to Crescent Pike, it still falls off in terms of damage, especially when using with someone like Xiangling, who can generate the orbs pretty easily.

And even though it has double the amount of physical damage bonus compared to Crescent Pike, that extra attack generated from the passive skill is absolutely invaluable, especially for F2P players. So unless you want to speculate on future spear characters, the safer choice would be to stick with Crescent Pike. Finally, the last of the 3 Dragonspine weapons is the Frostbearer catalyst. And this one is definitely the most accessible of the 3 weapons, since it provides ATK % from its substat and the passive just like the other two, will generate an icicle that deals pretty decent damage. And because the icicle damage can be drastically increased once the target is affected by Cryo, this could potentially prove as an interesting weapon for future catalyst users who will hail from the cryo element. But for now, if you haven’t got any other viable 4-star catalysts and you want something that works well with most catalyst users, Frostbearer could be a great option. In short, the 3 newest Dragonspine weapons have some considerations that need to be taken into, even if you’ve obtained a copy of each weapon for free, the prototypes you obtain from world bosses and quests need to be used wisely, especially if you want to maximize your character’s potential.

The freezing mountain comes with a new domain and besides a new challenging fight, the 2 newest artifact sets have definitely introduced interesting changes into the game, however, there are things that need to be taken into consideration, before you start spending your resin. The easiest one to review would be the Hydro set. It’s absolutely clear this is something that was designed with Tartaglia in mind but unfortunately, this also means it’s too focused on one character only and doesn’t benefit the rest of the hydro cast. Of course, you can always play the game however you want to, there’s nothing stopping you from doing it and making characters even like Barbara into your main damage dealer can absolutely work, provided you spend more resources than you would on any other character, just to make it work for the fun of it. However, because of the damage multipliers you get from basic attacks, the percentage increase you get from the 4-set bonus is only relevant for Childe when he is using his Hydro blades.

But potentially, this set is also relevant for Hydro characters with claymores that will come out in the future, since these weapon users have some of the best basic attack multipliers in the game. Of course, there’s already the Gladiator’s Set that accomplishes this as a passive without the need to use an elemental skill but it’s definitely harder to obtain a decent Gladiator’s set compared to something you can farm from a domain. Still, the 2-set bonus of 15% Hydro damage increase is a nice addition to any of the associated element characters but this should only be considered if you’re using these characters for damage support instead of utility. But what’s more interesting is the Cryo artifact set and the two guys who will benefit most from this are going to be Kaeya and Chongyun.

Now while the 2-set bonus is self-explanatory and nice to have if you want to boost your elemental damage, the 4-set bonus is the trickier one that raises some questions. So to trigger the full benefits this set offers would require you to first apply cryo on the target for the extra 20% critical rating and then if its frozen, it gains the same amount once again. Having 40% critical rating sounds like a dream come true for those of who have been cursed with the worst artifact stats possible but the reality is that Genshin Impact is a game of elements, and something like Cryo won’t linger on the enemy for too long and it will disappear or in the worst case scenario, won’t work against something like the slimes, which are pretty dominant in the Spiral Abyss.

However, if you do fulfill these requirements it feels awesome but it does lock you into specific team compositions, for example, you won’t get Frozen without Hydro team mate so you have less freedom in team building. Then there’s also something like Internal Cooldown that needs to be considered, especially for characters like Chongyun. This definitely feels like an artifact set that requires extensive testing and only time will tell but for now, it seems like it can work nicely on someone like Kayea while Chongyun can still greatly benefit from the already established sets like Noblesse Oblige or even the Gladiator’s Set if you’re using him as your main damage dealer.

So to recap – the full hydro set works like a charm on Tartaglia and is one of the best sets to have, while the cryo set is more specific and requires setting up limited team combinations, not to mention the bonus only persists as long as you can keep the elemental statuses going. However, the 2-set bonus is great for extra elemental damage you’re seeking.

Exploring the world of Genshin Impact has definitely been an awesome journey but one thing miHoYo has been working on since launch is the collectible aspect of the oculi orbs. We’ve already seen the introduction of the compasses that you can get from the two major cities but since the arrival of Dragonspine update, the Crimson Agate you collect can be submitted to the Frostbearing tree for awesome rewards. And one thing that puts off a lot of players from collecting these items would be the frustration of trying to find the remaining few. Well, it seems to be miHoYo have decided to add the Crimson Wish quests, which actually reward with even more Crimson Agate provided you complete the tasks laid out on the map. So what this means is that you basically need 80 of these items to unlock the Crimson Wish, which then provides more of them every Monday and Friday, where you can redeem 5 more from all the completed missions so that you can reach the final reward tier by basically only doing these tasks. And the benefit here is that there are actually more than 80 Crimson Agate in Dragonspine for you to collect, which can show on the minimap or found inside these special chests.

So you can miss out on few of these collectibles and will still be able to start the Crimson Wish for further assisted collecting. Just keep in mind that if you want to reach these reward tiers sooner, you should unlock the Crimson Wish as fast as possible, so you can start doing the tasks between Monday and Friday. But to summarize, the 3 newest Dragonspine weapons are all great in their own way, although you should take into consideration whether you want something that’s very specialized, like Snow-Tombed Starsilver or intended for future characters like the Dragonspine Spear or you simply want the Frostbearer catalyst that’s more general-purpose. And when it comes 2 new artifact sets, the hydro set is an easy recommendation for Tartaglia, while Cryo set is a bit harder to use without proper setup but it has its rewarding bonuses, even if it means only using the 2-set bonus.

Finally, the Frostbearer Crimson Wish is something that should be unlocked as soon as possible, since the additional Crimson Agates are timegated and if you’re someone who wants to get their rewards as earliest possible, now is the time to do so. Enjoyed the video? Make sure to subscribe to us by hitting the bell notification on and gently pressing the like button. You can also get more useful Genshin Impact news and guides by following us on Twitter. Thank you for watching us..

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