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Right now going on today, there is an event called the elemental crucible. My destiny players think gambit is essentially what it is picking up, moats that kind of thing. On top of that, it’s actually a co-op event, which was the first one i’ve ever done. I have not done co-op until this event, which was pretty fun so first up to even get in on this, you have to be at least adventure rank 20 or above i believe, that’s the only prerequisite there might be one more feel free to comment below.

If you know the other prerequisite, but i did see that 20 adventure rank or above is required to even get in on this event, but to actually get started, you want to be a monstat and talk to timaeus. Here he’ll tell you that he has some alchemical problems and he’ll want you to meet him at the thousand wind temple there in the northeast head to the temple and again make sure you’re playing as a solo player throughout all this, because, of course, you can’t talk To the npcs, when you’re in co-op mode but head to the temple, you’ll talk to timaeus again, he’ll tell you to fire up the elemental crucible by defeating this enemy. Here the ruined guard upon defeating the ruined guard, though you’ll get a chest and now the ability to actually fire up the element of crucible.

Now at this moment, if you already have a preset team go ahead and invite them get them in on your co-op modes, if not it’ll put you in matchmaking now, this is again my first time doing co-op. So have your right champs out, go to your party setup choose the champ. You want to bring, in i’m sure, there’s, probably better team synergy and it’s probably going to be required in the higher levels of this event. For me, though, i’m only at world 2, so we pretty much could rock whatever we want to rock now, let’s talk about the actual vent itself, there will be waves of enemies and it’s very much straightforward. I mean you just have to kill the waves of enemies and kill them as fast as you can very simple, but as you kill enemies, you’ll notice, cubes of different elements are dropping everywhere.

Now not only are cubes dropping, but the more and more enemies you kill. You may see benefits like increase hydro efficiency increase, cryo efficiency. Essentially what that efficiency means is for every cube of that associated element. You will gain increased efficiency at completing that elemental. Crucible now remember: when you pick up cubes, it’s got to be the same element or it’s going to drop whatever cubes. You have on you. So if i have two cryro cubes on me and i see a hydrocube and i go to pick it up, it will drop the two cryro cubes and pick up the new cube so make sure you bank again.

This is why i say it’s like gamut bank you’re mutes, first of a similar kind before you go pick up different types of elemental moats. Now, the way we did things is we had like two, maybe even three teammates that were focused on just killing everything, and one of us would just run around collecting these moats or these clots or whatever, whatever you want to call it. These cubes, that was kind of my job. I just ran around collecting these cubes. Now you do run out of stamina, pretty fast if you’re, sprinting or even if you’re, just dodging everywhere. If you’ve got any type of food that can boost stamina, you might want to consume that. For this event, whoever the runner is anyways banking, these cubes, as quickly as you possibly can in combination with your teammates, destroying ads as fast as they can is.

Essentially the goal. I mean that’s the goal: there’s no major boss, i think the final wave of it all spawn some meteor targets, but no like major major balls or anything now upon actually completing this event reward wise. You have something called an alchemy handbook. This is directly tied to the events where you can get primo gems, a bunch of other stuff, but essentially completing events here, things like 10 transmutations at the of crucible, 20 transmutations just doing the event over and over again reaching alchemical efficiency of 40. 000. 80. 000. There’S a lot of things in this alchemical book for you to go after. In this event, one of the more difficult ones is completing the elemental energy overflow. Within three minutes of starting the elemental crucible note, your role level must be the same as your host.

The rest of these just require you to complete the event over and over again, and actually one of the biggest benefits of this event is for battle. Pass experience a lot of battle pass experience you can get here by just completing these transmutations at the element of crucible, so essentially just doing the event and even though getting rewards from the event directly requires 40 raisins or risens whatever you don’t even have to collect The reward to actually count towards those battle pass challenges now, as far as the rewards themselves. From the event, i’ve only seen experience no items, i didn’t know if there was supposed to be like some artifacts or high-level artifacts. You can get from this lesson light and dimitri did complete it at roll level 4 and that’s all they got as well.

So maybe there is a specific item that you can get from this event, but it has not popped up for us last suggestion on all of this guys. You may want to consider a pre-made team. Like really really, i know it’s got matchmaking, but matchmaking doesn’t really give you a lot of options right. Your entire squad could be all electro. If you got a pre-made team, some folks and friends, you can actively communicate with y’all. I could essentially rock the rainbow, which is what i recommend: bring cryo pyro elektra, something i could say about the event. It has a variety of ads and enemies.

You go up against all with different elemental shields and such the waves of enemies don’t seem identical. Every time too, but they seem different so representing all elements in my opinion, will make this event a lot easier on you, especially for my two or three fire team members that are purely focusing on taking down enemies and if you’ve got a specific champ that can Conserve stamina, a little better for my runners, you may want to utilize that again, though i like a ching here and i just consumed a stamina, boosting food – and i was just fine running around grabbing cubes, so guys, good luck with the event seems to be pretty Decent for experience, great for upgrading your battle pass he’s got some other rewards tied to that alchemical book and maybe a rare item.

I don’t know again. Let me know if any type of rare item, like i’m thinking like four star or five star item – has dropped from this event. It would be nice, i’m new to gotcha games man. I don’t really know how it works. Fellas and ladies thank you all for coming and watching and as always slap that like button, like your mama, told you right!

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