Dragonspine True Final Boss? King Boar & Chilled Meat Quest Location Genshin Impact


Hey how’s everyone doing today, grunty gaming and a quick little uh guide video for this quest to get chilled meat and basically it’s gon na, be really easy and i don’t usually do quest uh videos too much, but here basically you’re gon na be going to this Location here in dragon spine i’ll put a marker there and i’ll glide from this uh statue of the seven just so you can see where i’m going so, basically there’s a new quest that you got ta, get ten chilled meats and there’s a very cool um little Hidden uh secret, when you do so that that’s the main reason why i want to make this video and i might start doing a little bit more tutorials on just quests too, because i haven’t really made that many videos about this and i’m basically covering this game Exclusively now so i want to uh broaden my horizons a little bit, but basically you’re just gon na glide down here and there’s gon na be a bunch of pigs that are frozen and you just basically got ta unfollow them and kill them and that’s it.

But there’s a little secret once you do them all and there’s only like four of them. I believe so. I just got ta catch this guy. If he’ll ever slow down um there we go gene’s got it under control. So basically he’s gon na climb up here, and there should be like three or four more that you got to do um here we go and basically you just got ta unfollow them and kill them all. Once you get your last pig, there’s gon na be a little mini boss, fight the true ruler of dragon spine.

There’S this giant pig you got, ta kill, um yeah, it’s pretty neat! I didn’t even know this existed until a buddy of mine told me, so i thought i’d make a video about it, because it’s kind of cool kind of cool, little easter egg um. I kind of wish i discovered it on my own because that would have been pretty neat, but i like that they put that stuff like this in the game. Wow. Okay, so we can summon other pigs and we definitely got more than 10 chilled meats to complete the quest to get the goulash or whatever that’s called that dish, but man this thing’s actually hard to kill jesus christ.

Let’S put some work in here all right, we’re putting up all the stops here on this big swine come on. Oh, you can cover me in snow jesus christ. I was i just i don’t know. I never thought to be a giant pig boss in this game, but it’s kind of cool. I wonder if you can rematch him too. I’M not sure i guess we’ll have to find out all right. We pretty much got him dead here come on. We are literally pulling out all the stops here to get this pig killed all right. I wonder how many he’s going to drop or if he drops the chest or something oh achievement and a chest and like eight chilled meat, so you’ll have more than enough to complete this quest, and you can basically oh a luxurious chest. Wow.

Okay right on all right, so, basically, that’s it you’ll get more than you need to complete the quest and you’re gon na go head down here. Talk to harris he’ll give you the recipe, then you’re just gon na fire that bad boy up and uh. You should be good to go. I believe you have to give them a few. Oh yeah, okay, so you need a few other ingredients, tomatoes and carrots. Just fyi you’ll need a few of those um.

You can get those on your uh when you send people out for commissions and stuff, like that. I just thought i’d make a quick little tutorial, video on this quest as well as killing that king uh pig boss, because i thought that was funny all right now, we’ll complete the um quest here and we are good to go so. Hopefully you guys thought that was helpful. Oh yeah, we got an achievement here: assassins of kings, that’s funny. Oh nice little easter egg, but anyways hope this was helpful. Hope you guys enjoyed this video and we will see you in the next one later: [, Music, ], hey

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