[Eng sub] Guide Lengkap Event Elemental Crucible ? Genshin Impact Indonesia


Hi Alpha Yudha here In this video, I will talk about the new Genshin Impact event, Elemental, Crucible, Elemental, Crucible, Stay Tune, Elemental, Crucible Event, An event where you work as a team of 4 players to activate Elemental Crucible within 15 minutes.

How to do event quest go to Elemental, Crucible location in Thousand Winds, Temple start quest. You will be teamed up automatically with random players after a team is formed, event quest is going to start character used on the quest is the one who is active so make sure you activate the character you’re going to use before starting quest, Completing event, quest transfer Elemental clot a cube having colors regarding elements red for pyro, blue for hydro purple for electro white for cyro brown, for geo, green for anemo to Elemental Crucible. There is a bar which indicates transmutation progress. Transferring Elemental Clot will increase bar progress when the bar is full. Transmutation is done.

Transmutation bar is divided into 3 stages. A group of enemies will appear on every stage. Elemental Clot Elemental Clot will appear on quest area, after defeating a group of enemies on every stage. There is 3 max Elemental Clots. We can carry with the same element. You cannot carry Elemental Clots having different elements, For example, you’re carrying hydro Elemental Clot and then you take electro Elemental, Clot, hydro, Elemental Clot will disappear, exchanged with electro Elemental, Clot Elemental Overload After you transfering a number of Elemental Clots. You will get Elemental Overload. Elemental Overload is a condition where an element bar will pop up on your character when you’re having Elemental Overload.

Every time you transfer Elemental Clot having the same element as Elemental Overload, transmutation bar will be filled faster Rewards. After the quest is complete. You can get a reward using 40 resin. There is also alchemical manual quest giving you rewards if you complete the quest within event, time Role Strategy. There are 2 roles in this event: quest Hitters and Collectors, Hitters defeat enemies, Collectors, collect Elemental, Clots and transfer them to Elemental Crucible. A role is changing depending on the situation, if you’re having Elemental Overload or your skills are in cooldown, you become a Collector. Besides that, you become a Hitter when you’re a Hitter try to gather a group of enemies to an area, so it’s easier to defeat them with AOE skills. Following this role, strategy will make the quest complete faster, also choose a role based on quests on Alchemical Manual, which are incomplete. Yet This is the end of this video.

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