Elements System Explanation – Genshin Impact Newbie Guide


Hello guys welcome today I’ll review Genshin Impact. Again. Today’S guide is about elemental system in this game. There are seven elements here: first is Pyro or we called it: fire element, Hydro or water, Cryo or ice Electro or lightning Anemo or wind Dendro or nature and Geo, or we called it earth. This element has an effect on each other and what’s the effect.

Now, let’s see it, if I am using character who has water element, the enemy will get the wet status and after then, use cryo elements will frost them and they cannot move or using skill for a while when the weather is rain, the enemy will get wet Status without even using water character. Next, if I am using fire character on ice enemy, it will melt the enemy and increase Pyro damage dealt, and if I am using electro character on ice enemy, it will give superconduct effect and reduces the target’s defense for eight seconds and sometimes, if you found ice Flower like this, you can use your element too, such as with fire or electro.

Next, you can get burning effect too, for example from using fire elements to burn the grass and using water elements will put out the fire using ice elements will put out the fire too, and also with electro elements using Geo elements on any elements will give you Crystallized effect, and you will get elemental shield to reduce damage taken in battle using fire elements on a target affected by water elements will inflict Vaporize effect and increase. Pyro damage dealt using electro elements on a target affected by fire elements will inflict overloaded effect and deals. Aoe pyro damage, if I am using electro elements on a target affected by water elements, will inflict electro-charged and deals electro damage over time. That’S all guys for elemental system. In this game. You can read from this table for more details. That’S all guys if you like my video, please like share and subscribe bye.

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