Genshin, impact has a, lot to offer when it comes to 0 stamina farming in, fact in the map you can find a. Lot of, mora, of, a lot of artifacts a lot of materials. That you can Farm each day. With zero stamina whatsoever, nothing today, I will present you the best route to that you can do to farm all this stuff and after a lot of Farming sessions, this is very optimised and yeah. That will show you so this Mob, I’m about to kill it drops 600 Mora, that’s a lot! So it’s very, very nice and only take like one minute to kill. So I’m about to kill a lot of this. Let’S go OK, 55, a lot of materials and 600 Moira. Nice is good for the next spot. Very close.

There are two of those mobs, so we are about to kill a lot of those and also they are inside the camps. So we also, we got a lot of motor for the small bulbs around them very, very nice. Let’S take this out of the shower another 55441 nice picking. All this drop is always satisfying the last month. That’S killing with drop. What Apprentice the Chester respond? Nice. I guess ok, you say it live so stressed, respond for the next spot. It’S actually closer to this teleporter. So let’s go there. This is it so I can find another chest. Maybe here perfect, ok, no trust! Ok whatever and we go for the next spot next year, this place also has another. One of those has got there. Discount is huge, so I think I will kill old, so the mods on the top, so for this round it’s optimal to kill as many mobs as you can, because the drop a lot of stuff and yeah that’s good, more resources. You always need some with the old, the new Carter that are coming so no time wasted here. I think that killing is not. That would be much easier with the single target DPS like Cucina di Luke. I don’t know so: let’s go for the next one, but one in the islands and also this islands are very good for me all kind of elites.

So if you meet some, if you miss some of the materials just go here and you will find one of each, but we are only interested in the main guy or the 600 more, so we will kill him now. I really don’t need all the materials that all these guys have to offer. So go ahead. So that’s nice! I kill this guy only because I need the resources for my fischel. I guess otherwise. I will not have kill them, because it’s only 200 Moira not worth my time, I’m so yeah. Let’S go for the next sport. This place is very essential to just Focus also on the other mob in the distance just shoot him because he will teleport to you and yeah. You can do 2 kills with only one skill, so yeah that’s optimal. To do it and just use your Elemental reaction. Australia Shields first and then you go out and do some Ella damage some. Are you damage and kill both? Let’S saves a lot of time. The lotto results.

Everything nice, ok, so the next one is not essential. I’M going to do it because I feel I can do it every time with wasting any of my ear but yeah. He can also skip this part. I’M going to go and kill old doing Guardians, I don’t know if you want to do it but yeah. This is what I do it today. I don’t feel like it’s. A big deal just need to keep them all together and do some damage if you have some animal character, for example, sucrose or dilute it very good against this kind of characters. Also getting very very nice, but yeah disguise. Ok, it’s against is not at out there, but yeah. It would be 32, sometimes a lot of stuff you, my future, will be happier very, very nice and yeah. Now, let’s go had and that’s a lot of this year. So we will gon na kill us all the biscuits killed them all and yeah there’s also another elite sport very close. So this is a very dancesport, very, very nice.

Let’S get back before going into the Killing spray and it seemed it should be right here. Also, keep in mind that chest respond so just look around and see if you can find some chest around the fact that you do so, you can save some time and that’s nice skills Guy is one is very nice each of the 200, the blade guy 208 Lot of the small marks here so let’s say you do look, and it’s very, very nice to come here now: let’s go for the closest spot, that’s ruin guardian and also there are a lot tomorrow elites nearby. So will try to do. Are you killing? Let’S see if we can gather them all together got a good spot for this run guardian, that’s nice! If you want, you can also take some some of the horse, but I really don’t need it nice. A lot of resources also love to collect very satisfying a lot of insignia and yeah. That’S also some other ruin guardians. You can also skip this part. What I’m going to do it, because I really need the oldest resources for my fishl and it’s good upgrade materials butter. First, if you are ready, have some it’s whatever. You can also skip this part and go ad for the next spotNice. It was tough, but yeah.

Now, let’s go and Farm sorting some artefacts – this is very relaxing bath. We have some more killing left to do, but we will take it for later now, let’s go out and collect all the box, the best sports. I really like going into this place to find some to start three stars like this spot. For me, let’s see what we can get ok. This is the first part travelling Dr of course you can also get a lot of Nora just my opening. This trust. This just so it’s very, very nice, this another place very close to here, so I can collect them at same it’s very down below. So, let’s go lie down, of course, keep an eye out for all the chests that you can find here, but yeah, and this one this place is not that good. So you can also skip it if you want, but I like to go here because also just response – and this is a very close space – so doesn’t take that much time. I’M and yeah I go here.

We can also collect some it from this little guys. I feel bad killing them, but whatever you need the that item from the porcupine, he can also collect it. So I don’t need it but sorry, but if you do just go out and kill them, but they take some time to kill. So I got ta keep those the first place. Is this one? It’S only one spot that you can collect. Artifacts 2 and yeah gives 300ml. So that’s nice. Let’S see the skill, some mum’s here, my charger so fast as why I usually just whenever I see some Mum, it’s free, more 3 resources and my ultimate is already makeup. So no Downside there. This is the other support for alien artefacts very far than down below. So so hard, this is nice. You will find a lot of work, also some potatoes nice, if you go through sometimes just let us know in the comments below and yeah this parts. This part is the bad. Actually, you only has one elite to that. I will not kill now and also this spot, but sometimes fine, ok like this yeah. Sometimes I don’t know why I don’t find any artefacts your respond here.

I think. Maybe I’m not like you. Maybe they don’t respond here, so this spot maybe skipped, but you do what you wish. I kill this not just because some extra mother doesn’t hurt. I feel like I should just switch to my child just to collect more reapply experience and save up some some books, but that’s collect all the resources Glasgow for the next place. So let’s go over here. Ok, very, very good spots. You should Farm! You should find daily come here, disguise have to kill when you have a banter, but yeah just collect all the resources from this Max and you can find some good artefacts. Also by killing, you will have a chance to drop all Starter Packs. So that’s very very nice: sometimes you can find a 4-star 3-star artefacts, just randomly randomly dropping from or someone else so nice. I didn’t collect the water TV, oh nice bag, but I’m Jesus. Ok, also. Let me just shoot these guys just because I needed the other.

Also for my wife on Ascension and disguise are ready. Ok, you can go out and kill also the other elites, but I’m not going to really don’t need them. Ok displaces another porcupine yeah. You can decide to kill him if you want take some times to kill. Sometimes it goes away. Sometimes it’s just stand. You just really annoying fight to do so. I tried to keep it and I also don’t need it for my appointment or my extension. So for now it’s Whatever might as well from now on or whatever that much time. Anyways, so I’m going to do it right now, the next time she already have the nectar just keep that ok, this next sport as a lot of articles very close to each other. So it’s nice, so this place already and the leap year, Kano artefact there that we got the Moira. That’S ok, nothing else you!

What ok give me your meat should be some facts. Ok, love! Ok! Nevermind is good for the next 4 to this three very close to each other. So this place already and Alicia Kano artefact. Are we got the Moira? Ok, nothing else you. What ok give me your meat should be some artefacts. Ok, nothing! More! Ok! Nevermind is good for the next part to this three very close to each other so and that both and also the barrels very close nearby so as well. Take those also nothing here. Ok, there are also Trust very close, also be loaded house. You can find any Trust so keep an eye out. For that. That’S, ok. We got enough defect to articles. Actually, it’s nice. Of course. This farming around should be done after you complete all the missions, what mission, because they are also very good farm it today. So just Farm all those Nations, if you don’t know how to find those just go ahead and click the link that you will find right now on the top yeah you can go out and firm goes daily, quests that provides and lot of a lot of materials. As well and yeah, that’s very good way of Farming, also that this place is very, very nice, the best spot to farm at fox and ok school for the next one completed this for this one.

Ok, there are few spots very close, so yeah we still have some spots Farm, so the first part is very close to the teleporter will need to kill some of those guys. Remember the name, the teeths. It is very handy. This case side little says a lot of times, but this place also got some of those, so you can go out and Elsa sort, a trust. So please, let’s do this boat. There are a lot of those here and just kill them all, and you will be provided with a lot of experience and a lot more and also lots of drugs, and also we have a chest so good, good, good, nothing else here for the next part. Ok, this houses also got some octopus. We can decide and also kill the mobs very close to here. Another one: ok, whatever it is, I’m blind what the fudge? Ok, so you can kill that mob for the nectar. I really don’t need it. We can get some meteor. Ok, that’s also some more articles here, so you can go out and collect clothes I’ll take them. Of course you cannot. You can also decide not to kill those guys whatever.

If you need the results. Of course, that’s not bad to kill those, but if you don’t just save your time, because this is a dahlia out, so it should be meant to be off to buy said the timing and you can do this whole process in under 30 minutes. If you sleep all the unnecessary part, if you just kill the big guys or another chest year, who will collect it, let’s collect these articles. First together drop rows. So I need those. Yes, those are Arrows. Ok, let’s get the Spirits and yeah. It’S good luck to this exquisite Trust. Also, let’s go for the next spot. That is another place very close, so it’s good that first, before heading out should be right here. Ok, let’s collect it to Jill it’s more Moira, that’s actually 1600 motor for each of those who collect you should not skip ahead of those. Ok should be very close. All the staff, let’s go for the next spot as go here on the tower go here. Some of those here, that’s him. So loading screen. Ok, ok, ok, it should be on the opposite side. Yes, well. Survey question. I think I will just collect it and cut the video but yeah. We have also crossed the let’s go. Do that go and collect the artefacts? Ok, it’s nothing good, but these are artefacts like those nice, and there are also some more articles about us in front of us. This place is filled with artifax and that’s all so. There’S multi me nearby. That response – because I am if you notice – I thought the video before, because that was a trust that responder and yeah I needed to change my team and do the pubs all again, but yeah you can collect the chest. Also buy puzzles dose response to not ok.

Go here some foods also, you can get some weapons from here. That’S nice! I guess! Ok, this next part is, but you can also some some Morse. So that’s cool to articles from here. So it’s very lucky spot with my just one for good luck and yeah collect all this. I don’t shark from here and let’s go for the next spot, so you’re. There are a lot of trust that respond nearby, so here keep an eye out for all the chests that should be close, so take a look around. This is part of the farming, so you need to be optimised in everything. You do. That’S also some that you can spawn here but yeah and support the trust. What is this bamboo shot? I never collect it. Ok, I went through a lot of time, but you never collect this stuff just because it’s exposed and also let’s collect the trust that should be at least one trust will respond. You I’m sure of it. Old is Bamboo shorts. Why not in the future?

That is a chest very nice, some more articles and more more nice, nice and there’s also another spot for the artefacts very close nearby. So I don’t feel like taking the teleporter just to collect us and yeah collect. Also, despite fly he’s guys Get out of my way and collect all the resources, above me being out with a lot of party packs nearby. Yes, nothing more nearby. We need it for the cooking and it’s very nice sometime, so we’re not take everything year. Xrd spotty clothes and there’s more articles here so come here and collect everything: Moira, nice, nice and yeah. I think we are done and bus to go. This has one spot for the artefacts and also one spot for the Mob killing both are very, very nice. So the first part we will go on go to is this one? We can collect a lot of artifax so come here it today and collect everything. Also I heard of the fight we should just skip to.

We should just use our main team and collect all the stuff here: adventure, a flower and a lot of Moira, very, very nice – and let’s go out and kill this last mum is lost, big guy. Why not work to kill the stew and yeah? This is the last one: ok, that’s it for the video I hope you enjoyed. This is the my pharmacies, my daily routine. This is what I do it today, so it might be different from what everyone says is the best route. This is, in my opinion, the best lights, the best for my needs. I don’t really need everything that you can usually farm with the Treaty or all the usual stuff that you need for upgrading South. I also need. I only need the artefacts and a lot of Moira, so this is the perfect out of me, and this also just text me the 30-minutes farm, this a lot and also, if you’re going off.

You can do this all, so you can collect all the stuff daily with a lot of France, and this will be much more enjoyable with us, some people to talk to in this 30 minutes, but yeah, that’s it for the video. I hope you enjoy it. If so, please leave a like and also subscribe, because in the future I will post a lot more videos that you will enjoy for sure. So. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for watching and I will see you in the next video.

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