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Explore And Unlock The Tri-Seal Quest Guide [CC Sub]


Hey whats up guys, this is Darklord from Old Man. Gaming In this video Im gon na show you how to complete the Explore and unlock the tri-seal quest in Genshin Impact. If you like, skipping NPC dialogues, because youre somehow dependent on the quest navigation markers in this game, then prepare to be annoyed because there are no markers for this specific quest.

The general location of this quest is at Dadaupa Gorge, located southeast of Monstadt. The objective is to clear out 3 Hilichurl Camps around the center of the gorge and undo the seals in each camp using Ice, Fire and Lightning abilities, so make sure you have those characters in your team. Roster

I have marked the locations of the three camps on the map. This can be done in any order, but each camp has varying difficulties. So lets start with the easiest. The south-eastern camp, The southeastern camp, is pretty straightforward, Its always better to start taking down the smaller ones, especially long-range enemies, because it can get annoying to have them take potshots at you, while you are focused on the larger harder to kill enemies.

Its also worth noting, when fighting shielded enemies, that you need to get rid of the shield first before you can dish out some real damage And the fastest way to get rid of the wooden shield is by setting it on fire. After clearing the camp unlock the seal with a Fire ability, as the insignia shows and the first part is done,

Keep heading west and you should be able to get to the next camp. The southwestern camp is also straightforward, but it would be more convenient if you would eliminate the archers from the towers before going for the center. Like I mentioned earlier, these long-ranged enemies can be very annoying Its really just a matter of clearing out the camp, so you can have access to the seal When youre done unlock the seal with a Lightning ability Youre almost there time to head north to the final Camp, The northern camp requires you to eliminate 10 enemies in an arena within a certain time limit.

A good strategy here would be to start getting rid of the long-ranged enemies. While waiting for the slimes to approach you, When you reach the last wave of enemies, you should be able to unleash your special ability so use that to quickly get rid of the enemies.

After that, the seal can be unlocked with an Ice attack Head back to the center of the gorge to collect the final chest, and the quest is done. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up. Dont forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell button and Ill see you in the next video..

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