DON’T MISS THESE THINGS!! – Genshin Impact


Hello guys welcome these are things you might missed in your game. First, you might want to see this useful NPC who is not shown on the map NPC Chloris near Windrise. These are materials for ascension, Lisa, Barbara and Razor. You can find her running around this area. Npc Draff near the Springvale sell meat that you need to make food to heal your HP.

Once you cook your food, don’t forget to always use a character who has benefit in it. I wan na make chicken mushroom skewer and I will use Kaeya. As you can see, I got extra skewer. This npc sells artifacts. You can use it to upgrade your main artifact and she is at Monstadt near her. You can enter the tavern and talk to Charles. He sells various buff food and you may need it. You can find an exquisite treasure chest at Liyue. You can buy a recipe here and lotus to make Jade Parcel food.

You can find two npc here who sells food that you might need in your battle. Don’T forget to talk to Gery near the npc. He will gives you a free food. Shitou is selling iron white chunk to craft your weapon and jade, which is needed for your hidden quest near Shitou. You can talk to Qian to receive the extra iron chunk. You can buy artifa ct at Liyue, too, use it to upgrade your main artifacts. Still at Liyue meet Uncle Sun. He is selling seafood. I’M gon na unlock teleport at this area and accidentally find Miss Bai talk to her. She is selling good stuff back to Mondstadt.

You can talk to Xi’er and receive a free food when you are exploring the map. You might find a sudden quest like this. This quest only appears once you’re near the location. Once you clear the quest, you will get friendship point and other rewards friendship. Point is given to your current team and you will need this friendship to unlock the name card when you are climbing and swimming, don’t rush it if you need to save your stamina for a long journey.

This is the stamina comparison when I’m climbing slowly and when I’m jumping make sure to always check passive talent from your characters. You can use Amber to decrease stamina when gliding or use Kaeya to decrease stamina when running or you can use stamina food to decrease the stamina consumption and you need to level up your Statue of Seven because it will increase your stamina significant for your dailies, especially For expedition, you can use your unused character to look for crystal chunk and Lotus. Matsutake crystal chunk is needed to craft your weapon. You might need a lot of it.

Lotus is needed to make Jade Parcel food. You can get the Jade Parcel recipe from a quest with Xiangling. Don’T ever let your resin is full. As you can see, it takes a long time to fully recover. You can use Primogem, but I not suggest it especially if you are a free player, you can clear this kind of dungeon for one time reward you can get a ton of adventure exp from here for 20 resin. You will get 100 adventure exp. You can defeat. The Leyline deposit to spend your resin, it will give you Mora.

Trust me. You will need Mora, so bad someday or you can defeat the Hypostasis if you need artifact or material to ascension your characters. I only enter the domain when I need material for ascension. My weapon and remember each day has its own drop item. That’S all guys if you like my video, please consider to share and subscribe.

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